Monday, May 28, 2012

Poetry Cafe`

The kids in Mrs. Mecham's class put on a little poetry program today.  Each of the kids recited a poem they had written.  In between each group the class would recite some poems together.  They all had a great time--mainly because the poems were funny.  I was filming Kade so Darryl could watch it when he got back from his business trip and so I didn't get a picture of Kade when he said his poem.  I tried to get him to reenact it so I could get a picture he said he would if I would do a "fun" picture too.  Can you guess which one is the fun picture. :)  Kade did so well reciting all the poems.  He has quite the memory for poems and songs-- it's been obvious since he was 18 months old.  Great job buddy!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

JR Smith Talent Shows

Kade and Clint had their little talent shows in their music classes today.  Unfortunately I didn't get the camera when I went to watch Clint.  He played the piano.  His introduction was pretty comical.  "My name is Clint Bosshardt and I'm going to play the piano."  The music teacher Mrs. Wilcox says, "Do you know what song you're playing?"  Clint replies, "Yes."  Mrs. Wilcox, "Um, could you tell us the name of the song?"  Clint again replies, "Yes."  Realizing she was asking the wrong questions she finally said, "What song are you going to play?"  Clint innocently replies, "Marry Had a Little Lamb, and Jolly Old Saint Nicholas.  But I only know the Jolly Old Saint Nicholas lean your ear this way part.  I don't know the rest of the song yet."  It was so cute.  He did a great job on his songs which he'd been working on for the past couple weeks.  Darryl just started him on piano with an introduction to the piano and then had him start the beginner book.  He really enjoys playing.
Kade did a great job too.  (Side note: It was pajamas and pancake day at school hence the PJ attire).  Mrs. Wilcox didn't know much about the guitar so she was so great and had Kade tell a little about his guitar and the whammy bar before he played Marry Had A Little Lamb.  He really lights up when he gets the opportunity to be a presenter.  He too had memorized the song-- he was pretty proud of himself when he had realized he had it memorized just from practicing. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

These were my gifts from the boys for Mother's Day.  I love gifts like these where I can look back and remember their hand size, or what they loved doing with me.  Thanks boys-- I've got the greatest boys around!  My big boy gave me a sweet card too.  I really couldn't be luckier.  I'm so glad for days like these that make me stop and become really aware of how amazing these boys are and how great my life is because they're apart of it.
This was another card Kade made for me.  "Mom I love you.  You help me I help you.  Love Kade"

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Whisky Springs

Gary and Jasha came to spend the weekend with us so he and Darryl could fly their RC helicopters and airplanes.  It was fun to have them here and especially fun to see cute Camden.  We went to Whiskey Springs to roast hot dogs and banana boats.  The boys have such a great time there.  They love to go exploring on the trails by themselves-- Cole got in on that this year.  The love to just run around, play with the fire, and throw rocks into the river.  Such a fun time.

Mile By Mile Marathon

In connection to the Health and Safety Fair they did a new thing this year called the Mile By Mile Marathon.  They gave the kids a little card to keep track of their activities each day.  30 minutes of activity would equal a mile.  They did this for 25 days and then on day 26 they would run the last 1.2 miles of the "marathon."  Darryl and I ran it with the boys.  It wasn't much of a run though.  It felt more like a cattle drive.  We started at the hospital and then jogged to the highway then they stopped us and had us wait for a while then we ran to the Hub parking lot.  They waited for us to get regrouped and then they let us jog the rest of the way to the police station, but we had to stay on the sidewalk--or where there should be a sidewalk.  I was worried the boys wouldn't feel like it was a big deal but at the finish they handed them a medal and it make the boys feel like Olympians.  They were so proud--all I could ask for.  We stayed and did a few of the activities(including face painting as you can see in the picture).  Kade had a shark painted on his face and Clint asked to be Spider Man.  We love the Health and Safety Fair.

Friday, May 11, 2012

1st Grade Program

Today was a big day for Kade.  He's been so excited about his 1st Grade program.  They've been learning songs almost all year long getting ready for it.  The theme of the program was, "I can be anything I want to be."  They spotlighted a handful of different careers.  Kade's class got to be the plumbers and Kade couldn't have been happier.  He thought it was so funny that they were all going to hold plungers.  A few weeks before the program they picked a few students from each class to be in a different number about movie stars.  Kade got picked.  At first his partner was his good friend Abby and he was so excited.  He kept saying, "Can you believe that I have to dance with Abby."  They ended up switching him to be with a different girl-- Kade said it was because they had to keep the boys with girls that were as tall as them and Abby was too tall so he was going to be with Samantha now.  He did an awesome job with his dance.  He's quite the little performer.  He did great singing all the other songs too.  He sings the songs at home so it was fun to hear the whole song and see what they were doing with each song.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Duck or Goose?

Our little baby duck that looked like a little baby chick turned into a gigantic bird!  While Cole was staying with the Nances they got a baby duck and Cole was in love with it.  Darryl couldn't resist getting a duck when he picked up our new chicks.  The duck grew so much faster than the chickens. It was so funny to watch.  He was incredibly messy when he would drink water.  He would splash his beak around in the water soaking the ground.  His wings didn't grow like his body did.  He was this huge bird with little bits for wings.  We called him T-Rex because he looked like a dinosaur.  Eventually his wings began to grow.  He wasn't fully grown when we decided we really needed to find him a new home.  He had made a huge muddy area by the food dishes and he was covered in mud and water.  He really needed a pond to swim in so we let him go live with the Besendorfers(Darryl works with them).  Cole will miss him but it's for the best.  He never says anything about the chickens he only says, "Duck, Duck, Duck!"  If you look closely on the picture of the duck when it was bigger you can see the other chickens around her.   She was huge compared to them but she was so great to take care of them and protect them. 

Got it down!

I use to hold Cole while he would do his doses of nebulized medicine but we've done it so much lately that he grabs the mouth piece and pushes me away and does it himself.  Cole has had these violent coughing fits lately that have stumped Dr. after Dr.  We've taken him to the 5 min. Clinic and then to a pediatric Dr. and then to a Asthma/Allergy Specialist.  All of which have tried different treatments and none of them really gave him a diagnosis they just said, "Lets try this."  $800(most of which was for prescriptions) later we still have coughing fits.  Darryl and I came to the conclusion that it had to be whooping cough because the cough lasted about 8 weeks which is typical of whooping cough.  The doctors just didn't think he could have no other symptoms if it were whooping cough.  They said a 2 year old would be weak, tired, not sleeping, not eating, fevering. . . something.  He wasn't he was super happy and normal except for the coughing fits.  We finally got him down to see Grandma Bosshardt and she did Body Talk and the next night he slept through the night and the coughing fits were much milder during the day until they went away.  I felt bad we hadn't done that sooner before we'd pumped him full of prescriptions that did nothing for him.  In about 2 weeks time he'd had 7 different prescriptions.  Yikes!  I'm so glad this one is over!

Kindergarten Field Trip!

Clint went on a field trip today to the Kohler farm and the fish hatchery in Midway.  He was so excited go but when he returned I found he was even more excited!  He got to see them make cheese, and he got some ice cream they had made!  He was fascinated with all he saw and thought the fish hatchery was so cool.  And the most amazing thing of all-- so incredible that he covered his mouth to hold in his excitement when he told me about it-- they got to ride on a bus!  Funny how the ordinary things are so amazing to a 5 year old.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Darryl got to use his beekeeping skills relocated a swarm of bees from a fellow employees backyard.  They were out of town but a neighbor called them and told them they had a swarm of bees in their pine tree and so they called Darryl and asked him to take care of them.  He had never done it before but was excited to finally get the chance.  He scraped the bees into a new hive and we'll see if they make it home sweet home.