Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Shoes

Kade has out grown his current tennis shoes so we headed to the store. We ended up at Payless Shoe Store. We walk through the door and there is an employee surrounded by flip flops that she is hanging on the wall behind her.

Kade says to her, "You got any shoes?"

She looks at me confused and says to Kade, "What?"

Kade says, "You got shoes for me?"

I know she wanted to be a smart mouth and say, "Nope, we don't have any shoes. Sorry."

Monday, February 25, 2008

Potty Time Update

Many have asked how Clint's potty time is going so I thought I'd update you all. To be blunt--- it isn't going, or rather he isn't. It lasted a little over two weeks of him going a majority of the time in the toilet and then something happened. I don't know what to blame; maybe the cold toilet seat, or the fact that a few times when he begged to go (like in the car) he had to go in his diaper. The good news is that he will still go everyone once in a while.

Oh well, it will happen before too long.

PS Rachel, you can be my friend again since my child isn't potty trained. Ha Ha Ha! How's the whole messy diaper thing going at your house anyway?

Friday, February 22, 2008

New Dilemma

I know you're all sick of seeing the snow and you're really sick of seeing the snow pictures on my blog but the snow has been our problem lately.
Darryl went into work today and a few of the guys roofs were leaking from all the snow and ice on their roofs. We've been concerned about our roof. The snow just doesn't get a chance to melt partly because the shade from the taller homes next to us. So Darryl immediately hired someone to come and shovel our roof. They did, now there is much less snow, and much less worry that our roof will collapse. HOWEVER, here is the new problem. I was worried about flooding the basement before, now I'm really worried!

We've got two mountains, at least 10' and 6 1/2' high, right next to the house. Nice.

The guys that shoveled the roof were nice enough to shovel a trench from my front door to the drive way. It becomes a river in the afternoon if it's warm.

Keep shoveling Darryl. We thought we better get the 6' mountain of snow off the window well grate ASAP.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


We have a 18 in. Christus statue in our front room. The boys aren't in the front room too often but when they are Kade seems to always crack me up. When he was about 18 mon. he had just learned how to 'give me five'. I was in playing the piano when I heard Kade say, "Five, five, five, five." I wondered who he was wanting to give a high five to so I turned around just in time. Kade was mid swing to give Jesus a high five. It took some explaining but he didn't attempt it again with the statue.
Just the other day I was playing the piano again and hear Kade say, "Jesus is sad. Stop crying. Stop crying. Stop crying. It's okay. I'm right here." I never acknowledged what he was saying and so he came over near me to inform me that, "Jesus is sad." I asked him why he was sad. Kade responded, "Probably it's cause he's hungry."

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Party X 2!

Due to people having the flu we had a party at both Grandparents houses. Kade wasn't too bothered by that. He could have sung "Happy Birthday" and eaten cake and ice cream all day. The presents were great fun too. Kade opened a truck from McKylee first and then just wanted to play with it. He told McKylee she could open the rest of his presents just so he could continue playing with the truck. We gave him a big wheel (do they still call them that?). After he opened it he said, "Wow! . . Lets open another one." Grandma and Grandpa Brown gave him some much needed clothes. Grandma and Grandpa Bosshardt gave him a little toy computer that has a few games like Hangman and Scrambled words. The Grob cousins gave him some bubbles, coloring book and crayons, and a wiggly toy. Kade said this about his special day, "It was great!!!

This is a fuzzy picture but I love it! Kade telling Grandma and Grandpa thanks for the present.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Miss McKylee

Kade is looking a little like Elton John in this one.

We get our taste of having a little miss when we play with cousin McKylee. Kade and Clint wore a lot of sparkly lip gloss, and sun glasses to top the look. Thanks for sharing with us Kylee! She would wear her sun glasses whether we were playing a game or watching a movie. She is such a movie star! She's so much fun. She and Kade love to be together so much. Cousins are just the best!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Laundry Baskets

This weather has made me feel like I’ve been caged up in my house but I guess my little guys aren’t feel too caged up. I pushed the laundry baskets out of the laundry room and began sorting laundry. The boys chased after the baskets. They love to race them around the house, and fill them with books, toys, or whatever is lying around. When I came out of the laundry room I found Kade walking around with his basket on his head and Clint was trying to get his on his head. I ran to get the camera and came back to get a few shots before they decided to start racing with the baskets. Kade kept running into things but didn’t seem to mind.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Birthday Day

Well there is one reason and one reason only why I haven't mentioned that it was Kade's birthday today; Birthday Cake. Darryl is in Boston and he wanted to be here for Kade's party so we're going to have it this weekend. We decided to just tell Kade it's his "Birthday Day"(as he calls it) on Sat. If we were to tell him that his birthday is today and then he didn't see a birthday cake I'm sure he'd be crushed. The only thing he wants for his birthday is 'birthday cake' and the only thing he can think of when you mention birthday is 'birthday cake.' So, you'll have to check back after Saturday to find out more about Kade's 3rd birthday party!


Today was such a nice sunny day. I was hoping summer was here.(Ha Ha Ha) It wasn't super warm but it felt great in the sun. I think the boys are missing summer as much as I am. They wanted to blow bubbles and play with their squirt guns. We blew bubbles and played in the puddle of melted snow. Then they settled for squirt guns in the bathtub. Clint is loving bubbles right now. He reminds us of one of the fish on Finding Nemo. Any time he sees bubbles he gets SO excited and says, "Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!" He loves to shake my hairspray bottle or the shampoo bottle and make BUBBLES!

Monday, February 11, 2008


When I ask Kade what he'd like to do he says,
"Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. . . Lets play a game!" He acts like he has to think about it but the response is the same every time. Clint, responding to the words mentioned, starts clapping and saying, "Game, game, game," over and over. Kade gets so excited at the end of each game. If it were football he'd get hit with a celebration penalty. So if you're wondering what we've been doing, a great bet would be playing a game.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Great time. Redmond gave us the opportunity to go to Riverdance. What a fun show! It took me back to my days of clogging, as it probably did for Darryl too. He did his share of clogging as his mom taught clogging in her basement. I can't resist telling the story of us getting there. We had lunch with the Co. at 11:00 so we were ready to go to the show really early. With 40 min. to show time we decided we better make our way to the theatre. We'll after struggling to find parking we settled for the Salt Palace parking at $10. We took our time walking through the Salt Palace to get to Abravanel Hall. When we arrived the doors were locked. (strange, but not enough for us to think we'd messed up) Then we went down to the ticket office walked past the two ticket agents to an empty quiet building. (hmmmmmm) It took us giving the ticket to the agent and asking where we needed to go and she pointed on the ticket to the words "Kingsbury Hall." After running a mile to get to the parking garage with the car. We zipped back to East Salt Lake to try to find a parking spot. It is now 10 min. to show time and no parking. So again we run. We made it before the show started. I just had to apologize to the person I sat next to for smelling like I just came from the gym. ; )

The boys stayed at Aunt Jackie's house. They think she's pretty cool. Kade was so excited all day and kept asking if we could go to "Jack's house" yet.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Look Who's Talking

  • Kade often says the cutest things, we always wonder where he gets it, but unfortunately we've found it's usually movies or TV shows. I really don't let him watch TV all day I swear!
    Just randomly each day he'll ask me, "What we gonna' do today?" (From Bambi)
  • The other thing that we're not so proud of is the song he sings. The other day out of the blue he starts saying, "Shout. . . shout. . . shout at the weebell." What? What is he saying?????? We'll I could tell with the beat and "shout" it was a not so great song he must have picked up from Guitar Hero. Crazy thing is we hadn't been to Grandma's to play it in a long time. Plus it's not easy to tell what those rockers are saying so how on earth he picked up that much of the words makes me worried. Since what Kade says sounds like weevil, we continue the song with, 'Get out of our flour.'

  • My favorite thing Kade says is when Clint is crying he'll go hug him and say, "Don't be afraid I'm right here." Usually Clint is just throwing a fit about something and he's not afraid but it's still so cute.

  • Clint picks up on more than we realize too. He and Kade love to sing "Who Am I" from Les Miserables while Darryl plays the piano.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Snow Mountains

I had to get some pictures of the boys next to the mountains of snow. Kade loved running through the "tunnel"(down the sidewalk path). The mounds are even taller than me, so they're more than 5'.

Monday, February 4, 2008

It came

Yes Rachel it does look worse now. Just wanted to get a few pictures on so my kids can see what the snow of 2007 was like.

These pictures are of our window wells. Instead of working out today I spent my time . . . working out. I shoveled forever to move the snow away from our wells. Again to Rachel, here's a plus for not having a finished basement-- you don't have to worry as much if it floods.



Saturday, February 2, 2008

Girls Day

I got to spend the day with the girls today. A babysitter watched the kids until Darryl got home and I went to Park City with my roomies. We walked Park City Main St. and checked out a few of the shops there. It was super cold but we had a great time. I'd never do it with my kids though, they would scare me going in those nice shops. Afterwards we went to dinner and then went to Deb's house and watched a movie. Super fun day! Thanks Love for letting me play today!
These are pictures of our trip on Main St. There is a huge cow(fake of course) in one of the little shops, so we had to get some pictures with it.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Roommate Reunion

My fun roommates from SUU had a little get together. There were only the three of us that lived together in the Hamlet House at SUU. I haven't seen them since I got married in 2001. I hadn't heard anything from one of them since that time and come to find out she lives in Park City! We've been 20 min. away from each other for 2 years and didn't even know it. The other lives in Las Vegas and she came up to visit for the weekend so we had dinner at my house tonight and just reminisced. What fun! The pictures are of the kids playing. Deb has a little 8 mon. old Olivia that just loved Kade. She always wanted to rub his head. It was so cute. He would hide in the closet and she'd cry, so he'd come out and she'd let out a sigh of relief.