Friday, May 30, 2014

Another Water Fight!

What better way to celebrate the last day of school/the beginning of summer break, than with a water fight! The boys were thrilled to have another hot day; nothing better than a water fight on a hot day.  Tandi Myers and Preston Heath came to battle it out with the boys.  It was so fun to just watch them be kids.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Awesome Brag Tag!--Tennis

I couldn't be happier about the Brag Tagging we've done this year!  The Memorial Day program was the first tag they received when they had to talk to a Veteran after the program.  Such a great experience; nothing profound was said but I think the interaction was so important to all involved.  Then today we picked up our second tag at a free introduction tennis clinic.  I loved that my kids could try tennis and get some instruction before we commit to signing up for lessons.  Kade and Clint left begging to sign up for lessons.  Unfortunately the didn't have lessons that would fit our schedule right now but we are keeping our eyes open for an opportunity.  Such a win-win!  The kids get to try tennis for free and the tennis program ends up recruiting students that likely wouldn't have signed up because they didn't know how much they'd enjoy because they simply never had the chance to really try it. Yay for Win-Wins!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Welcome to Utah Rita's!!!

What a great night!  The Lego movie was showing at the movie theater where we get in free with our Pass of All Passes.  The boys have been wanting to see it so badly so we decided to make the trip.  It was a pretty fun show but the only way the night could get better is a stop at Rita's!  Rita's is a place that sells custard and slushies but they are like no other.  Darryl was introduced to them on the mission and has loved them ever since.  They are referred to as celestial slurpees-- so yummy!  We were so excited when we heard they opened one in Utah.  The boys were big fans as well.  All the fun wore them out and Kade and Clint being the cute brothers they are fell asleep on each other.  So sweet.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Track season 2014

Clint loved track this year.  He and Kade both did it last year and enjoyed it but Kade liked it a little more.  Well when it was time to sign up for track this year Kade was feeling overbooked and didn't want to commit to anymore activities so he sat this season out.  I was surprised when Clint said he still wanted to do it.  Last year he enjoyed himself but didn't take it seriously.  This year was a new year and Clint had a completely different year.  Though he did okay at times last year he really was just running and such to only enjoy himself.  This year he put it all out there for each race and jump and then wanted to know what he could do so that he could go faster and jump farther next time.  He did great in his running events and in the standing long jump he often jumped farther than the older kids.  He really enjoyed every minute of track.  So proud of all your hard work Clint!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Can't keep them open!

With all the fun in the sun and water we had today Cole was wore out.  He pretty much slept while he ate his dinner.  He would lay there completely asleep and then move the toast to his mouth.  It was so funny. 

It's Warm!

Today we had the first water fight of the season.  The boys were so happy that is was swimming suit weather outside. (Personally it was too cold for me but they didn't mind or seem cold.)  Gary, Jackie, and Kelby came to fly airplanes with Darryl so we also hung out with all of them and their families. The Harneys, our next door neighbors, got in on the fun as well.  Such a great Mayberry-like day!  I loved it!!!