Monday, December 31, 2012

Lego Pro

Kade is really good at putting legos together.  While at Grandma and Grandpa Bosshardt's for Christmas he and Darryl got out their huge tub of legos and put together this model.  Kade was pretty excited that he made such a big Star Wars ship.  It was fun to see and old lego model and see how neat they were even "back in the day."

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Aunt Wendy!

Wendy returned from her mission in Vancouver Canada a couple weeks ago.  The boys were so excited to have her back.  They love her so much.  She did an amazing job speaking today too.  We were going to use this oppotunity of having everyone together to get a new family picture, however, Ann's entire family has been sick and are still sick so they weren't able to travel up and be with us.  We still enjoyed putting together many puzzles and staying up late playing card games-- much better than family photo shoots anyway. :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Christmas was so fun this year-- like it is every year. Kade loved the be be gun he got and all the stuff that came with it. Clint was very pleased with his "surprise" go-cart. Cole was probably the most excited when he saw his train. Cole had gone to bed with a fever but he seemed good when he woke up. By the time we got his train put together you could tell he didn't feel great but he was so content sitting in the middle of the train with his throw up bucket watching it go around and around, and pushing the buttons to make it go forward/backward and turning on the sounds. He sat there for a solid 30 minutes. The best part for me was that we sat up a treasure hunt for one of their gifts. We wrapped the first clue and put it under the tree and each clue sent them all over the house. The final clue sent them to the garage and there they found plasma cars. They were SO excited about the cars. There wasn't anything better than to watch the kids run all over the house with such anticipation. It was so great when they would read a clue and then they would figure out where they were suppose to go. They would shout and start running-- so fun.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


It's been quite a while since we've been to the ballet.  It was especially fun to go with Darryl's family.  His mom wanted to go with Wendy since she just returned from her mission and so she invited everyone to join along.  About half of the siblings were able to make it but it was still an enjoyable time to go to lunch with them and get to chat a little.  Watching the Nutcracker took me back to the days of Price.  While Darryl was in Price the Nutcracker was a big part of his life.  --Memories--

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Clint's class Christmas party

Wow-- I feel like this month has been one party after another. Today I was in charge of Clint's class party. I had already figured out the games with prizes, and I also had a craft(a measuring stick for measuring the snow depth).  However, the teacher had more things for the kids to do as well.  In the end we didn't do the measuring stick, mainly because after I tried it with Clint I thought it just wouldn't work with most of the kids in his class.  We did pin the mittens on the snowman, ring toss on the antlers, bingo, made ginger bread houses, and made little ornaments.  The ornaments were cute.  It was just a basic ball ornament and the kids dipped their had in white paint and then cupped the ornament.  It makes what looks like five little snowmen.  Pretty clever.  The kids had a great time and it was fun to meet the other moms that came to help.

Clint's Class Party

I was in charge of Clint's class Christmas party today. I unfortunately wasn't as creative as the other moms (see the Elf post). We played ring the reindeer antlers, pin the mittens on the snowman, made snowman ornaments with their hand prints on the the ball ornaments, played bingo, and made gingerbread houses. The moms there really helped a ton. In fact I thought I was in charge of the whole thing but when I talked to Ms. Bingham she said she wanted to do the craft with them(the ornament) and she had a mom that was going to do gingerbread houses.  I just worried about the games but there were moms there that would carry out the games so it was really a piece of cake!  We had a lot of fun.  His class is pretty cute.  I enjoyed getting to know a few of the moms a little better.  One of the moms and I did the Meet the Masters art program with Ms. Binghams class all year so it was nice to have a familiar face to work with too.

An Official Elf Graduate

Some incredibly cute and creative moms did the Christmas party in Kade's class today. Their party was Elf School. They had to do a bunch of different activities to become an "Official Santa's Elf." Kade thought it was so grand. He was quite proud of his accomplishment and all that he did to receive his certificate. "I even had to apply. We had to fill out our application to see if we could get a certificate." I love when they are excited about simple things.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"I Believe in Christmas"

We were pretty excited to take the boys to Salt Lake tonight for a Christmas play done by the Pickleville Playhouse crew. We were especially excited to see one of our favorite actors from Bandito, Big Guns Bo Garrett. In this play he was Mr. Grinchner, and ? I don't remember his elf name. We thought the story was a pretty cute and done very well. They did a great job with the music too. I hope my boys picked up on some of the good meanings that were woven into the play. Even if they didn't it was nice to spend an evening together.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2nd Grade Christmas Program

Kade told me about a month ago that he was going to be Santa and he was really nervous. I didn't think anything of it and wasn't sure what kind of a program it would be for. It wasn't until it got a little closer to the show date that we understood a that it was a program the 2nd graders put on for the entire school and public. It was so fun to go and watch.  They did the program 4 times and Kade was Santa in 2 of them so we had to go to both.  Kade had sung his song for me many times which was always a treat. He really enjoys preforming and singing. He's a pretty good singer and really talented at hearing pitch. It was fun to see how serious he took his part. He was suppose to come out on stage and pat the "children" on the head and he was such a great Santa with that. Then after his song he's suppose to, as Kade says, "loose his Christmas spirit." He sits with his legs crossed and trying to look gloomy. Pretty funny. The best part was at the end where he and Mrs. Claus waved goodbye to everyone. Kade waved and said, "Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas!" Such a cute kid. I think Cole was a little perplexed; He looked so confused at the fact that Kade was Santa. 'This Santa guy that is going to bring me a toy is just Kade?'
Kade's teacher this year is Ms. Crystal. He loves he so much and she loves him too. She loves everything though-- she says it all the time. When I see her 80% of what she says is, "I love it. I just love it." The other 20% she might take a break from saying I love it to say, "Here have some sugarfree gum!" She and Kade are "buds" and it is no surprise. They are both little balls of energy with a zest for life. Cole can't say Crystal and so he calls her Ms. Pistol. It fits her perfectly. She's little but can pack a punch, and she's a cowgirl. She "loved it" of course. ;)

Monday, December 17, 2012


The Woods decided to start a tradition of caroling.  They wanted to carol to our street and take a plate of goodies and it sounded like a fun idea so we were all in.  However, we started inviting people to come with us and before long we were seeing we wouldn't have anyone to carol too.  In the end there were about half of us caroling and the other half of the neighbors were being caroled to.  Next year I think we'll invite the whole street and go caroling to the adjacent street.  It was cold and snowing the whole time but it really was a great time.  This was a picture of Cole handing a plate of goodies to one of the neighbors-- the kids loved that part.  We had them take turns at each house-- SO cute.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Redmond Party

Tonight was the Redmond company Christmas party. My mom, Buzz, and Lisa and their families were all going to go to Temple Square tonight too. We knew we couldn't get it all in so we took the boys to Salt Lake to go with their cousins while Darryl and I went to the company party in Provo. It was a snowy night and the company party didn't get out until late but come to find out we actually could have made it up to Temple Square with them. They spent hours eating at Charlie Chows and so they didn't get to the temple until about 9:00. They had a blast riding tracks to the temple and eating with chopsticks. I think the temple lights were just icing on the cake for them. Kade and Clint repeatedly ask if we can go have dinner at that place. Cole loved the noodles but I think eating with chopsticks made them taste even better. They said he ate tons of noodles and didn't stop.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Neighbor Christmas Party

Years ago some of the couples on the street started an adult Christmas party. It's a good dose of laughter therapy; With EJ Raven at a party you're bound to laugh at some point. I love the party because it is the one time that I get to chat with neighbors that I rarely see. This year it was our turn to host the event. With the passing of my dad everyone tried to get me to let them take it over last minute. I had already planned everything and it was nice to be able to focus on something for a while so we just went ahead and hosted. We played Family Feud, ate Chicken Cordon Blu and everyone's salad and dessert contributions, and of course had a white elephant gift exchange. My favorite, or at least the most memorable, item in the exchange was the bacon flavored toothpaste. Just smelling it made me nauseous-- but I hate bacon. I think there were a few that thought it was a good idea. :) It's always a great time catching up with everyone.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dad's Funeral

Today was a the last day of the journey through Dad's funeral. I must say that I think I'll write down everything I want and find my own pictures before I pass away. It would take a lot of the craziness out of this process. It's so hard to do the things you know you have to do for the funeral when you don't feel like doing anything but just hanging out. It was nice to think through what Dad would want and fun to look through old photos but it is all very time consuming. Plus lets face it, just doing something like looking through photos is fun but doing it for a pressured deadline isn't as fun. Regardless we made it and I think it all turned out nice. Last night we had a viewing. Many people came and it was nice to see them come and show their respect and love for my dad. I think with all the whirlwind of getting ready for this night I was pretty emotionless. It was good though. I didn't want to be a blubbery mess. I should say too that I know we've prayed for him to be in a place where he will be himself again. Where he can be independent, and be free from pain. However, it's not easy. Even though for the past 2 years (7 if you count since the first surgery) he hasn't been "himself" there were moments that he was and I'll miss those. During those moments you knew he was thinking pretty clearly because he would be telling you how much he loved you, how much he wanted you to stay, or telling you to make sure you go to the temple. In one day you may only have a few seconds of those moments but they were great. Looking back, I probably would have thought and focused more on those times if the misery of the other times weren't so great. I should have just changed my thinking-- hindsight is 20/20. Back to today. . . I wasn't as strong today. It just hit me hard when we walked into the viewing room. Last night Darryl took the boys to Redmond to his parent's ward Christmas party. We figured it would be a long night for the boys to have to just sit around at the church. Also, his parents were planning on taking them anyway because Darryl was going to be in Florida for work. This was actually going to be the "wives" trip, so I was suppose to go too but we canceled my tickets last week when we knew about the funeral. He made some last minute changes and was able to stay until Saturday after the funeral. Maybe it was because the boys were there and they were so sweet. They loved Grandpa but they really didn't know how Grandpa was. I wish they knew. One day they will. There were many family members and close friends that came through the line too that just made me cry because I knew how much my dad loved them. Then when it was time for the family to say goodbye and for them to close the casket Kade was a blubbery mess. He was on the floor hysterically crying. That tore my heart out. He's so sensitive and so when other people are sad it really gets to him. I was trying to calm him down and he just kept saying, "I just can't stop crying." Eventually we got him calmed down some. The viewing went over by about an hour. They said there were many that were in line that had to leave because the line was taking so long. I felt bad that everyone wasn't able to get in. Plus there were some that couldn't stay for all of the funeral because it started too late. Not sure how you get them through faster without it becoming impersonal. Well the funeral was great. It was fun to hear all of the memories that everyone shared. It's great to go back and remember so many things that you've forgotten from your life as a child. I had to talk to. This was not my plan. I didn't think there would be any possible way that I'd be able to hold it together enough to speak. Well in planning the funeral my mom wanted the kids to do a tribute. We all turned to Buzz because Wayne doesn't like to talk in public, Lisa has been crying non-stop since last Friday and I was sure I couldn't do it. Buzz was the logical solution. He had been getting all the jobs though. He had to call all 9 siblings, the neighbors, and friends when Dad passed away because we couldn't. Now he was going to have to talk. Mom wanted multiple kids talking. Lisa was out because she was crying so she said she'd like to play a piano solo. So that meant Buzz and I and Wayne. Who would do it with Buzz. Well if 2 did and Lisa played one would be left out so Mom insisted we all take part. I texted Wayne and said you can sing to Lisa's song or do the Tribute with Buzz and I. He chose to speak. So it was settled . . . kind of. We hadn't decided what we were going to say. Sat. morning we still hadn't finalized anything. I knew I would need someone up with me incase I started to cry. Well that didn't happen. Wayne and Buzz wanted to share memories and so that left me where? . . . I couldn't do that. I decided to do a life timeline--stick to the facts = less tears. For the most part it worked out. I did look up once and saw one of dad's close friends crying and so I lost it for a moment. This is what I read.
  • Born Oct. 17, 1940 in Salina
  • Worked on the farm tromping hay for 10 cents a load
  • Sold chicken's eggs for 3 cents a piece
  • Go to Grandpa DeLange's store to buy penny candy, pop, candy bars, and ice cream(green pineapple trumped everything else)
  • During the day they would go to the crank pay phone in town and ring the operator and ask her for a date
  • At night they would ring door bells or knock and run
  • Mostly he would take a piece of line, a  hook, and a worm and head to the creek.  He would find a willow, break off a branch, and tie the line to the stick.  Then he would fish a along the bank.  When he was done he'd break of the end of the willow, wrap the line around the tip, and put it in his pocket-- ready for the next trip.
  • They had no TV so they would go to Ray Burr's house and ask if they could watch their TV.  They mostly watched boxing matches-- they loved Gene Fulmer
  • His dad took him and Ross to West Jordan to watch Jersey Jo and Gene fight for the middle weight championship-- Gene won.
  • Attended school @ Koosharem Elementary and Jr. High through his Sophomore year
  • Jr and Sr years he attended school in Richfield
  • Jr. year he rode home with a guy after school but half way through the year the guy got an after school job in Richfield so Dad hitch hiked back to Koosharem every day
  • Sr. year he lived with Luraine Burr and worked at Whitings Garage cleaning floors for 50 cents and hour
  • He participated in wrestling and football
  • May 28, 1958 he graduated from high school
  • Went to Snow College for one quarter then dropped out to join the Air Force
  • He graduated from Morse Intercept School
  • Stationed in Alaska for a while and loved the country there
  • Completed service at Malmstrom AF Base in Great Falls, Montana.  It was there that he became very active in the church
  • April 1963 he was honorably discharged
  • Bishop Garth Bagley called him in after he was home for a couple weeks to ask him to go on a mission. 
  • June 1963 he was on a plane to New Zealand to serve his mission.
  • In 1967 Dad and Mom met, and were married
  • In College he studied civil engineering, political science, accounting, and landed on psychology.  He liked that but wasn't sure what to do with but teach.
  • Student taught in Vegas
  • Ran into Garth Bagley who was attending Special Ed. meetings and he convinced Dad to do his masters in Special Ed.
  • Wayne was born in 1971
  • Transferred to BYU to work on masters
  • In 71 he was hired to teach in Heber
  • They moved to Midway
  • He taught at Wasatch Jr High and Central Elementary
  • Kept driving to BYU to finish his Masters
  • Apr. 1973 Buzz was born
  • Had first girl April 2, 1975
  • His dad's health was failing so they spent a lot of time on the road between Midway and Koosharem so. . .
  • He applied to teach in Sevier
  • Didn't get the job offer, the lady they hired quit mid-year so they called him and asked him to break his contract with Wasatch but dad couldn't do that to the District.  Sevier was impressed by that so they got a sub for the rest of the year and had Dad sign a contract for the 1978-1979 school year.
  • During the summer of 1978 Dad started having seizures at night
  • Diagnosed with a benign brain tumor
  • Had surgery and recovered
  • Lived in Koosharem and Salina while their house was being built in Aurora
  • Started teaching at Salina Elementary 1978
  • Sept. 1979 Jennifer was born
  • Taught for 25 years for the Sevier School District; 32 years total
  • Had second jobs during teaching career: Utah State Parks, custodial/maintenance at The Homestead, Brown's Boots and Shoe repair, farming, Pearson Tire, and maintenance for UDOT
  • 2004 he retired
  • 2005 started noticing unusual smells, sounds in his ears, and headaches
  • May 2005 diagnosed with malignant brain tumor and had surgery; prognosis not good
  • Began traveling: Caribbean Cruise, Oregon Coast, China(not to see China but to spend time with Lavell Edwards :-D), Alaska, Church History Trip, Mesa Verde
  • Shocked all medical workers with clean MRI's for 5 years and in Sept 2010 the MRI revealed the cancer was back; prognosis- a few months
  • Insisted on surgery, suffered a stroke while in recovery which paralyzed his left side
  • Had one more ice-fishing trip on the ice with Buzz and Wayne with transportation by the Razor
  • Fought hard every day for over 7 1/2 years and died on Nov. 30, 2012
  • I'm going to put the transcript of the other talks in the book I'm making about my dad. The rest of the day was nice. The service at the Cemetery was neat. Kerry Sorenson was one of the Legion men who participated in the Veterans Salute. It was neat to have him be a part of that. The service was really short though because a bitter wind was blowing pretty hard. Everyone met up again at the church for a luncheon that the Relief Society put together. It was nice to visit with extended family that we don't get to see very often. Then we headed back home with the many flowers and plants that people had sent. It was so touching to see the names of the people who had sent flowers. A few had sent both large flower displays, and large plants. I was so surprised to see some of the arrangements with my name on them. I got an e-mail one day saying my great friend Wendy Spencer and her family had donated money to brain cancer research in lieu of flowers. It still makes me cry to think about it. Dad would have told everyone to use the flower money for that, but he would say to first use some of it to get your own cancer screenings done. People are so thoughtful and good.

    Saturday, December 1, 2012

    Santa Train

    The city did a food drive train ride this year and given Cole's obsession with trains right now I knew we had to get tickets. I couldn't wait to take Cole and see how excited he was. Since I was in Aurora Darryl took the boys by himself. I was so glad he did just because I wanted Cole to have the chance to ride the train. As expected Cole was ecstatic, if you can't tell from the picture. Seeing Santa was just icing on the cake!