Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Kade was going through a Peter Pan phase so it was a no-brainer as to what kind of costume I should make for him for Halloween. Seeing as how Clint didn't seem too into dressing up and the fact that we were only going to knock on a couple neighbor's doors Clint was a poor excuse for a firefighter costume. As luck would have it the boys had pinkeye that day and weren't all that excited anyway.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Birch Hallow

Sweet! This hike was a repelers dream. After 11 repels and fabulous sights you can't help but love it. Darryl and I were able to leave our boys with Darryl's sister while we went hiking with his dad, brother, other sister, and a friend. Such a great time. Darryl had done the hike before but did an extended version. We didn't have time for that so we had to hike back up to our truck. After lots of bushes scraping you and pulling your hair and wandering around, which felt aimlessly and I think at times it was, we finally arrived back to the truck. It was so worth it though.

Lots of People

There were people everywhere! While we went on our Birch Hollow hike we stayed at Ann's house (Darryl's sister). To add to it her husband's sister came the night we were there and had to have her kids sleep at Ann's too. They were in town for a something and had rented a hotel room but something happened to their reservation and they ended up with a small room so they asked if they kids could stay at Ann's. They have a beautiful big home in St. George luckily so they were able to accommodate us all. They have 7 people in their family and with all the company there was a total of 18 people eating breakfast!
Kade really didn't want to leave, "Zack's house." It was a sad moment. He loves the cousins.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Clint was being cute so I thought we'd do a little photo shoot. Well it was going well until I wouldn't let him have the camera. Holy mood swing Batman! He's pretty cute when he cries though.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Trick

I figured it out! Clint finally could reach to turn the light on the oven. It may seem insignificant and kind of is, but for him he was so excited with his new trick. He use to watch Kade do it and then he would try so hard to reach with no avail.

Friday, October 5, 2007


I don't think until now did Kade understand the word cousins. They are now his favorite people. Darryl's sister and her family came up from St. George to ride the Heber Creeper and stayed with us. Kade thought it was great to have friends over 24-7. The day they left Darryl and I went to his mission reunion and so we left the boys with my sister-- cousins again!!! I wish we all lived in the same town so they could play together all the time.