Sunday, January 30, 2011


Clint was playing with the blinds today and hit himself on the head, "Ouch! I just hurt my five head." "Your what?" I asked. "My five head." I responded, "That is called your forehead." Clint touched his forehead and said, "No this is my four head," then he moved his hand back a little and said, "And this is my five head." He's convinced that is what it is so I just went with it and laughed. So funny.

After Stake Conference today we were talking with some neighbors, somehow Clint managed to get his head and one of his arms through the hole of a chair similar to this one. "Uh, a little help here." This is Clint's common phrase when he is in a predicament. Darryl tried and tried to get him out. I think he was ready to track down a saw but they somehow turned the arm just right then the head another way and freed him. How he got there I'm still baffled. Oh, I love him.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another Great Fishing Day!

I've got the greatest brothers in the world! Though there were many very good legitimate reasons that they could say taking Dad fishing would be impossible my brothers did it anyway. If there was an issue they just figured out another way to do it, they made it possible. They buckled him into Buzz's Razor and drove him out on the ice and then put him in a chair that he could lay in and fish. I say this like it's all no big deal(moving someone who is completely paralized on one side is rough). Just getting Dad out of bed into the wheelchair is a huge feat so I can't imagine the whole process--the bed to the chair to the car to the razor to the chair to the razor to the car to the chair to the bed. A lot but to make Dad's day I know it was worth it to them. Mom said Dad talked about it for days[after he got some sleep and could remember he went ;)].

Bosshardts Skiing

Darryl's parents, Gary and Jasha, Wendy, Jackie, and Jerald Sosie and his son Oakley all came and stayed the weekend with us. They went on a 5S skiing activity at the Canyons on Saturday. It was a great day for the skiers and snowboarder. I stayed home with Marica and the boys. They were happy to have Granny all day! It was a house full and it was SO fun! We love to have the house packed.

Friday, January 28, 2011


The boys spent most of the morning up to something. I found out it was this. They made a trap in their bedroom. When you open the door the rope should pull the golf clubs and they should hit the ball which should roll into the golfing hole and make the gun shoot the bullets to the ceiling.-- not sure where the trap part is? :) Their room looked like a disaster but they were SO proud of their contraption.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Going to have a year of fun!

Just got these passes for the family for a whole year! Can't wait to go-- the boys can't wait to try laser tag, the water boats, miniature golf, and the climbing wall--I think it's all going to be fun! It's $39 Pass of All Passes to Seven Peaks, Trafalga, Orem Owlz, & Utah Flash(info HERE). If you ever want to go to these places we'd love to have a play date-- let us know!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kade's Photo Shoot

While we were waiting for the car to get the recall fixes taken care of we decided to kill some time at Wal-Mart. I got the brilliant idea to do Kade's 6-year pictures(did I just say 6? wow!). Kade was wearing an old shirt, warm-up pants and snow boots but I thought I'd just buy a shirt and do all the pictures chest up. As for his hair, we ran in the bathroom and wet down his crazy bed hair. In the end the pictures turned out surprisingly well-- even those with the snow boots!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Little Fish

We have gone to visit Grandma and Grandpa a couple times this month and during our trips McKylee has invited us to join her at the Richfield pool. They have such a great time in the water. We haven't been swimming for a really long time; I think since our trip after swimming lessons-- wow! Kade and Clint were so happy to be in the water again. Clint was a little timid at first but he quickly became comfortable again. Since nap time trumps all Cole didn't get to swim the first trip but the second trip was all about him. He has never been swimming before and he was a happy little camper. He couldn't quit splashing his arms. He would pull them forward like he was trying to swim. He was trilled the whole 2.5 hours we were in the water. He did finally realize it was pretty cold and then it was sad until we got him dressed and warm. I love my little fish.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Cole has always had a special fondness for Grandpa. He has stranger anxiety with most everyone but never even phases him with Grandpa. Maybe it's because we'd go see him every day while he was in Provo so he isn't a stranger. He loves to sit on his bed with him and just smile at him. I think Grandpa likes his little buddy too.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Goal Getter!

Kade got a Goal Getter award today! He was thrilled about it. He couldn't wait to use his coupons for a free ice cream from Dairy Keen, and something from the treasure chest at King's. When I asked him what he got the award for he said it was because, "I'm safe, kind, and responsible!"(the school's motto) Way to go Kade! You're an awesome student.


The boys love spinach-- especially Popeye spinach. In fact Clint often refers to spinach as "popeye." So if he offers you popeye, he just wants to know if you want some spinach. They love to dip it in this Greek Feta dressing. Today at lunch they ate a whole bag of spinach. I laughed when I realized we'd eaten the whole bag and commented that they just ate a lot of spinach. I was taking care of something and the next thing I knew they had the couch in the air--they were testing out their muscles. I made them hold it there while I grabbed the camera-- a good use of those muscles! I love these two.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Buttons! :/

Cole loves to push buttons. He found the TV buttons and couldn't quit pushing them. Every time he'd push the button it would change to the loud snowy station and he would plop down and start pouting a scared and, "I don't want to get in trouble," pout. I got a couple pictures that show it pretty good. You would think given his reaction that he wouldn't do it again, but he did at least 5 times. Too cute. :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Cole Pictures

I took Cole to Walmart to get his pictures taken today. He was not very happy about the photographer-- he has a slight case of stranger anxiety. After a while he warmed up though. I think the big issue was that the guy kept picking him up and trying to put him on his belly and Cole was not okay with it. Finally in the end he took some pictures of Cole standing. It was so funny Cole was really working the camera. He'd walk around the little stand and flash a smile. Here's a peek at the pictures. I'm such a penny pincher and I only get the basic package but this guy was determined to change my mind-- I didn't. :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011


When Kade was just a baby he became attached to this receiving blanket. I think he choose this one because as he got bigger I quit using the smaller receiving blankets and this was the biggest one we had. Well it is no longer the biggest, it is now the smallest. Over the past (almost) 6 years the edging fell off, then little by little the blanket would wear a hole so I would use a serger to cut off and sew up the worn area. The blankie has probably visited the serger half a dozen times. Darryl mentioned the other day that we should probably stick the blankie in a cedar chest before it's gone or take some pictures of it. So today when I was sewing it again I thought I better at least take some pictures of poor blankie. I decided to quit trying to keep it square and just take off the torn spots in order to save as much as possible.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Baby is 1!

We had a pretty low-key birthday day. We went to Midway to see the Ice Castles. Check out info about them here. It was so neat to walk around in them. I felt like I was in a Superman movie. The guy that makes(grows) them said that in a couple weeks they will be awesome but right now it looks like trash. I was baffled. It looked amazing to me. I guess it's all relative. We plan on going back to see them again and we want to go see them at night too when they have them lit up. That night we had cheesecake and he opened his present. I knew he loved cheesecake so I thought I'd go with that and not try traditional cake. Kade and Clint wouldn't even touch their cake and age 1 but Cole-- he put it away and he was totally happy about it. We gave him a little Mickey band set. It has a drum, maracas, tambourine, recorder, harmonica, and castanets. Just like I thought-- He loved it! The boys love it too. Kade said, "Now we can march around and be a family band!" so that is what we did.
The 411 about Cole. He loves to stand. He pulls himself up and tries to reach everything. He says, "Uuuuh a," whenever something drops-- which with his help stuff seems to drop often. I think he says, "Dadda" for Darryl too but he says it a lot more than just when he sees Darryl so it's questionable. He loves to laugh and squeal. He really wants to go down the stairs and with 4 people going up and downstairs frequently I loose my stomach worrying about the gate daily. I took Cole to his 1 year check up about a week early and he was 28 in(5%) and 17 lb. 1 oz(less than 5%). His head was 47 cm(70%). He fell off his growth curve on height and weight which had us concerned--hopefully he'll catch up since he started solid food way late. He's super good at buttons and using his little fingers to open things and play with things. He loves to push the buttons on the TV but when it changes it to snow he plops down and with a half scared half worried face he pouts-- so cute! He LOVES food and eats all the time. He eats as much as I do(example is 2.5 chicken enchiladas!). He loves to feed other people too-- he's such a sharer. Sometimes you don't want to be the recipient of the slobbery food he wants to share with you.