Thursday, July 30, 2015

Paper Planes in the Park

Another SUpeR fun brag tag event.  A local law firm held these paper airplane competitions at the Heber City Park once a month.  The kids could make their plane and then they could go test them out in a competition of distance, accuracy, and creativity.  All the boys did really well in all the categories but they had one throw for the finale and they tried too hard and so they didn't get good throws in, except for Cole.  He ended up winning $15 for accuracy!  Such a great idea!!!

Little Play Time

While on a trip to Chicago by himself Darryl had some free time that he decided to fill with a fun activity.  He was very close to an iFly indoor sky diving place and so he went and did the introduction and took a few flights.  He said it was pretty incredible.  It's unbelievable how easy the people that work there make it look.  I guess practice does make you better. ;)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Get Set, GO!

 Euclid Timber, a local company, sponsors mountain bike races and in conjunction with that they hold a free kids bike race.  I've always wanted to get the boys to one of the races but it just never seems to be a great time.  Today we had it planned and they were excited to try it out.  The hour before the race there seemed to be all sorts of reasons, GOOD reasons, for us not to go but we went anyway.  Kade and Cole were the only ones that raced and since Cole had training wheels it made it tough but he was insistent on going so I followed along and pushed him through the rough spots.  Kade had never ridden on a mountain-like trail so he was thinking, "Full speed ahead!"  As you may guess that didn't play out very well for him.  Unfortunately I was on the track with Cole so I couldn't watch him and give him any pointers.  When he was telling me about how he crashed multiple times and flew over the handle bars because he was going so fast down the hill and came to a turn that he was going to fast for and slammed on his breaks.  When I said, "You can't drive as fast as you can on a mountain trail," he responded with, "I figured that out!"  I felt bad that he didn't have any experience but next time will be better!
SO for the back story...
I have to go back to yesterday when I went over to take care of the neighbor's, the Harneys, turtles and fish.  When I walked in the house I noticed an awful smell and found the turtles water to be very murky.  I figured the filter wasn't working so through texting Alison decided to try leaving it turned off.  Later that night I went over and got the filter going again.  It took many unsuccessful tries for me to decide that I needed to suck on the hose to prime the pump.  It worked, but I could tastes the awful turtle air for hours after.  Yuck!  Today when I went to check on the turtles the filter was still working but was just not going to be able get the water clear so I knew I needed to change their water.  I decided I would change the water later that day.  We have now arrived to an hour before the bike race.  I again started the siphoning technique.  You don't have to get the water in your mouth to taste it. Well I things were going well until... I went out side to dump one of the buckets full of water while another was filling up and when I came back in I found stinky water everywhere!  I think the turtles must have bumped the hose and when it flopped out of the tank it dumped water around.  I quit messing with the tank for a while and started cleaning up the mess which entailed serious cleaning-- the water was too nasty to just mop up without disinfecting what it touched.  I finally had that mess cleaned up and got back to work with the turtle tank.  I had taken out as much water as I dared and had started filling it back up when Kade burst through the door saying Clint had cut his finger and there was "blood everywhere!"  I ran out the door asking questions and find that he is across the street at his friends house.  Thoughts are rushing through my mind of many different finger cutting scenarios.  When I got there I found him leaning over their kitchen sink.  The story was that another friend came to play and Clint let him in the front door.  When he went to shut the door his finger was still in the door jam and it slammed shut on his finger.  It smashed his finger and didn't really cut it, it more exploded.  :(  We got it wrapped up and he's doing fine and will be fine but has a very sore finger.  I went back to the Harney's and finished filling up the tank and we headed to the race track.  Clint came along to watch but couldn't use his hand to control the handle bars so he didn't race.  Whew! What a night!

Monday, July 27, 2015


Enjoying a Rita's at 7 Peaks.  What could have made 7 Peaks better?  Bring in a Rita's Ice Custard Happiness van.  We couldn't leave without getting one for us all to share.  Clint was obviously in paradise.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bosshardts in the Mine

Ronnie and Jay Bosshardt were talking one day and realized that many of Lamar and Milo's posterity had never been in the the salt mine, which a huge part of their family history.  Ronnie and Jay decided that we needed to have a family reunion and take the family members down into the mine.   So today we all got together at the Redmond park and then they rotated groups through the mine and shooting dynamite.  It was a great experience for all.  Our boys couldn't believe how there was, "salt everywhere!"  It hadn't occurred to them that the mine is kind of made from salt.
Here are our Bosshardt boys in the mine.

Crochet Lessons

I don't know how this came about but I found Sammy teaching Kade how to crochet.  Sammy is super good at it and it seems she's constantly creating something.  Plus she is incredibly patient and so was the perfect teacher.  Kade was so excited about it and had these two little projects done by the next day.  The cutest thing was Kade taught Clint how to crochet the next day and Kade informed me he wanted to start making a blanket for Sammy's new baby she's expecting in March. What a thoughtful kid!

Friday, July 24, 2015

A Loaded Swing Set

Such a fun moment.  We have been having such a great time in Redmond this weekend.  The kids have especially loved having 24-hour playmates.  Today I found all of our boys, Mckenzie, Connor, and Emma all swinging on Grandma's swing set.  It was so fun to see them all playing together.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fun With Gravel

We went down for the Redmond 24th of July celebration and the Milo and Lamar Bosshardt family reunion.  Tonight was the town BBQ.  The kids had fun playing at the park with their cousins and other kids.  Cole and Kade enjoyed being buried by the rocks.  Kade was buried alive with the rocks and while doing it rocks slipped into his ear.  We've experienced that and so it got a little intense for a minute but we were able to get them out without getting them lodged in his ear.  I don't think I've written about that even before.  About two years ago Kade was playing at the playground during school and somehow one of little rocks ended up in his ear.   When he tried to get it out it ended up getting lodged in his ear.  His teacher and other staff at the school tried to get it out but only pushed it further into his ear canal.  They called me and I picked him up from school.  I tried getting it out with a pencil with tape on the end, also with gum on the end.  That didn't work.  I tried sucking it with a straw but it didn't move.  I called Darryl at this point, a little worried now, and he came home from work and we tried using a vacuum which didn't seem to work either.  We decided we would just need to take him to the Dr.  Dr. Sisneros didn't seem worried when we told him why we were there, but when he looked in Kade's ear and saw how far it was in there his demeanor changed which made me extremely concerned.  Being the awesome Dr. he is he used a little tool that looked similar to scissors, which I thought, 'That will never work,' and he had the pebble out rather quickly.  We all let out a sigh of relief and went on our way.  They did put Kade on an antibiotic and told us to watch him just in case the abrasions from the rock in the ear became infected.  His ear was sore for a couple days but it turned out much better than we thought it would.  Yikes! Keep the rocks away from the ears! ;)

The most entertaining part of their playtime was when they filled their shirts full of rocks and then tromped around like an overweight old man.  It was such a funny sight.  They raised the funny level when they started trying to cross the monkey bars with their bellies-- hysterical!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Deer Hit Me!

We had a fun day at 7 Peaks with the Grobs today.  They were on their way to the airport to pick up Brittany from her European trip at 9 PM, so they figured they might as well stop and play a little along the way.  After we'd had all our swimming fun, and the clouds had moved in, we headed for Heber and took the Grobs youngest three, Anthony, Davie, and Kirby with us.  The others would go to the airport and then to Heber for the night.  We were driving on 900 E in Provo in BYU territory, less than 2 miles from 7 peaks, when I noticed a brown blur in my side mirror and her a very loud thud.  The kids in the back were so shocked by what had happened.  A few of them didn't see a thing they just heard the hit, and the other few saw just a figure ram into our van.  We were on a road that has at least 5 lanes so there were cars staggered all around us so none of us saw anything coming.  Putting all the pieces together I figured out a deer had jumped into the driver side rear-end of the van.  I pulled over expecting to see a huge dent or cracked window but only found a few hairs in the side window and come blood running down the back window.  We looked for the deer but he was no where to be found.  What a crazy experience!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Abracadabra Time!

What a fun birthday party!-- I can say that because I really didn't do much, it was all the magician.  We had a smaller crowd because many of his friends were gone on vacations but Kade, Luke, Parker, Clint, Cole, Preston, Zack, and Ashton were all completely amazed at everything the magician did.  In fact, I had such a hard time deciding which pictures to post because their expressions in each of the pictures were worth keeping.  I even was completely amazed.  I was standing behind him  taking pictures of the kids and I still couldn't see how he was pulling off some of the tricks.  It was crazy!  
I need to add that Clint completely designed his invitations.  I ran the computer but he told me what he wanted and where and would ask me to look for pictures, quotes, or wording from other invitations online.  I love when they know what they want and we can make it happen.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Poof! Clint is 9!

Mr. Clint celebrated another birthday today!  He requested a cookie cake again.  Months ago at the ward youth fundraiser auction Clint begged us to bid on the magic show that was being auctioned.  Craig Jensen is a guy in our ward that is pretty great at magician and he offered to do a 30 minute magic show.  We figured it would make a great birthday party for Clint so we bid on it and won.  We had to schedule the party for tomorrow, since his birthday fell on a Sunday, so Clint can hardly wait for today to be over. :)  He was pretty excited for his gifts from the family.  He decided months ago that all he wanted was the Nerf Zombie Cross Bow Gun, so when he saw it he was super excited.  The best though was his reaction when he saw his gift from Kade and Cole.  It was an electricity ball.  The boys had so much fun with it all day.

Friday, July 17, 2015

All Tuckered Out!

Cole finished his dinner at 6:30, got up from the table and while walking to his room said, "I just want to go to bed."  I thought he might go lay down but get bored with laying there and then he'd be off playing something.  I started cleaning up the kitchen, which isn't a quiet process; Cole's bedroom borders the kitchen.  After about 5 minutes I realized I hadn't seen him.  I went in to see what he was up to and found this.  His bedroom door wide open, his blinds pulled up, it's 6:36 PM and Cole he was asleep for the night.  I was shocked because his room was blinding bright from the sun shining through his west-side window.  He clearly takes after his father.  Darryl can sleep through brightness and noise where I have to have all sound and light blocked out.  I guess you could say he was all tuckered out.