Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cereal box costumes

I gave the boys a "flakes" box and Kade looked at Clint and said, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Clint nodded and replied, "Yep." But you could tell he had no idea what Kade was thinking so he guessed, "Make more robots." [They have been making robots and things from cardboard for a few weeks now.] Kade said, "No, lets be cereal boxes for Halloween!" That was that and here is where we were 5 min. later.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cutting the Lawn--w/ Scissors

I've spoken recently of the boys and their "kicks" they get on. This is a post about another one of those kicks. Clint was the parent child for this idea. He took my scissors out and, "did a service for you, Mom and for the neighbors!" He cut the grass with scissors. Of course he didn't cut the whole lawn but he was out there for a LONG time. He recruited Kade the next day and since then they've spent every snowless day out there cutting the lawn. * * * It has spread now. They were out cutting one day and their friends saw them and they proceeded to demonstrate their fun and later that day I saw the neighbor kids out cutting their lawn with scissors. :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Clint's friend Kenzie was over today and she really wanted to make a snowman with our lovely fresh snow, so we did. I had to take a picture to show the snow we had at the end of April-- we've had snow like this a couple times this week but it's mostly melted by the evening. When I ran to get the camera Kenzie started preparing her poses. I laugh so hard at the differnce in boys and girls and Kenzie is definitely girl even though her favorite color is blue.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


On our way back to Heber we spotted two men just off the road near Maple Grove flagging us down with his cowboy hat. We pulled over and discovered that they were out feeding their cows and due to the super saturated ground their truck sunk up to the axles. We've had a very wet spring and so we weren't surprised, neither were they. We rearranged seats and made room for the them to hop in and ride with us to Scipio, which is about a 10 min. drive. While we headed toward Scipio Kade and Clint said, "Wow real cowboys! Why aren't they riding the west? It smells funny in here." I love the things kids say. The two "cowboys" were very grateful for the ride which enabled them to attend church. It was a neat feeling to know that there are opportunities out there to do good and not have to worry about it. I hope our boys will follow their father's example and always do the right thing because they know they should.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easterin' (kind of)

We didn't go to the annual Easterin' spot with all the Browns this year. Instead we spent the weekend in Aurora with my folks. It was an unbelievable! Easter weekend. We started off waking up to it snowing-- hmmm. Lisa and her family were also at my parent's so the kids all checked out their Easter treasures. The boys got some much needed bike helmets-- my 4 & 6 year olds wear size 8+ helmets(they're smart, what can I say!) They were so excited about their baskets and unfortunately I wasn't prepared with the camera so I had to quickly grab the camera and start snapping to get pictures so some pictures were blurry until I switched my setting. :(
After baskets the kids watched a movie and then it was time to color eggs. It is always good fun. We discovered the tie dye kit last year and it was hit again this year but there were many brown eggs this year because Clint loves to add every color. After we dyed eggs we had a fabulous BBQ lunch then it was time for the traditional Grandma's Easter Egg Hunt. Grandma has so many eggs that we ended up scattering a bunch of them on the lawn. The kids had a great time afterward opening their eggs and finding their treasures of candy and coins and the 'customary' 2 dollar bill. I've loved this hunt since I was a little girl and I still love it-- I think my siblings still love it too. Maybe Grandma should do a hunt for the big kids too. :) We needed to find some clay hills to roll the eggs so we ventured over to the beloved Red Knoll. The wind was bitter cold but we all conquered the hill and then proceeded to throw and roll the eggs off the hill. After the cartons were empty we all headed for the car with a couple stops to throw some big rocks on ant hills. Kade couldn't walk past one without disturbing it-- such a cute boy! After that Darryl wanted to take the boys to play on the salt hills[just fyi it's not the food grade salt :)]. The boys were like lizards on the hills; they just laid on the hills in a tranquil trance. They played and played on the hills. We had to pry them off the hills. Their favorite part of it was played with the football. The boys would go to the back of the slip and Darryl would throw the ball into the dark abyss and the boys would roar with laughter. Then out of the darkness the ball would fly back. Darryl would return it again and it all repeated dozens of times. There just isn't anything like small town life-- playing in a 30ft. dirt hill doesn't get much better! A few memories after looking at the picutres: Cole walked around with this life-size basket most of the day and when he wasn't he was following Jack(the Nance's dog) around. There are a couple pictures of Clint's mannerizims--so cute how he talks with his hands and puts one hand on his face when he's going to say something. Kade wasn't feeling so hot so he was wearing Grandma's jacket all day. He still had fun during the fun times but during the lulls he would say, "I feel crummy."