Monday, December 28, 2009

Baby Update

My doctor appointment went very well today. Last week I measured 3 cm. small (I consistently measure 1 cm. small)and so the doctor was insistent that we do an ultrasound quickly. I drug my feet because we a have a high deductible HSA account for insurance which means we'd have to pay for another ultrasound. I know I shouldn't let money be an issue so I felt guilty and awful about that but it's just that I can't imagine me measuring anything but small because I just don't have big babies. Not only that but we did the same thing with Clint and ended up with an ultrasound every week with him, which turned out to be good in the end because my fluid levels got to the point that they had to induce labor. Thankfully with this little guy the fluid levels looked good and he's just small. I just hate when the doctor is worried because then I figure if he's worried I should be twice as worried. He was super excited to have me only measuring 2 cm. small at this appointment. So now we're just trying to hold out for another week and a half.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

12 Days

A great friend from Darryl's work did the 12 Days of Christmas to the boys this year. It was so much fun. The boys still make me check and see if there is a gift on our door step. Every night we read a story by candle light. Each story talked was different but each relayed to true meaning of Christmas. Hopefully the boys will get the stories a little more next year. Each day they brought a poem about a different symbol of Christmas. There was usually a craft for the boys which they really enjoyed doing. I wish we would have recorded their reactions each night. They were so appreciative to whoever was doing it. Kade would often say that the people who were doing it were really nice-- and he was right.
Funny story:
One night after the startling loud knock we all went to the door got the gift and then sat down to inspect it. The phone rang so I went to get it. It was a neighbor who said, "Jenn, I just saw a guy run from your house and jump into a van. Do you know what that's about?" I explained to him what was going on. He said, "Oh then I'll back off and won't beat him up." He started following the van and was ready to go after whoever was in the van. I was just glad to know that there are people out there looking out for us.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Party

We had our traditional prime rib and shrimp dinner party with the Browns toady. It was so fun to have everyone there. Of course I didn't get my camera out of the suit case so I have no pictures but hopefully I'll get some off my mom's soon. We ate and the kids opened their presents from the gift exchange. My boys were so excited to give their gifts. They knew who their presents were to and they couldn't wait to see them open them. They were of course extremely excited to open their own gifts too. Kade got some Hot Wheels and Clint got a Diego with a hang glider. My cute niece Logan got this shirt. Too funny-- I can say that because I'm elf size too. The kids all played with each others toys and then it was time for the candy bar game. The younger kids were all excited about it this year. Once it was over we headed back to Heber City. I can't believe Christmas is over. We took down the decorations so we wouldn't have to worry about it when baby arrives so I'm feeling like we rushed through it all too fast-- but it seemed to never come; how does that work?

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

We made it to Christmas morning and as Clint says, "I don't want Christmas to be over," either. Christmas morning the boys woke up at 6:15 and Darryl took them downstairs and let them watch a movie for about 30 min. so we could squeeze in a little more sleep. Then it was to the trees! The boys have a tiny tree in their room and when we sat it up Kade said how much he wanted Santa to put presents under it, well sure enough Santa put a could presents under that tree. Then it was off to the front room to see what Santa had left. The boys grabbed their stockings and were ecstatic to find jelly beans, walkie-talkies, silly string, and foam soap. I really think Santa could have brought them a year supply of silly string and they would have been good--1 can made them laugh all day. They got a Smart Cycle from Santa, Linkin Logs, games, sidewalk paint, and bubble bath. Kade got a race track and Clint got a vacuum(may sound like a silly gift but it was the hit of the day). Santa really knows Clint. The vacuum was the first thing unwrapped. We told him we'd get it out of the box later but he just couldn't wait. When he'd open a present it would go something like this: He'd unwrap it, look at it, say "Wow! Look at this! I got a _______!" He was genuinely excited. Then instantly he'd say, "Can I open my vacuum now?" He "sucked up junk" all day and then when we headed to the Bosshardt Grandparent's house that night the first thing he said to everyone is, "I GOT A VACUUM! Let me show you how it works." He proceeded to vacuum Grandma's house for her. Kade gave Clint an ambulance and Clint gave Kade a Bow and Arrow set. They both loved them and were so thankful to each other. Grandpa and Grandma Bosshardt gave them some toys that you put together which they had a lot of fun playing with and some aliens in a flying saucer. Grandpa and Grandma Brown gave us some money that I think we'll use toward a new camera. Darryl's been wanting one but I started looking for one for him and decided that just is one of those things that he's got to pick out. He surprised me / shocked me with a Gypsy(I don't know if I was more impressed that he got it for half the price or that he got me one-- I just LOVE a GREAT deal!) and the soundtracks for Wicked and Joseph. I asked him if he felt like Pres. Obama; who said the other night on TV that the presents he gives are always better than the those that he gets. Darryl laughed as he looked at his new gloves and car window cleaner. Jim, our friend from PA, gave us all kinds of chocolate, clothes, cars, hats, cookies, ornaments, and candles. He always knows how to make our Christmas super special.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Musical

This Christmas Eve we had our own version of a musical-- lots of singing followed by lots of drama.
We did our traditional caroling trip to the Care Centers in Heber today. We didn't go to the hospital this year because they have some restrictions due to H1N1. The Swayzes went with us again this year; It's nice to have a larger choir. It really made everyone so happy when we would sing Santa Clause is Coming To Town. They beamed as they watched Kade and Clint and then when we would finish they would say, "Those two littlest boys knew every word!" After a fun day of caroling we had naps and then just played. At 8:00 I told the boys we needed to get our teeth brushed, go potty, and get our pajamas on. They both ran in the bathroom and I finished addressing my Christmas cards. I went in to check on them and found Clint climbing up on the sink without any clothes on-- oh the funny things boys do. I asked him why he didn't have any clothes on and he said it was because he was getting his pajamas on but he had to check his toothbrush first. I left Kade in the bathroom brushing his teeth and took Clint into the front room to get him dressed. He said his ear really hurt, then he started crying and saying it burned. I grilled him to find out why and he said he had sprayed air freshener on his ear. WHY?!. I don't know where kids come up with the ideas they have. Darryl and I started inspecting Clint's ear. Kade ran in the room screaming that his ear hurt. Their ears and behind their ears were fire-red and they were crying. Kade was hysterical. I think he thought he was going to die. The air freshener is pure citrus oil so threw them in the tub with soapy water to try to break up the oil, then we let them soak in a clay water bath. They were saying the inside of their ears hurt and so we weren't sure how to get the oil out of their ear canal. Meanwhile Kade's neck started turning red and itching. We were so worried. The boys said, "We just wanted our ears to smell good." Silly boys. Clint wasn't having near the reaction Kade was so we gave Kade some Benadryl and hoped all would be alright in the morning. A few days later I noticed some skin on Kade's ear. He's had blisters all over in, on, and behind his ear that have popped. Poor kid. Thankfully we think his hearing wasn't affected. Hopefully these boys don't come up with anymore bizarre ideas-- (wishful thinking).

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Letter '09

Sadly, I'm just getting to doing my Christmas cards today.
Merry Christmas!!!
This year we’re celebrating the number 3.
Our doctor surprised us with an approval for baby number 3 and so we surprised everyone with an announcement of boy number 3. If all goes as planned he will join our family Jan. 8th and we’re very excited/nervous to have a newborn in our home again.
This summer Darryl and Jenn took 3 trips together: Chicago, New York, and Lake Powell. All were fabulous experiences and Jenn really looks forward to more trips with Darryl.
There were 3 ecstatic members of our family during our first family trip to Lagoon. Clint was a little traumatized by the first ride and so he was pretty scared to go on more rides. We did find 3 rides that he loved. We had 3 family trips with the Grandparents. The boys would likely choose to live with their Grandpas and Grandmas if it were an option. Grandparents are the best!
Darryl was really proud of his garden that produced potatoes 3X their normal size. He was also excited to split one of his beehives this spring so he now has 3 hives. Unfortunately they didn’t do as well this summer as they did last year but we’re hoping they’ll make up for it next year.
Jenn really enjoyed teaching during her 3rd semester of working for UVU.
Kade, now age 4, and Clint, now age 3, had to wait 3 short days for Darryl to build their sandbox that they spent the 3 summer months playing in. It took 3 weeks for Clint to stay in his new bed. We got a bunk-bed for the boys and put them both in the same room. They’re super cute buddies and so they love sharing a room.
We hope 2009 has been marvelous for you and we hope you have an even more wonderful 2010. We’d love to hear from you or see you so know our door is always open if you’re ever in the area. You can follow our adventures on our blog
Enjoy the holidays!
Darryl, Jenn, Kade, & Clint
This is a picture taken at Darryl's office.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Temple Lights

My family use to have a tradition of going to see the lights at Temple Square during Christmas time but the last time we went was before Darryl and I were married-- I couldn't believe it had been that long. We revived the tradition this year and all got together last night, except for Wayne's family. I think the reason for the big gap was the last time we went it was bitter cold and blowing icy snow. This year was cold but enjoyable. The boys were good for the most part; There was a lady who commented how good our boys were being. She said every child she had seen was crying except for our boys. I was glad she pointed it out so I could recognize my boys are pretty good little guys because it's easy to just focus on the times they're not being great. We went to eat at the Lion House Pantry first then we enjoyed the lights rather quickly. It was great to see my family even if it was for just a short while.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Swimming in Winter

These boys crack me up. I love the things they think up. They were "swimming" today with their "swimming suits" on. They had pulled up their pajama pant legs and said they had on their swimming suits so they could swim in their swimming pool. They would dive over the back of the couch into the "swimming pool."

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Library Christmas Party

We love going to story time at the library and today was the fun Christmas party. Ms. Sally(aka: Rudolph)sang songs, read a story, built a snow man out of large bags filled with white sheets and towels, and then Santa showed up. When he showed up Rudolph gave all the kids a snowball(large marshmallow) to throw at Santa. It was funny how excited all the kids were to throw the snowballs. Kade however, didn't want any part of throwing something at Santa. I'm sure he was thinking he'd get put on the naughty list for doing it. I reassured him that Santa said it was okay but he said, "No thanks. I wouldn't care to do that." I love that little guy and his funny thinking too.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Breakfast with Santa

This year the ward party was a breakfast with Santa. There were SO many people there. The Swasey's were in charge of the program and so they asked our boys to sing a Christmas song. They sang "Santa Claus is Coming to Town." Then when everyone joined in on the repeat of the chorus the Jolly Man himself walked in. They did a good job singing but Clint needed his own microphone and they didn't do the actions for their little script in the beginning. Kade told Santa he wanted a marshmellow gun and Clint forgot to tell Santa what he wanted-- he was too excited that Santa gave him a candy cane filled with M&M's and a picture of Jesus. This is the practice[Kade started singing at the introduction then says, "Oops! My mistake. Sorry, Dad." Pretty cute kid.]:
This is the actual performance[You can see Clint freeze, but he keeps singing, when Santa walks in.]:

Monday, December 7, 2009

See You Next May

Goodbye grass. . . see you next May. Kade and Clint saw the snow this morning at 6 AM and headed to the coat closet to get their snow-pants. Yikes! It was probably about 4 degrees outside. I luckily talked them out of it. When I picked them up this morning they quickly stated they wanted to play in the snow with Abby. It lasted for about 15 min. seeing as how it was around 19 degrees outside the cold set in pretty quickly. I snapped a few pictures. I got a kick out of Kade and Abby. I asked them if they could brush each other off before they came in. . .

Kade started brushing Abby's boots, so she brushed. . . his head.

There wasn't much snow on Kade's head and Kade was still working on Abby's boots so she decided to work on his boots too.

"Oh Kade, you still have some right here."

Saturday, December 5, 2009

5 Weeks

With less than 5 weeks left until the official c-section date of Jan. 8th it's really sinking in that we're going to have a baby in our house again. I've been thinking about diapers again, potty training, nursing, sleeping, binkis and all that newborns entail. I'm so nervous to do it all again. When I had Clint I was still in baby mode with Kade so it didn't even phase me. In fact I was excited to apply things I had learned from having Kade as a newborn. I feel like now we've been out of baby mode for years now and I feel like I've forgot everything. I'm sure we'll just take it one day at a time and it will all go just fine.
This pregnancy has gone well. I really am lucky to have pretty easy pregnancies. I was miserable for a few weeks, during the classic weeks, but after those weeks passed I feel pretty good. Some days my back really kills me but I'm good once I get moving. It's so hard to remember the other pregnancy details but I feel like this baby sticks out forward much more than the others did. I know I can feel this little guy much more than the others. Darryl and I get such a kick out of him. He pushes his head/arm/leg/?something as hard as he can and just holds it for a long time. It feels like you're touching him when you put your hand where he's pushing. Kade I know was higher because he use to push my rib cage apart often. This guy is lower too when he gets the hiccups I faintly feel him hit my pelvis bone. With Kade and Clint it was obvious when they had hiccups. You could watch my stomach almost jump. With Kade and Clint I remember feeling like there was no room for food when I would eat I was well aware I'd just eaten for the fact that I felt so stuffed even if I just ate a little. With this guy I never feel like that but I do know I've eaten because I get acid reflux every time-- sometimes it's worse than other times. The first two pregnancies we told everyone when I was 3 mo. so I still had a long time before I started showing after everyone knew. With this guy we told everyone when I was 5 mon. and I felt like I shouldn't be showing for a while so I've felt like I've been getting too big too fast. It haven't been as eager to get into the maternity clothes but have realized that I'm at the end I should be big-- granted I'm not loving that but it's not a permanent thing so it's okay. I feel like I'm bigger than I was with the other two pregnancies but I don't know if that's just because I can't remember or what. I measure like I did with Clint; around one cm. small every appointment. With Kade my doc. never measured so I'm not sure where we were there.
One thing that I've regretted in all my pregnancies is that I haven't taken more pictures. I have no pictures of me pregnant with Kade, and one with Clint that was fussy and I think I was about 6 or 7 months. Well I thought I'd do better with this pregnancy but so far this is the first picture I've taken.