Saturday, July 31, 2010

Olympic Park

I took the boys to the Festival of Flight at the Olympic Park in Park City. It was right up their alley. We spent a lot of time watching the ski jumpers and bobsledders in last years Winter Olympics so they thought it was awesome to see it all in person. They loved everything about it. They had a blast watching the freestyle ski jumpers(especially the Flying Aces--they are SO amazing) and the distance ski jumpers. They had even more fun getting a taste of it themselves. Kade really wanted to do the big jump into the swimming pool-- one day, maybe. He wants me to sign him up for lessons. We'll see where that goes too. Our neighbor Greg was so great and he took us on a little VIP tour. He's a coach for the Olympic ski jumpers and so it's his second home up there. I put most of the journaling directly on each picture-- we'll see how that turns out. You have to click on the picture to read the journaling. I hope it shows up when I publish the pictures in the book. I can't believe it has taken us this long to get up to the Olympic Park. Why is it that you never go to the neat places that are out your own back door, places that people come from all over the world to see, but you'll travel all over the world to see other places. Such a strange phenomenon. We need to go up to the park again so we can go on the alpine slide.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Swimming Lessons

After much debate I decided to sign the boys up for swimming lessons in Kamas. It was totally worth the 20 min. daily drive. Clint was pretty hesitant when it came to water before the lessons but he's become much more brave. A few pictures of them, their awesome teachers, and their fellow classmates. Kade loves going down the blue slide with his new found freedom-- no life jacket, or parent to wait for you at the bottom. He also loves to talk underwater. He's such a little fish. I can't believe that he never plugs his nose and he spends most of his time under the water while we're there. Clint likes to "wash his hair"(put his face down in the water and rub his head). As you can see in the picture with everyone splashing Clint also LOVES playing kicking red light/green light.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

first egg!

We were pretty excited to find our first egg today. It wasn't anywhere near the laying boxes, actually on the other side of the yard near the swing set/next to the garden wall. Hopefully they'll learn to lay them in the boxes so we won't have to go on an egg hunt everyday; Because they're brown they aren't as easy to find as the neon colored Easter eggs are.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

hometown celebrations

The 24th of July, Pioneer Day, Statehood Day, whatever you want to call it, it is a big celebration for the town of Redmond. There's just nothing like small town celebrations. We enjoyed the dinner, chatting with old friends, the fireworks, the parade, games at the park, the Road Rally, and the Pioneer Program at the Cemetery. The boys loved the games at the park. The ring toss, the fish pond, bounce house, and a ride in a real fire engine were all awesome but the one that I couldn't pull them away from was the dunk tank. They are obsessed with dunk tanks. They play dunk tank in our swimming pool at home. One with throw some thing and if they make it in the goal then the other dives under water(like he was dunked). They're so funny. I'm just glad the kids running the dunk tank were willing to let them push the target and dunk them again and again after their many failed attempts to throw the ball hard enough. The Road Rally was especially fun because we did it with Jason, Becky, and Christy. Becky and Christy had never done it before so it's always fun to have new comers. It was a pretty confusing one but we ended up getting all the twisted instructions smoothed out enough after many debates and we took 1st place for the $50 cash prize! Wahoo us! The Pioneer Program was neat. Granny and Grandpa had to dress up for it and help guide the groups through the tour. They had 6 people setting at different gravesides and those people pretended to be those who were buried there. They told stories of themselves and taught everyone what it was like for the settlers of Redmond. I really enjoy history when it comes alive like that-- not so much when I have to read it from a book.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The BeLOVEd Primary Activity

Ever since the slip-n-slide Primary Activity last year Kade can't quit asking when they're going to do that again. A few months ago when they said we were doing a scripture reading challenge and when the jar was full of pebbles we would have the slip-n-slide party, Kade's eyes lit up and he was SO EXCITED. Today was the day. I'm so glad we were in town and he didn't have to miss it. Clint was a little timid at first but that didn't last long. He was sliding fool! :) Of course Kade and Abby were hooked at the hip the whole time too.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Clint is 4!

We celebrated Clint's Birthday a few times this year. While we were at Bryce Canyon we had cake, ice cream and presents. Then on the 28th we had a Treasure Hunt party with friends. I had the cupcakes, the pinata, and the presents be the treasure they were looking for so they went on a few treasure hunts by looking at a map I drew of our house. Kade and Clint love to have treasure hunts and so did their friends. I quickly made a Pin The X on The Treasure Map game so the kids would have something to do while they waited for everyone to arrive. They were pretty good at it, especially if the could see through the blindfold. ;) I put "gold coins" on the cupcakes and I think that was Clint's favorite part. He wanted to just get all the coins. I'm not sure what he'd do with them but he couldn't quit talking about them. He'd picked out a Dora pinata which was a pull pinata. I've never had one like that before and it was okay, but I think we stuffed it too full of candy so it did rip well. I'm done with store bought pinatas though. They don't break easily enough so we always end up tearing it apart for the kids-- I think it takes some of the fun out of it that way. After the friend birthday parties we always let the boys pick a place to go eat. Clint picked, where else, Chuck E Cheese! He loves to watch the characters sing and dance(move). They had a blast jumping from game to game too. Thanks to Dad we got A LOT of tickets and Clint picked out this fun gumball machine. He now asks if he can have a gumball at least 50 times a day. "Clint, what do you want for lunch?" "Can I have a gumball?" or "I'm hungry. I'm ready for breakfast. Can I have a gumball?" At least he asks.
A few things about Clint: He's always hungry. He's our spaz. He's Happy. He weighs 32 lbs. (5%)and is 38.5 inch tall(25 %). He's super smart and can sound out short words. He loves learning and doing 'homework' type things. We sure love this little guy.