Sunday, January 31, 2010

First Loose Tooth

I gave Kade and Clint an apple today and after his first bite Kade said, "Ouch! It hurts my teeth when I eat apples." My first thought was, 'Great, he's got cavities.' I had him open his mouth so he could show me which tooth hurt. I didn't even have to ask. His left bottom front tooth was angled outward. Yikes! Can this be? An almost 5 year old ready to loose his tooth? Of course the first thing I did was ran to the 'all knowing' computer and googled it. Sure enough 5-7 is when they start loosing teeth. It isn't very loose so it will be awhile before it comes out but sure enough his mouth is going to be even more empty.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ice Fishing

The boys were so lucky to have another day with dad. Redmond had their annual ice fishing derby today. Darryl took Kade last year and he LOVED it I think mostly because he won a tackle box. This year Clint was "old enough" to go and so Kade was excited for him and would often say, "I hope Clint wins a tackle box." He's so thoughtful. Well it was a cold and very wet experience and despite many shed tears over being human popsicles everyone had a good time. Clint can't quit talking about riding on the snowmobiles, and the fact that he didn't catch a fish on his pole-- maybe next year.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

KUED Readers

Back in Nov. I saw an advertisement for this KUED ReadersParty. They said there would be a few of the characters at the party so I thought I need to get the boys there. I was bummed I didn't get to go with and see the boys excitement but Darryl got to go have a "big boys" day out. The boys loved it. Kade was chosen as a volunteer to sit on the hover disc-- Darryl said he was sitting a little off center so when they turned it on it started to rattle really bad. The lady quickly turned it off and tried to center him on the disc but Kade politely said, "I wouldn't care to do that," and went and sat down. Darryl said he was pretty excited to be the helper but his facial expression changed to concern and fear after it started rattling. The boys got to see Martha, Duck, Buddy, and Sid. All except Martha are some of their favorite characters.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Pictures

I finally got to posting the pictures from my mom's camera. I know the picture with me in it isn't the most beautiful-- day old hair and no makeup but I had to include it because it really shows how tiny Cole was.

Pictures of Sweetness

Every time I look at this little guy I just want to grab my camera and capture his sweetness. Someone said the other day that they hate the fact that pictures of babies just doesn't do them justice because they always look bigger and older than they do in real life. I have to agree, but that obviously doesn't stop me from snapping more pictures.

His cry is as loud as it looks. The 3 pictures of him crying in his crib were not suppose to be crying pictures. He looked like a cute little sleeping bug in a rug so I went to get the camera and he decided he was hungry while I was gone. The picture with him in his fuzzy outfit and winter hat is him ready to go home from the hospital. A picture of he and Grandpa Brown and a few pictures soon after he was born at the hospital. A couple pictures of his tiny legs and feet. Click on any of the pictures to make them larger so you can get a better look at his sweetness.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Cole was barely on the borderline for possibly being jaundice so we have to take him back to have his blood checked on Tuesday. I thought it wouldn't hurt to let him lay in the sun for awhile. He LOVED it. It was so warm and toasty. At first he was laid out flat on his back and soaking it all in so I had to get the camera to get a picture of him. When I got back he'd rolled over with his cute hands tucked by his face. What a cutie. I know little babies are sweet but I forgot just how sweet they are.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby Came

The week started with my last Dr. appointment on Monday. I measured 34 cm. which was 1 cm. less than last week. Dr. said at this point we'll just stick with the c-section on Friday because an ultrasound isn't going to change much and hopefully all is well. He said he thought all was okay which made me feel better. So then it was getting through the week. I'm not super sold on scheduled due dates. We've just had so much anxiety/drama that has built up to Friday. I'm just glad we survived it. Thursday night my parents came to stay the night since we had to be at the hospital at 6:30 AM. The night was rough. Darryl and I couldn't sleep. My mind was racing, the baby (who usually doesn't move after 11 PM was moving most of the night-- as much as I love that and I'm going to miss experience that so much, I was really hoping to get some good sleep so I would be very alert for the surgery and afterward) plus my back was really bothering me (as it has throughout the 3rd trimester). Well the big day came. We got up got ready to head to the hospital. The boys had woke up and were watching cartoons when we left. Kade was teary that we were leaving. He's quite the sensitive guy. When we got to the hospital we walked in and immediately they handed me a gown and the preparations were starting. I had the thought, "Whoa, lets slow down a little." Why? I don't know what else we would do this was going to happen today no matter how long the preparations took. Preparations went well, the surgery went very well. I was very alert for the whole thing and I had no reactions to the medications following-- other than a good reaction. When he was born I didn't know he was out and then I heard a distinct, "Waaa" I thought it was some silly sound someone made or button someone had pushed and then they said something about the baby and I realized he was born. I was so happy to see him and know that he was healthy. Later that day I felt so great I wanted to just get going unfortunately my legs were still a little too numb to walk until later that night and then we never saw a nurse to get approval for me getting up so we had to wait until Sat. morning. The medication they gave me lasted for 24 hours so all Friday and most of Saturday I was ready to go! I couldn't believe how great I felt, so I was up more than I probably should have been. Well the medication wore off and we switched to oral meds-- not near as helpful as those I had had previously. I was still wanting to get home as soon as possible; I just don't sleep when I'm at the hospital so I was anxious to get back home. On Friday Darryl's parents came up too. They spent the day at the hospital and home with the boys. The boys did come to see their new brother and I that afternoon. I was so glad they were able to come; 2 weeks ago hospital policy was no children under 14 because of H1N1. They came both Friday and Saturday for visits. Kade asked to see me walk both times and wanted to see my "cut." He was so concerned I wouldn't be the same I guess. Clint wanted to hold Cole the whole time. He'd say, "I want to hold the bA-by." He would hold him for a minute then he was done but as soon as he got down he was saying, "I just want to hold the bA-by." The doctor was pleased with how I was doing and the fact that the baby was nursing well and looking good, so he let us go home on Sunday. We were almost ready to leave the hospital but when we got him in his car seat it was too big for him and so they wouldn't release us until we found a different car seat. Where do you find a car seat in Heber on a Sunday at 11:00 AM!?. Almost everyone we know would be in church, or using their car seat. Fortunately we found a friend who let us borrow theirs and luckily it adjusted super small so the little guy(5 lb. 2 oz. when we left the hospital) would fit. When we got home my parents were at church with the boys. We were home for an hour or so before they got there. Lisa and Ron also came to see Cole. We had a great dinner together and then everyone left. My parents took the boys with them for a week vacation in Sevier Co. with grandparents and cousins. Kade again was a little teary. He really wanted to go see his cousins and stay at his grandparents but he wanted Darryl, Cole, and I to go too. We convinced him he was going to have a great time and then he'd come back. I was sad to see them go but I know there's no way I can do it with them here.

He's Here!

Everything couldn't be better. I'll journal more about the day another time, but the main points are: His name is Cole Neal Bosshardt, born Jan. 8 @ 8:39 AM, he weighed 5 lb. 11 oz., he was 17 in. long, surgery went better than expected, he's completely healthy, recovery is going tons better than last time, he's eating great, and he's sleeping great. AND. . . he's as cute as can be!

A Name

It was hard to come up with a name we both loved for Kade, even harder for Clint, and almost impossible for Cole. We still didn't have his name figured out when he was born. We decided we needed to settle on a name before the boys came to visit well we settled on Cole-- for about an hour. Then Darryl threw Travis out there. Then we bounced Quinn around again, and all the other possibilities. In the end we said we weren't certain. Well Saturday came and we still didn't have a name pinned down. Darryl was filling out the Birth Certificate Saturday night and we finally settled on Cole. Wow what a task. :) We'd picked his middle name, Neal, which is Darryl's Dad's name back when we found out we were pregnant. If it were only that easy to pick his first name.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Since Christmas we've been listening to the Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat soundtrack nonstop. Partially because we love the music and partially because Darryl tried out for the community production this week. The boys had the songs picked up in no time. It's so funny to listen to them sing all the songs. The other morning Darryl was singing in the shower and Kade went and sat outside the bathroom door and sang along with him. Darryl couldn't hear him but I did so I sat outside the hallway listening to both of them. I love watching Kade's expressions when he sings. Clint is pretty passionate when he sings too. They can't sing a strong part in the song without shaking their heads. Love my boys!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Back in November Kade finally wrote his name all by himself without any guidance, coaching, or hints(he did it twice in one day!) I meant to take a picture of these never got to it until now and I've already printed the 2009 blog book so I've got to put them in this year's book. Oops! :(

Sunday, January 3, 2010

We're Sunbeams!

Clint started Primary today. I'm going to be teaching the Sunbeams so it will be a new experience for us both. He was excited to go to the same classes that Kade does. I think Kade was almost more excited. He kept telling Clint all the things he would do/see and all the things he couldn't do. I just have to laugh at all the things the kids say in class. I really should write them down.

Sleepless nights

My sleepless night wasn't caused by the baby like you may think. The culprit is the EMT I sleep next to. Darryl recently got the job of a first responder so he carries a pager constantly and basically just goes on runs when it's convenient. We were so surprised that the pager hadn't gone off the first few days he had it but it made up for it last night. It went off a few times but Darryl only went out on 2 of them. I'm excited for him to be able to stay fresh with his EMT knowledge. I think he's excited about the adrenaline rushes. :)

I'm in Kade's class!

Clint was so excited to "be in Kade's class" at church. We've tried to explain to him that he wouldn't be in Kade's class just in Primary like Kade. He didn't seem to care-- he was too excited. They moved me into Sunbeams so I'll be one of Clint's teachers. I thought the first week would be horrible-- imagine eight 3 year olds that to them church is a room full of toys where they play games and eat treats. Well rude awakening!-- Church is now 2 hours of sitting in a chair! Surprisingly the first week went quite well. I had been having braxton hicks contractions consistently throughout Sacrament Meeting but I was giving the lesson so I thought I'd go to Primary and just see how things went. The kids mostly sat there was one little girl that was terrified, and one little boy who wasn't excited about sitting the whole time but that was the extent of it. Clint looks like he'll be like Kade-- he had a comment for everything. I'm trying to get my kids to understand when it's good to raise your hand and when you should just keep your thoughts to yourself. Try teaching that to a 3 and 4 year old.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Darryl took the boys sledding for a short while yesterday and they had a blast. We decided we better take them again today because it may be a while before it happens again with baby coming. Darryl had to do all the work of trekking the boys up the hill time and time again, however, Kade did pull his own sled up most of the time. He's getting to be such a big boy-- I'm not ready to have a child instead of a toddler. After we'd played for quite a while Darryl said to the boys, "We'll go down a couple more times and then we need to go. I'm getting tired." Kade piped, "I'll pull Clint!" Darryl caved and they went down a dozen more times. I grabbed Clint's rope and started pulling him toward Darryl to hand him off so Darryl could pull him up the hill. I told him, "Don't get out. I'll pull you." He excitedly said, "YA! Because you're not tired!" I think he thought he'd figured out a way to keep us there for another hour. I tried to explain to him why I couldn't pull him up the icy hill but I don't think he quite got it, or cared. He was too busy trying to figure out how he could milk us for more time sledding. I love these boys!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Darryl's sister Wendy has been working in Heber and staying at our house during the Christmas break. It has been so much fun to have her here. I know she felt like I was waiting on her hand and foot and she was mooching off us, but she played and played with the boys-- If you have kids you know that I couldn't have asked for anything more from her. For New Years Eve we had our favorite pizza from a great little place in Midway and I got a special little something-- party poppers that advertised a toy, a hat, and a comment for the new year. Well the party poppers were a waste of $6. The toy was the size of the tip of my thumb, the hat was a create paper crown, the comment was a dry joke, and the pop-- well it didn't. In fact you had to tear it apart to get the stuff out of it. I guess we at least got a laugh out of how disappointing they were. Kade still talks about them too, so in his mind they were neat. We had a pizza 'picnic' on blankets and watched Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. The local community theatre is doing that play this spring and Darryl is trying out. There a couple plays he'd love to do and that was one of them-- Good luck Love! That was about it for our New Years. We typically don't have a super festive night. One day we'll have game nights and play until 2:00 AM like my mom and dad. :)


So what have we been up to? Well I always thought the whole idea of "nesting" was somewhat silly until now. I never nested with Kade because he came early and surprised us then with Clint we were still dealing with Kade as a 'baby' but it's been 3 1/2 years since we've had a baby at our house and boy have I been a little bird. I've washed everything and organized clothes, closets, and the baby's room. I've cleaned the house, cooked large meals for leftovers, cut the boys hair and nails; Basically I've done everything that could possibly need to be done before baby arrives. Now we've just got to figure out what we're going to name this little guy. There just isn't a name that seems like it is THE one.