Sunday, March 31, 2013

Coloring Eggs!

The boys had a great time coloring eggs.  Clint wanted to paint some with paint.  We also had a few sets I got from the clearance rack last year so we had all kinds of options.  We had glitter eggs, tie-dye eggs, painted eggs, and the traditional dye tablets; The tie-dye eggs always seem to be our favorites.  It was messy but fun!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

City Egg Hunt

You may not be able to see Kade,Clint, or Cole in this picture-- I can't either. We went to the Heber City egg hunt for the first time. It was insane! There were so many kids! Each of my kids were in different areas because of their ages. I thought I'd just stay with Cole and then go get Kade and Clint when we were done. Well it sounded like a great plan. After they said go all the kids flooded their age area and all the candy and eggs were picked up in a flash. The parents weren't allowed to go with them but after a few seconds they too flooded each area, likely to round up their kids. However, everyone just kind of started chatting and inspecting their loot. This meant that each area was covered with people so trying to spot a couple of kids under 4 feet was almost impossible. After frantically searching for Kade and Clint we finally found each other and got out of that zoo.   I don't think the kids loved it but they did love the fact that they came home with candy.

Friday, March 29, 2013


After I rowed for a little I jumped on the treadmill. Cole climbed up on the rowing machine and said, "I'm ec-er-size-ing!" I was surprised how well he could operate it. He loves to "play" the fish game; the harder and faster you row the higher your fish goes, you're trying to avoid getting eaten by the big fish and trying to eat the little fish.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cool Dudes

Lunch time! Wendy and I trade babysitting while we each work. This afternoon James, Alex, and Cole wanted to have their lunch outside. It was a beautiful day so I was happy to make that happen! However, when they got out there they were all complaining it was too bright. I pulled out the sunglasses and they instantly became too cool for me. :) They loved their glasses. I think they loved looking at their reflections in the lenses the most. Cute kids!

1st Heber Home

So here are a few pictures of our first home in Heber. This was where Kade spent 9 months - 8.5 years; Clint spent 0 - 7 years; and Cole spent 0 - 3.5 years of their lives. We really loved the neighbors. The street was so great to live on. The kids could just run up or down the street to go play with a friend. It wasn't a through street so there the traffic wasn't very worrisome. Our backyard was a little small and so that kept us always looking at homes that were on the market, which led us to this crazy next few months. A realtor knocked on our door on Wednesday Mar. 27th and started the conversation that prices of homes were up and we should sell if we were ever wanting to-- now is the time! Darryl was traveling but thought it was a good idea. The next day we get a call from Kris Hummer saying her home is going up on Short Sale and if we're interested to contact her realtor. We did just to discuss it. There were other buyers before us so the bank would receive their offers before ours but on April 1st we put an offer in for the Hummer home. We debated about listing our house because we didn't want to do it and then be homeless without a plan so we waited about a week and then we found out the other offers backed out and so it was just a matter of waiting for the bank to accept our offer. Now we were debating on whether to sell the house or keep it as a rental. Ug!!! What do you do? There are so many pros and cons for both. In the end we decided we weren't gamblers. If we owned it outright we would have kept it but we didn't want both mortgages and home expenses hanging over our heads. The realtor wanted to do an open house to kick of the listing so April 20th, which was a couple weeks after the first realtor knocked on our door. The first couple that came walked through the upstairs, he slapped the counter and said, "This is it!" His realtor said, "Why don't we look at the downstairs before we write up a contract." In the end they ended up offering us $500 over what we were asking which was around $270,000. All was looking great. April 22nd, Clint was saying the prayer for dinner and said, "We're thankful we could move and meet new friends." It was comforting to know at least Clint was okay with this big change. We were not sure about it all because it was such a roller coaster ride. A few days later, on the 24th, we found out the buyers backed out. Aaaa!?. We were so disappointed-- especially because during this week 3 homes went on the market in our neighborhood. We did get some good news on the 24th though. We found out that the reason we hadn't heard if we were getting the Hummer home or not was because the bank negotiator that was originally working with the Hummer home and been transferred and so a new negotiator was working the file. Well today the old negotiator to the file back because she was upset the new negotiator was taking so long. We're hoping now we'll get an answer soon. It didn't come as soon as we hoped. The new negotiator did find that there were some documents that weren't submitted and that is why it wasn't progressing so she got those taken care of quickly. On May 3rd we found out we had approval to buy the Hummer home. Okay this is really happening. :{ Yikes! We had a friend who found someone that wanted to buy our house so a couple few weeks after we closed on the Hummer home we closed on the sale of our 1st Heber home. Wow what a trip! The trip didn't stop there. I'll save the rest of the story for another post-- "Overwhelmed!"

Monday, March 25, 2013

Kangaroo Zoo

We needed a day out so we joined the Spencer and Marsh clans at Kangaroo Zoo. It's amazing how long those kids can go and go. It's just a workout to run around, climb, and jump. They love it so much they were asking us to schedule another trip-- such a fun place!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Eggs at the Kamas Pool!

We've always wanted to try out the Kamas Pool Easter egg hunt(or gather rather).  The boys had a great time.  They were thrilled with their little bag of toys they got.  We forgot our camera but luckily the Spencers were there as well and Wendy got a couple pictures of Kade since he was near Abby most of the time.  We didn't find the "special" eggs but the boys never complained-- they got to go swimming!  It was fun to see Abby get her inflatable water animal for the "special" egg she snagged.

Cute Moment

Cole has always called Clint and Kade, Clint.  I'm not sure if it was because it was easier for him to say or if he couldn't tell them apart.  Over the past 6 months he has been better about saying Kade some of the time.  

This is what I overheard today:

Cole:  "Clint open it. Clint! Open it!  Clint open it! Clint!  Open it, pleeeease!"
Kade:  "I'm not Clint I'm Kade."
Cole:  "Oh, right. I for-got. You Kade."

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Phitness Fase :)

Kade and Darryl have been planning a backpacking trip this summer.  Tonight they went for a bike ride together and Kade said it was to get their legs in shape for the hiking.  He said they are going to go for a ride every night to prepare.  He also said he's not going to eat anything bad anymore.  We had cookies the other day and he wouldn't eat one.  He also informed me that he wanted to start taking a sack lunch every Friday. I was baffled because Friday is pizza day and that is the one day that he always picks to eat school lunch if I only let them pick one day each week.  He clarified that pizza is greasy and he can't have greasy foods, "It's not healthy and won't keep my legs strong."  The fitness phase lasted for over a week.  I was impressed with his dedication.  He's a tough, active kid so I'm pretty sure he'll do fine on their adventure together.

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Leprechaun's Visit

This year the boys came up with an idea to get some real gold from the leprechaun. They painted some rocks gold and then asked the leprechaun if he wanted to trade. They thought for sure he would leave some gold. Well he did leave some Good Luck coins, chocolate coins, and a self portrait. Clint had also asked him to draw a picture of himself so we could see what he looked like. He's sure handsome. :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

What's That?

We were hanging out after church. I hear Kade say, "What's that?" I look over to where he is and see this-- Cole with his sucker stuck to his diaper. Cole seems to supply us with a lot of comic relief.