Saturday, October 30, 2010


Trunk-or-Treat was actually trunk-less this year. It was raining so hard most of the afternoon/evening that they moved the activity into the church cultural hall. It was nice to not have to freeze. :) The boys had a great time and the best part of the night was when we were headed back home and Kade was saying how excited he was to see what the Great Pumpkin would bring him. Clint was fairly quiet and then said, "I changed my mind, Mom. I don't want to give my candy to the Great Pumpkin anymore." Me, "That's fine. Why not?" Clint, "I'll just play with what Kade gets!" How clever! When it came down to leaving the candy out though Clint decided to leave his out for the Pumpkin. I guess once he picked out his 6 candies he decided he'd rather have a toy than all those Tootsie Rolls and Dum Dums. HOWEVER, there were a few candies I think he still had his eye on because kept bringing Darryl and I candies and would say, "I'm just giving you this to be nice." Later Darryl and I were talking and we decided he was just trying to keep those candies in the house because when we were tucking him into bed he commented on how there was, "...a piece for you and a piece for me!" in the Kit Kat he so sweetly gave me. Darryl said he also mentioned to him that there were a lot of Nerds in the Nerds he gave Darryl and that maybe they could share. He seriously kills me-- how could you not love him?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spooky Dinner 2010

We had the Baums over for Spooky Dinner tonight. The boys sure love this tradition. While we were getting them ready for bed Kade said, "That was a great night!" Kade did a great job carving his pumpkin. He carved the eyes all by himself. He could have done it all but we wanted to go to bed sooner than later. :) I could only get Clint to sit out for another picture-- it was SO cold. The snowy picture explains why it was so cold. That is what we've seen as we've gone to bed each night. The mornings following we have had 2-4 inches. It mostly melted the first day but today it was so cold today the snow didn't melt so the boys had a great time playing in it. Brrrrrrr!


It was crazy hair day at school for Red Ribbon Week and Kade wanted his hair slicked down with a piece of toilet paper on top-- that is crazy. Well the toilet paper did really stick (I must admit I was kind of glad) and Darryl suggested Alfalfa hair and so it was! Pretty cute little Alfalfa. He's super excited for pajama day tomorrow.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mom's day!

Happy Birthday Mom! We ate chineese take out one night at the care center then the next day we had cake and ice cream during half time of the BYU game.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Hey Tex"

Clint has been wearing this cowboy hat a lot the past couple days. He's pretty funny about it. Today he wanted some cowboy pants, and cowboy boots on too so he could ride his horse(stick horse that is). He let Cole borrow the hat for a short while.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

1st repelling lesson

Kade "repells" often with his rope, but today Darryl really taught him how to repell-- harness, figure eight, and all. Kade was on cloud 9. He kept trying to get Clint to do it too, but Clint "didn't want to try it tonight." Kade was pretty good. I can't believe he's old enough to do things like this. Now he talks about going on camping/rapelling adventures with Darryl-- too cute.

dad's 70th birthday!

We partied for dad's 70th birthday at the Utah Valley Hospital Rehab wing. 8 of dad's 9 siblings were able to come and wish him a happy birthday. The one that couldn't lives in California, but he called while we were all partying. Dad's great friend Dwayne Burr also stopped in. All of my siblings were there too. Dad said it best, "I've got a great family don't I."
Insurance will stop paying for the rehab this week so dad will be moving to the Richfield Care Center. It will be nice for Dad to be closer to Mom, I just wish he could get the same intense therapy there as he's getting in Provo. I just wish we could get him to a point that he could go home and we could take care of him.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

What Does Dad Do?

I'm sure the kids often wonder what Dad does while he's gone on business trips. Well here are a few pictures from his latest show: Expo East in Boston.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So I went to visit Dad tonight. Mom had to go back to work a week ago and so we've made sure someone is there every evening with him during dinner and before he goes to bed. Tonight he was eating SO well. I was so excited. He usually struggles with his left side of his mouth, packing food and it sliding down his throat without him knowing and then he chokes. Tonight he never choked. He kept his left cheek empty and he sat himself forward most of the time. He expressed his frustration to me again tonight about how annoying it is that everyone sits around and just tells him how to do everything; eat like this, don't sit like that, etc. He knows everyone is just trying to help him. I can imagine how frustrating it must be to be treated like a toddler when you're 70. If he keeps making sufficient(sufficient to the insurance company--whatever that is) progress the insurance company will pay for him to be in rehab until the 22nd. Then he'll have to move out of the hospital to a care center. The red tape and hoops you have to jump through with insurance companies are quite ridiculous, as if your mind isn't in enough turmoil with what you're dealing with they through in all kinds of 'ifs' and 'buts' into their policies creating all kinds of loopholes for them. Grrrrrr!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Go Eagles!

While Darryl was in Philidelphia this week he met up with a friend from his mission, Jim Flowers. Darryl has remained in contact with Jim for 11 years. He's a neat guy and we're thankful for his friendship. He is so thoughtful and giving and this time was no different; He went and bought Darryl and I Philidelphia Eagles shirts and matching outfits for the boys. We all sported the outfits today and so we took a picture to send to Jim. Thanks Jim!

Clint primary spotlight

*I am Special* Primary 2010 I Know My Savior Lives
I came down to earth from my Father above. My home has 5 people to love. If you see someone with blue eyes and blonde hair, it could be me. I like to play games with my family. I like learning about the ABC's when I go to school. When I grow up I want to be a fire fighter or a doctor.(I think that would be cool.) In my spare time I think playing games is fun. And I like to eat burritos when the day is done. I like the color pink when I am making art. When I read the scriptures Nephi is my favorite part. Singing the primary song "I am a Child of God" is one of my favorite things to do. On Sunday Sunbeams is the class I go to. In primary we're learning about Jesus Christ, our Savior and His light. I have been following Jesus' example by choosing the right! On July 19th you can say "Happy Birthday" to me. Does anyone know who I could be? I'm Clint Bosshardt! I am a very special part of our primary. Thanks for learning about me.

Friday, October 8, 2010

cole 9mon.

Cole is finally eating pureed food! He is moving around a little although you can't ever really see him do it-- baby scoots around some how. As you can see in the pictures he doesn't like it when someone tries to put on his hood, and he LOVES his banana toothbrush Darryl brought home for him from his last trip-- don't even think about trying to take it from him! He is 16 lbs. and cute as ever. At the hospital everyone can't believe how good natured he is. As long as he's not hungry or tired he's a happy content little guy.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

update on chickens

Yes, the chickens are still alive, unfortunately. I say unfortunately because holy cow do we have too many!!!!!!!!!!! I would think 2 would be perfect. . . or even 1, but 3 would be pushing it. SO what is 9? TOO MANY! We get 7 eggs a day, once in a while a chicken won't lay one day but that's still a half a doz. a day! Needless to say if you ever need to borrow an egg I think I know which neighbor you could borrow one from-- actually don't borrow because that would imply returning the goods, just keep the eggs. We do enjoy watching the chickens though. Life seems to go slower and takes you back to small-town life again. The chickens will often run across the yard back and forth. We're not sure who rang the dinner bell but they're not waiting for anyone! I had to laugh when I took these pictures the "brown crazy-haired chicken"(as we call her) looked like she was on a runway. She kept striking the poses. It's especially funny when you scroll through the pictures on the computer. She looks like a super model in a photo shoot. So funny! Clint warns everyone that, "You don't want to get your face close to the chicken or it will peck you. And just before it pecks you it will look at you like this." He turns his head to the left and stares and you really seriously with his one eye. It's hysterical. He has no idea how funny it is. He's completely serious and I must say he can do that creepy look they give pretty well.