Saturday, August 31, 2013

Final 7 Peaks Hoorah!

While Darryl was enjoying the water at Lake Powell we decided to get one last trip in to 7 Peaks.  Unfortunately Cole's face didn't make it into our "selfie."  The boys were much more independent this year at 7 Peaks.  They would get a tube and go off and do the slides by themselves.  Kade was tall enough to do many of the real thrilling slides and so he spent a lot of his time there-- he's such a thrill seeker.  I loved that they could be independent but I hated trying to find each other.  Fun times with my boys!

Checking out the canyons

Want to swim through this?  It smells about as yummy as it looks. :)  It is TOTALLY worth it to be able to see the slot canyon though.  It didn't deter Darryl and Zeth.  The slot checked out so they did take a group through it during each trip.   What was really interesting was how high the sediment was.  I had never thought about the floor level changing of the slot canyon but it does change depending on how much of the sediment gets washed all the way down and out of the slot.   Good times! 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Live Post Cards

Darryl got to see many post card sights today at Lake Powell.  There were some big storms down there this week and so he got to see the water coming off all the cliffs making dozens of waterfalls.  Then there was the lightning.  Paul Malan captured it and the houseboats one of the nights.  What an awesome photo!  The other highlight was Blu an associate of Best Vinyl came from Colorado with his airplane.  In the mornings he would take people up for a quick ride.  A wish come true-- to fly over Lake Powell.  Breathtaking.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thankful Day

This is our sweet nephew Camden who is almost 2 years old.  He fell out of a shopping cart today and hit his head.  They thought he was fine until later in the day when he kept throwing up.  They had taken him in to the Dr. earlier but said he was fine.  With the continued throw up they decided to just take him to Primary Children's Medical Center.  They weren't there long before they were making plans to do surgery to relieve the pressure in his brain.  They believed it was bleeding and they needed to get in and stop it.  We found out that night at about 11 PM.  I was at Wal-Mart grabbing a few things for Sunday dinner when Darryl came running into the store.  I was at the check out so I immediately saw him.  I had left my phone at home and he wanted to let me know he was driving up to Salt Lake to be with Gary and Jasha during the surgery.  They didn't have other family close to just support them so I was glad Darryl was able to go.  He spent most of the night with them and then came home in the early morning.  Surgery was better than expected because they didn't have to fix anything.  We went to see him a couple weeks later and I kept thinking he acted like he didn't even know anything serious happened to him.  He was just so outgoing and a typical 2 year old.  Darryl had a hard time seeing him all hooked up with all the tubes.  It's just hard with there is such a little body there with so many tubes coming out of them.  It was so good for him to see him doing so well.  We love you Camden and are happy you're doing well.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Little Adventure

Wendy had told us how much fun the new Adventure Course is at the Olympic Park so when there was a deal on tickets I was excited to get some.  We had the best time!  The boys loved this little challenge course.  Clint was a little timid but loved it in the end.  Their favorite part of the challenge course was the zip line at the end.  We also got to do the alpine slides, and the large zip line.  We also got to waist some time of the day waiting for the "lightning threat" to clear.  Because we are so high up if they have any signs of lighting they have to close everything down and herd all of the people over to a building to wait.  Luckily it passed and we were able to keep playing.  Cole was a too little for most of the fun so Annette & Steve Williams watched him for us.  He had a great time watching movies and eating popcorn with them and Darryl and I had a great time with Kade and Clint.  Kade flew through the lower adventure course and loved it so Darryl took him over to the higher course.  He did great and of course loved it.  The guy working at the high course wasn't going to allow Kade to go because he'd just rescued a boy that was scared and couldn't finish the course.  Darryl assured them that he would be fine but the guy was still hesitant so he told Kade if he could do 10 pull ups he'd let him go.  Kade flew to the pole and whipped them out and so he was good to go.  Once again he flew through this course too.  At the end of the course there is a huge free fall jump.  The workers had to hold Kade back from jumping so they could make sure he was all locked into the ropes.  Most people take a few moments to work up the courage to jump but not Kade.  He's an adrenaline junkie. :)  Clint and I had fun going down the alpine slide and the zip line again.  The alpine slide was a little eventful though.  There was a boy who went down and was riding his break so he didn't have any momentum to keep going and so the lady behind him ran into him.  Well her husband was behind her and stopped right after a turn so he wouldn't crash into them and then came Clint and I.  We were flying at full speed and then tried to break as soon as we saw them.  We still ended up slamming into the man.  I felt so bad but was super frustrated that they don't have some way of knowing what's going on down below so they don't keep sending people down.  A few teens came down behind us and with each one there was a new crash.  That wasn't the best but it didn't ruin the day.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Choo Choo coming through!

Cole spent much of his day without his brothers watching his train go around and around.  My favorite part was when he had his legs laying on the track and then he'd lift for the train to pass.

Posing For The First Day

It's  here. . .  SCHOOL!  It's so hard to believe we are starting school routines today.  Summer wasn't long enough.  We'll just have to play a little more after school now.  Kade and Clint had their first day at Heber Valley Elementary today.  THey were a little nervous but excited to make new friends.  They were both very excited about their new school shoes.  Kade of course got blue shoes and Clint of course chose red.  Kade's 3rd grade teacher is Mr. Johanson, and Clint's 2nd grade teacher is Mr. Ailshie.  They were both super excited when they found out they had male teachers.  The odds are not very good that they would get a male teacher so I made sure to squash all hope they had of having a male teacher so when we found out who their teachers were they were excited and shocked.

Read Me a Story

I love this!  Kade was doing his daily reading and Cole climbed up and snuggled in to listen.  Such a sweet moment.  I love their cute laughs at the the silly parts, and their intent faces during the rest of the story.