Sunday, June 29, 2008

Drive Clint!

I was catching up on blogging when Kade's frustrated cries of, "Drive Clint. Drive. Drive Clint." caught my attention. Kade was bumming a ride from Clint so I had to grab the camera. Kade kept telling Clint he need to take him to work.


This post is for Laura and Lauren. When I picked the boys up from nursery today they greeted me with news of great excitement. "We made blocks! We made blocks!" I thought they must have played with building blocks, but I was wrong. They made paper cubes about families.
The love for the blocks didn't stop there. We got home and got lunch ready and Kade blessed the food. A snippet of his prayer was, ". . . I love my block, and I love Clint. . ." Kids are too funny. Of course I couldn't take a picture just of the block. Kade wouldn't let it go long enough for that! As you can see the block has been through a lot today.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


The boys were introduced to the slip-n-slide while they were staying at my moms. Every day since the first thing they ask in the morning is if we're going to slip-n-slide today. Clint doesn't do much sliding he prefers to just drink the water. Click on the picture to get a better look.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bosshardt Reunion

Monday through Thursday we were enjoying our time in the mountains of Gooseberry. It is such a great place. There are so many little reservoirs and ponds to fish in and they're all beautiful too.

The boys loved playing in the dirt as you'll notice in this picture of Clint.

Clint also loved the squirrel holes. He'd push dirt and leaves in for hours. Clint also loved playing with the water spigots. Who was the wise person that designed push on water valve that is a the height of a child. He was soaked most of the week.

Kades favorite things were playing with the rocket launcher. Darryl built this after playing with a similar one at the Father and Sons. The kids loved it! Thanks to the launcher Kade has now mastered counting backwards from 10. Kade also loved riding in the canoe on Salina Reservoir. Uncle Eric and Aunt Ann brought it and it was a special treat.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Date night

FINALLY A MOMENT TO CATCH UP ON MY BLOG! The unpacking is done, all our clothes and blankets are washed, the weeds are pulled, the lawn is mowed, the strawberries are picked, and the garden is dusted for bugs. YEA!
My parents watched our boys while I was at camp. When I got home from Girls Camp, unpacked, did laundry, did some yard work, and packed for Darryl's family reunion camping trip to Gooseberry. It's amazing how fast you can accomplish things when your not being interrupted to feed, change, or play with your kids. Darryl's reunion starts on Mon. so we decided to spend Friday working and then go down and stay at my parents house for the weekend with the kids. I was so anxious to see my boys. It's hard to not see them for a week.
Since we didn't have kids Darryl planned a date night for us. He cooked Ahi Tuna on a salt slab and Swiss chard from our garden-- Mmmmmmmmmmm! He had to take pictures of it to show everyone at work. They've heard a lot about cooking on salt but they've never done it so Darryl was experimenting for them. Then we went to the movie and saw "Get Smart." There were many classic moments that reminded us of the days watching it as a kids. Darryl was really excited to spot an old character from the original show in the movie. Then we went to the little malt shop and had an ice cream. It was so nice to spend a night with my love and not be worried about how the boys are doing with the babysitter. Thanks a ton for watching the boys Mom!

Girls Camp Pictures

Here are a couple pictures. I still haven't gotten the others from the other leaders. The first one is a great picture of the girls with Penelope. She was suppose to represent a modern Job. The girls drew problems on her and then they talked about how she could remain righteous despite all of her iniquities. The next picture is of us playing a fun game called Zoo Two. The girls made animal noises until they found their matching animal. Wendy and Brianne are still making noises trying to find each other.

Girls Camp

We survived and we had a blast! Can I just say I LOVE Young Womens Camp. I don't ever remember going and not having a super great time. We spent all last week at the Heber Valley Camp. It is a camp designed for YW groups but is open to others on the weekend. What an awesome place! They have a challenge course, a lake for canoeing, and other great facilities. It was wonderful but next year we'll be roughing it all the way! I really believe we all need to learn to be a little more self reliant and what better way to do that than living in the mountains for a few days!
It was quite the experience going with our ward this year. We only have 5 active girls, all of whom are beehives. Needless to say their excitement keeps them talking all night which equals no sleep for us. We had so much fun with Penelope(a life size cardboard girl who was used for a FHE lesson and the girls packed her around like she was part of their group), our skit and camp calls, and games. Our group was so great--and I'm SO glad they were. I'll post some pictures after I get them from the other leaders.

Monday, June 16, 2008

7 Years Together

It seems like we've been together forever. But when you think back to college life it doesn't seem like it was forever ago. 7 years really isn't that long. We've done so much in those 7 years though. I taught my first 4 years of school. Darryl finished school and has had some great jobs. We've lived in 4 cities and owned 3 houses. We've had a lot of fun times together after work playing tennis, swimming, rollerblading, and exploring. Then we had two babies whom are no longer babies. :` ( And we've just been loving every moment with them since.

I saw this on a blog and thought it would be fun for our Anniversary.

What is his name? Darryl Arlen

Who eats more? Darryl maybe?

Who said I love you first? Me :) funny story.

Who is taller? Darryl, like anyone couldn't guess that.

Who sings better? Darryl

Who is smarter? Darryl if we're talking Jeopardy. Me if we're talking numbers.

Whose temper is worse? Who ever had a rough day.

Who does the laundry? Me.

Who does the dishes? Both of us. Darryl empties the dishwasher pretty often.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I sleep closest to the door to get up with crying kids.

Who pays the bills? I do.

Who mows the lawn? Me mostly. It's the only thing we've ever really fought about. I love to do it so I do and Darryl was raised that if Mom is mowing we're all in big trouble! After he really understood I enjoy it he lets me but he likes to do it too if he has time.

Who cooks dinner? Me. Darryl use to be great in the kitchen then he married me and he gave it up. Now if I'm not around he survives off hot dogs, frozen pizza, and frozen burritos. Yum!

Who drives when you are together? Darryl. His nephew informed us once though that, "Girls can drive too Uncle Darryl."

Whose parents do you see the most? It's pretty equal where they both live so close to each other.

Who is more sensitive? Me, by far.

Who has more friends? If you don't count co-workers then I have more friends

Who has more siblings? Darryl. I am the last of 4 and Darryl is the 3rd of 8.

Who wears the pants in the family? I'm copying what my friend said: Darryl, but I wear a great shirt.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day

What a great crazy day. Kade and I made Darryl a pancakes and eggs breakfast in bed. I felt so bad I didn't get cards to our dads. Life has just been a huge whirl wind lately. After Fathers and Sons we headed to Salt Lake to a Redmond Trading get together. I still need to do lots to get ready for YW camp so it's pressing on my mind more than Fathers Day unfortunately. Believe me that has no correlation to my feelings for the Dads in my life. I miss the days where Dad and I would spend many Saturdays throughout the year at Fish Lake fishing. My dad is SO amazing. It has been 3 years since is cancer diagnosis and every day for the past 3 years he's devoted to serving for the church. He taught Sunday school, Stake Presidency secretary, works at the temple, and does indexing all day. I remember thinking he needed to stop all this and just take it easy. Oh did I need a wake up call. I believe it is all that he does that has kept him going and has resulted in his "cancer free" MRIs. I love him so much and he'll always be my hero.
Darryl's dad is such a great guy too. He's always so good to help everyone. He's super great with the boys. He really loves to do fun, and sometimes goofy things with the grand kids.
Darryl, what a great father. Both my boys are HUGE daddy's boys. Despite some jealously I love it. Besides being so great with our boys he is so good to me. I rely on him for SO much. I may always gripe about him being a workaholic but the truth is I'm so glad he loves to work. What a man; and I love every bit of him!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

One Child

Oh boy, what to do first?!.
Darryl and Kade went on the Father and Sons camping trip this weekend. Kade was far beyond excited. "We'll ride a 4-wheeler! Ya! And roast marshmallows!"
What do you do with only one child? It's amazing how laid back I felt; Even though Clint is a busy little bee.
Friday night I hung out with a couple friends. We went to a great new pizza place in our area. It reminds me of what Brick Oven would be like if they were a little more authentic. Then we hung out and talked until 11:00PM about random things like women do. Their stories had me laughing so hard! It was a super fun night.
Saturday I zipped through as many projects as I could and prepared some for YW camp.
When the boys returned Kade had so many stories to tell me. He had the best time ever! Nephi Trunell brought a rocket launcher which they spent a lot of time playing with. Darryl said Kade was so great the whole trip. They were taking pictures together in the tent and then Kade said,"Lets to a silly one Dad." Both pictures are below.

While they were unpacking Clint got ahold of Darryl's hat-- made for some funny pictures.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Honey . . . maker

We'll if you've ever heard me talk of my amazing hubby you've heard me say he's a man of many talents, he does everything, or he has a million pans in the fire. Well he's added one more talent and another pan in the fire. And I guess I was wrong; he didn't do everything but I'm pretty sure that he does now. ; )

Darryl has been studying and wanting to care for a beehive. There are many motivations: intrigue, help the bee population, and colleagues with a similar interest.

He's had so much fun watching the bees. Darryl was so proud of this bee with it's huge pollen sacks. It was so hard to get that picture of it too because the wind was blowing like crazy and the flower kept swinging around. The day we took the pictures he put in more frames for the bees to start making him honey. (All the honey they have made is for themselves. I'm learning A LOT about bees too.) He had to scrape off some honeycomb to make the frames fit, so we had a bowl full of honeycomb. We got it home and I said, "Now what do you do with it?" He laughed and said, "I don't know." We ended up throwing it away but not before we sampled the honey that had dripped out. It tasted like great fresh honey!
The only way Darryl knows how to get the honey is to put the frame on a spinner and then scrape off the beeswax. We don't currently have a spinner because 'our' honey won't be ready to harvest until September.
Luckily for me the beehives reside in the backyard of Darryl's boss. Darryl would like to have them in our backyard one day but until we have a MUCH larger lot that won't be happening.
I guess everyone knows what they'll be getting from us for Birthdays, and Christmas!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Small town life

While Darryl's away we played at Grandma and Grandpa Brown's house for a while. Kade and McKylee were glued at the hip. Kylee kept saying SO sincerely, "Tade, you're my best friend." Girls are sooooo different than boys. I don't think Kade understands what a best friend is. He was just like, 'Yep, I'm your friend.' Buzz said he never wanted to leave their house. He just wanted to stay there and play with Kylee. They're such a cute little pair.Click on this one. I love their faces!
We saw the Texas Long Horn bulls, or as Kylee calls them the "big horns."
We jumped on the trampoline, or as Clint calls it, "trampOleeen."
We also saw the Elk, or as Clint calls them, "aneemals!"
We jumped on the trampoline.
We went to Susan's 7th birthday party at the park and played pop the balloon, pinata, and ate cake.
We chased bubbles from Kylee's Gazillion Bubbles machine.
We jumped some more on the trampoline.
We ate cookie dough beaters.
We watered the flowers-- as much as we jumped on the tramp.
Kade and Kylee rode her Dora 4-Wheeler to see the Wasden's horses.
You've just got to love small town life!