Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Holy Potatoes Batman!

With the 20 deg. weather coming this week I headed to the garden to harvest the potatoes. I've NEVER seen such a sight. These pictures really don't do them justice. About half of the potatoes were as big as the boys head--(I'm not exaggerating). To Darryl this is a super successful year. He bases a great patch of potatoes on their size. I love the little ones myself-- not to clean but to eat. One of the potatoes looks just like Shrek's head. We've toyed with idea of painting it green-- if we do I'll post pictures. Kade is holding the "Shrek potato."

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sprinklers- One Last Time

Today I picked up the boys from Wendy's (she watches them while I teach in the morning) and we headed home about 9:45 AM. I thought it would be a good day to water the lawns so I turned on the sprinklers. We were out back digging out a few of the cornstalks to throw in the garbage can, then we headed out front to color with chalk. That was the plan anyway. The boys were in the lead and when I got to the front of the house I found Clint running through the middle of the sprinklers. "No! Clint get. . ." On second thought it's probably going to be the last 'warm' day for at least 8 months so go ahead. "Never mind Clint. Yes, Kade you can run too." He had been looking at me to see how I would react to Clint but he had an expression of hope on his face, 'Oh I want to run through the sprinklers too.' So to my response he ran into the sprinklers screaming, "YES!!!!!!!!" They had a blast for at least 45 min. I'm sure everyone that drove by thought I should be nominated for mother of the year-- ha ha. Hey they had long-sleeve shirts, pants, and jackets on--with the hoods up mind you. :) I kept asking them if they were cold and wanted to go in but it took them a long while to get to that point.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lake Powell--3 wishes

Tues. morning we dropped the boys off in Redmond to head down for another amazing get away at Lake Powell. I seriously would love to live there(at least in the summer). There just isn't anything else like it. The water, the sun, the sights, the company, the activities, the toys, the food, the whole week-- FABULOUS!!! Best of all is the feeling of no stressing responsibilities. I think my 3 wishes for a Ginnie would be something like this: 1. a continuous, generous income that allows us to live at Lake Powell in the summer, 2. Water toys of all sorts.(is that more than one? It's my dream I say, Nope! ;) ) 3. If the water toys break or require maintenance a replacement toy will automatically appear. I know these aren't realistic, but hey, we're talking about a Ginnie-- how realistic is that to begin with?
Lake Powell was a different kind of great this year. Due to my "bun in the oven" condition I couldn't wake board, or do any of the crazy tubes. It was disappointing and I found myself longing to try it but it was still fun to watch others and enjoy the other activities like hikes, swimming, and reading. I can't wait for next year to try the newest adventure, wakeskating. When the trip came to an end I found myself trying to figure out a way to stay. I knew I was somewhere I didn't want to leave and the boys were somewhere they wouldn't want to leave so why not just keep everyone happy. Needless to say I came home and settled back into the land of Responsibility. My dad had doctors appointments in Provo the next day so I met them in Provo to pick up my boys. I was so excited to see them. I missed them so much-- I about drove down the night before but the only thing that stooped me is that I knew they were sleeping and I wouldn't get to really hold them anyway. My mom said on the ride to Provo Clint said, "I don't want to go to my house. I just want to stay at Grandma's house." You would think after a week they'd be ready to be home-- not my boys. Grandma's house is like Disneyland. I'm thinking we'll never go to Disneyland(that would only raise the bar right?).

Darryl got to stay for the following 2 groups trips, another 10 days. A couple days after I got home he called and with great enthusiasm said, "I landed a flip!" He rides all sorts of toys but his favorite is the SkySki. He flips every time he rides but has only landed/ rode out of a couple. I was excited because it's so hard to do but wasn't at the same level of enthusiasm. He proceeded to inform me that it wasn't a fluke thing-- he's got it! He rides, does a few jumps, rides some more, a few more jumps, then flips, then jumps some more, then flips, then rides. . . Usually the flip was the finale-- the end of that ride. NOW I was to that level of excitement. I wish I could have been there to see it. If I get pictures and video I'll post them so can see how cool it looks. Did I mention I'm so excited for him?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Well we finally got that swimming pool I've always dreamed of. Ha ha. Q: How long does it take to fill up our sandbox with water A: Not very long. I was switching the laundry while the boys and their friend Kyler were playing in the sandbox. I couldn't hear them crank the hose up full blast because the washer was going so here's what I found when I returned to them. Yikes! They loved it though as you can clearly see in Kyler's face.