Saturday, June 30, 2012

I can do it myself. :)

Cole he needed some more breakfast so he took care of it. ;) I don't remember where I was but Darryl found him and this mess and had him pose for a picture-- so great.  

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Library Story Time: Wild Wonders

Our library pretty much rocks.  I love all the programs they did this summer.  I was just sad we missed most of them.  The couple we went to were fabulous though.  Today a lady from Wild Wonders came.  They do a little program with "exotic" animals that they have rescued.  It was very educational and super fun to see the animals.  It was especially great because she had a cockatoo and the boys have been on a Rio(the movie) phase for a while(it's has a cockatoo in it).  I loved the bunny.  It made me giggle.  It was SO big.  I had no idea a rabbit could be so large.  Kade and Cole weren't feeling so great that day and so neither of them wanted to pet the animals.  I'm a terrible mom and drug them to this-- I promise they wanted to go before we left. :/

Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Semester

There was a class I needed to teach for my relicensure points and so I opted to teach it during one of the Summer Blocks. Wow is it killing me. I teach every night M-Th for a couple hours. Doesn't sound too bad but it is so hard to work every day. On top of that I spend the whole day trying to get my papers graded and my lesson plans written before I have to head to class again. I just needed to write down how it really was so next summer I can be reminded of what it was like when I'm being tempted to teach again. When it's so fun it's hard to say no. :)  It's only 7 weeks(and boy do they fly by)!  I did enjoy teaching during the block even though it was rough. It was fun to have a small group but I feel bad too because they really need more time to absorb the information. I hope they're ready for their next class-- and I hope they like math now instead of dread it. :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gooseberry Day 4: Candy Cannon!

The Candy Cannon is always a hit-- why wouldn't it be though; Explosion + Candy = Great Fun!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gooseberry Day 3: Light Parade

Granny always brings glow sticks and we do a little parade and march around the campground singing "The Ants Go Marching."  The boys made some videos on Dad's phone of the parade, them sword fighting with the glow swords, and other cool moves they  did with the glow items.

Gooseberry Day 3: The Flying Squirl

Could it get more fun?  This is always one thing the kids look forward to every year.  Some actually don't look forward to it but we usually convince them to give it one try and then they love it all over again--particularly Conner. :)

Gooseberry Day 3: Gooseberry Life

Gooseberry was great but very different this year.  The only people there the whole time were Granny, Grandpa, Darryl, Kade, Clint, Jason, Becky, Emma, Conner, and McKenzie.  A much smaller group than in years past.  We usually have about 25+ but this year it was . . . quaint.