Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

It looks more like Nerf wars not Thanksgiving.  I think this is what Thanksgiving will look like from now on.  Last year we weren't over at the Bosshardt's house when a small Nerf gun war broke out but it was the beginning of a new look for Thanksgiving.  This year Gary sent out an e-mail to everyone that said how much he enjoyed the little battle they had and wanted to know if everyone would be interested in bringing guns and having a rematch.  Everyone loved the idea (obviously).   We had SO many guns.  And the battle was pure mayhem.  The battle never really ended.  Someone would periodically pick up a gun and start firing at someone or something and before long another battle round would start.  It was all good fun.

The kids still planted sucker seeds and grew all different kinds of suckers.  They were so proud.  

We also did take a time out from shooting to have turkey dinner and pie.  Mckenzie's birthday fell on Thanksgiving day this year so she got a birthday candle on her pie.