Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sugar Pie

We went and spent some time with my folks. Cole loves to hangout with Grandpa, squeeze his noes, hug him, and crawl on him. I don't think Grandpa enjoys all of that but he does enjoy his little buddy. There is a stuffed Eor in my dad's room that since "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch, you know that I love you. . ." Cole loves to listen to it and dance. He was dancing and dancing then gave grandpa a hug. It was so cute.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

7 Peaks Take 1

We finally got to put our pass of all passes to use at 7 Peaks. We've been gone so much this summer and when we've been here so have the thunder storms, so today was the day for our first trip. I wasn't surprised much by how excited the boys were. They loved everything about the water park. We stayed in the 2 toddler pools, the lazy river, and did the toddler tubes. I didn't dare attempt anything else without Darryl there. Cole surprised me a little though. He was SO happy. He would throw a fit every time I'd stand up to take him to a different pool. He thought we were leaving and he did not want to go. I was headed down to Aurora to hangout with Grandma and Grandpa for a few days while Darryl is on a longer trip to Chicago, Ohio, and a couple other places around that area, so we didn't stay at 7 Peaks all day :( we put in a few great hours though. It's so fun to see the boys so happy. I love that. As you can imagine Cole was not happy when we were headed out. We stopped to pick up the bag and put on sandals. He whined for a while then as if he got a brilliant idea he suddenly stopped looked up at me, waved, and said "Bye, Bye." He took off for the pool and almost made it before I snatched him up. He's such a stinker and a cutie. We've planned a trip with Darryl next week. I'm so excited to take them again.

Monday, July 25, 2011

What's Fun Cole?

If you have kids you know it's actually not a good thing when you haven't seen them in a while and it's really quiet. I found Cole taking all his clothes out of his changing table so I grabbed the camera. Little did I know that he had a plan. I just figured he was taking everything out because that's what he does, pulls everything out and just leaves it for me to clean up. :) Well as you can see in the picture he just wanted to climb in the cupboard. Once he was in there he started trying to close the door so I helped him. He just giggled and giggled. Silly boy!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

24th Celebration

Jackie and Kelby came to spend some time with us and be apart of our 24th BBQ and fireworks. Darryl had so much fun at the 4th with the fireworks that he went crazy again with the fireworks. :) To his defense part of the reason he got so much is he was trying to find the fireworks we liked on the 4th and so he had to visit each firework stand multiple times to see if they'd gotten them in. The only picture I got was this one which is blurry. :( It was so cute to watch Kelby and Jackie play Moon Dough with the boys. They're great! The firework show brought in a lot of neighbors which made it super fun. We had to do it tonight because Darryl was leaving again tomorrow and he's been gone or we were at the play prior to tonight. We had a cobbler too so everyone enjoyed a good treat and a great show!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


The boys love the parachute fireworks and so we get a big one each year. This year we decided to take it to the park so they could chase the parachutes whichever way they went. It sounded like a grand idea. Aunt Wendy was here so it made for a perfect time for the boys; they love Aunt Wendy(and all their other Aunts and Uncles too). We let off some smoke bombs and then headed to the park. Mr. Cole was getting rather ornery so I decided to put him in his crib. After he was asleep we walked to the park. Darryl put the firework on the basketball court, making sure not to put it on the grass so it wouldn't tip over like the time we were at the Roberts-- that was funny. Anyway, Kade lit it(with Darryl's help) and then it was eyes to the skys. The first of the 7 shots went up. It had some sparkly crackles that went off went it blasted out the parachutes in the air. That was something new since prior to this year you couldn't have a firework that shot fire higher than 15 ft. I was still gawking at the parachutes when an incredible pain struck my leg. I couldn't figure out what had happened. It felt like I'd just been hit by a baseball bat. Finally it all clicked together and I realized the firework was tipped over. I yelled at Wendy and Clint to run because they were setting next to me. Luckily no one else was hit hard. And luckily I wasn't sitting down or it would have hit my trunk instead of my leg. The force of those shots is so incredible. The percussion sent blood/bruising to the back of my leg. My leg was so swollen. It looked like a giant goose egg all the way down my leg. We were so lucky that I wasn't sitting on the ground holding Cole too, or even that the firework didn't shot a few feet to my right and hit Clint and Wendy. I think it would have caused some serious damage--scary. So I'm thankful my leg got hit-- I guess. :) Darryl and I were headed to the Hale Theatre after the firework and I was in a lot of pain but went anyway. I was so glad I did. The show was called The Hit. It was so good. It was fun to go on a date with my love too. :)
The pictures don't do the injury justice-- it really looked horrific.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Turning 5 Wild Kratt Style

I felt so bad about Clint's birthday getting shafted this year, but as it turned out I think it was a pretty perfect and awesome birthday. Clint had been saying he just wanted a family party but then the beginning of this month he changed and said a friend party, "for sure." I thought I'd work on the birthday party before we went to DC. We went to DC and then I thought I'd work on it when we got back. I spent the day and a half washing, mowing, cleaning, and packing for our Maple Grove camp out(in lieu of the Brown's Bryce trip). So I thought I'd work on it at my moms the last few days of our Maple Grove trip. Well I ended up getting SUPER sick(food poisoning or something BAD) and then I made it back to Heber the night of the 18th without a present even for Clint to open in the morning. I felt awful about it but the morning of his birthday Darryl had to leave early for work so it worked out that we'd just have the family open presents party that night when Dad got back. So at 6:30 AM the planning began. He decided he wanted a Wild Krattz party(what do you do for that??????!!!). Well by 6:45 I had a list of fun ideas, by 12:00 we had the invitations created and delivered, by 3:00 I had a present for him, and by 6:45 we were having our little family celebration. He opened his gift from us-- found the perfect thing a spinney paint set and also came with a pottery wheel set all for $20 waHOO! He LOVED it. Then he opened some secret spy gear from the Bosshardt Grandparents. He was SO excited because Kade got the same thing last Feb. and Clint and coveted it. We had pizza(as requested) on a blanket downstairs while we watched a movie. Darryl had started reading Summer of the Monkeys with them at the beginning of this summer and they finished it so they wanted to watch the movie. Sounds like it wasn't as good.:( I had Bunco so I missed the movie. Since we had to give the friends some notice we scheduled the party for that Friday. Clint was sad we couldn't have the party on his real birthday day so I felt bad I hadn't gotten on it before and had the invitations out so we could do that. He forgave me in the end. So like I said we had some great ideas for the party. I didn't end up doing all of them but here are the 5 we did. I made them card stock creature power discs one was a spider disc. For this one they got a can of silly string and made spider webs all over the swing set. The Draco is Clint's favorite so we had them glide around the yard to save the animals(I had a brilliant idea to find silly bands because there are a ton in a pack for cheap so when they saved their animal they got to keep the silly band--actually silly band rings). The 3rd disc was a frog so they each used their sticky hand they got from the pinata as their tongue to catch one of the animals. I was surprised how easy that was for these kids I planned too much time for that activity. We also had a kangaroo disc so they hopped to a balloon and had to hop on it and pop it because I'd "trapped" an animal inside the balloon. I was surprised how many kids didn't like popping balloons--(note that for next time :)). The last disc was a firefly. We had some glow sticks that we'd gotten for a birthday and so we gave each kid one and they used their glowing power to go downstairs in the dark toy room and save (aka: find) an animal. It was so much fun to watch the kids, I figured they would love it and so I was excited to do the games with them. I'm glad no other adult was there-- no one can prove how I acted-- are you going to believe a 5 year old? :D We actually started the party off with a pinata that looked like a Draco power disc. I made it from some hangers for the round shape, and then just covered it by taping news paper and a paper bag around it. I probably should have just used newspaper-- the bag was a little too strong, but it was the most exciting explosion of the pinata we've had so I'm sure I'll just make them from now on. The pinata was filled with whale crackers, animal crackers, animal fruit snacks, an animal parachute guy, and silly hands. We did the activities next and then it was present time. Clint was so excited when he opened the foam ice cream cone shooter he got from Kade that he started jumping up and down on the couch. He and Kade gave one of those to Braxton for his birthday and they wanted one badly. A $2 gift resulted it a $100 reaction. :D He got so many great things one thing that he got that I thought was cool was the 3D chalk-- it works and it works with other chalk too--check it out sometime. He begs to play moon dough at Kenzies house so that's what she gave him. He couldn't believe that he had his own now. Then it was time to cut the cheetah power disc cake-- special request of chocolate cake with strawberry icing(I did sneak in some pudding to make it a little better). I tried to talk Clint into letting me make the icing but he insisted we buy the store stuff. The cake didn't turn out too bad, much to my surprise. The kids played for a while with their different discs and then it was time to take them home. Clint loved his party and I'm glad it didn't disappoint. Happy Birthday my 5 year old. I can't believe you're 5 is seems like we haven't lived in Heber that long so I always think you can't be as old as you are. We love you Happy.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Good Day

We finally did some typical summer activities today. The boys love to play playdo outside on their little table in the summer. Today Clint was just trying out his new pottery wheel and spinney paint machine. The boys all loved it. It was the perfect gift for Clint. That afternoon we made a trip over to the Park City Farmers Market and rode the cabriolet. It was so nice to do that again-- I love simple fun. It makes me feel like maybe life can be simple sometimes. Afterward the boys and I went to Cafe Rio and Kneaders for dinner and dessert. I had some gift cards so we only spent $1. Nice. :) Then we went to Wal-Mart and picked up another dresser for the boys room. They are to the point that they put on each others clothes because they're all together. They are close in size but Kade's little belly pokes out if he's wearing Kade's shirts. Plus there really isn't enough room in one dresser for both of their clothes.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Clint's Birthday!

Well Clint was turning 5 today whether I was ready or not. I kept wanting to work on party plans for Clint but life has been a little busy so I kept thinking I'd get to get the next day and couldn't. I had intended on doing it at my mom's house but being sick made me useless. Darryl had an early morning meeting today so we decided we'd celebrate with him at dinner time. That was a relief because I hadn't had a chance to go to a store to get him a gift, so while he was sleeping I ran to Kings and found the perfect gift, a spinney paint and spinning pottery wheel. This morning I had no idea what we'd do for a friend party, Clint had picked the go somewhere big with the family instead of the friend party option. Well he changed his mind a couple weeks ago and I hadn't gotten to that. So this morning at 6:30 no idea other than he wanted a fireman party because we had silly string at Kade's fireman party. Well at 6:45 he'd decided he wanted a Wild Kratt Party, and I had no idea what to do with that. Well the ideas started flowing. I immediately thought of how the boys play like they have creature power discs for different powers. So I figured we could make the kids different creature power disks and do different things with them like the spider disc they could make spider webs with silly string. Yea the silly string was incorporated so Clint was happy! We had the party planned, the invitations made and delivered by 1:00. When Darryl got home it was about 6:45 and I had Bunco at 7, so in 10 min we had candles and song, presents, and pizza(as per Clint's request). What a whirlwind of a day! Darryl and the boys watched Summer of the Monkeys. They have been reading it together and just finished the book a couple weeks ago. It sounds like the book is the more preferred. Clint was thrilled to get a spy kit just like Kade's from Granny and Grandpa Bosshardt. (They played spys almost everyday for months). He was also very excited about his paint and pottery set.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sick update

Darryl had to head back to Heber last night so he could work but I wasn't feeling quite up to traveling so since we had both cars I just stayed in Aurora. I didn't do a whole lot today but I was improving so headed back to Heber in the evening.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


While we were at my folks house Britain and Ryan started this fun game of "charades" with Kade and Clint. It was so funny because they talked or sang the whole time; charades is suppose to be solely actions and no sounds. They would pair up and put together a routine, run through it and then perform it for the other two. The other two were suppose to guess what they were doing. I laughed when they would reveal what they were suppose to guess. One time it was, "A series of events." :D In these pictures Britain was being the old lady feeding the birds and Clint was being the bird. Clint was a very believable bird. :) It was hilarious to watch. Kade was kicking a goal, again and again and again until while Ryan rode around and sang a ditty.
I was still sicker than sick today. I got up and started getting the kids breakfast but had to run to the bathroom. The last thing I remember is I was having an intense heat flash and felt horrible. The next thing I remember is my mom and Darryl in the bathroom looking over me. Scary. Well I was still throwing up if I was vertical so I just climbed in bed and didn't leave it until the evening to go watch the kids charades because they said it would make me feel better--so sweet. I'll be happy when this bug is gone!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Maple Grove Day 3 Pics

We had a great time camping and we were enjoying some time in Aurora. Darryl was trying to fix my mom's fan for her and I went from feeling fine to not so fine. We were going to head to Redmond to do a test run of the Road Rally for Neal but I wasn't up for it. I ended up throwing up and felt better so we headed over to Redmond. We got through most of the rally and then I had to be done. We barely made it into the driveway and I barely made it to the ditch. After that we decided I should probably go to Aurora and lay down in quarantine. I didn't make it to Aurora with out being sick again. The night wasn't much better. I don't know what I ate or what kind of bug I picked up but WOW it's no fun! I pray SO hard that no one else has to deal with this.

Friday, July 15, 2011