Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

We had a special treat for trick or treating  . . . Aunt Jackie came from Salt Lake to go with us.  She dressed up as a football player but we didn't get her in our photo.  {sad face}  When she said she wanted to come I told her the boys costumes were a little disappointing this year but she underestimated my description.  Every Halloween Kade and Clint have had a fascination with these
masks that the kids squeeze a tube and "blood" (red colored water) comes down the mask.  They are too gory and scary for me so I've always refused.  Well this year I was feeling a little guilty I guess and so I caved and let them get them.  Why was I feeling guilty?  Partially because every time we drive by a house decorated for Halloween with creepy spiders, skeletons, and scary displays the boys tell me how lame our decorations are.  What is wrong with a cute witches' hat covered in sparkly ribbon, a mummy that says "I Love my Mummy," or sign that says "BOO" next to a pumpkin with a silly face painted on it.  I like Halloween as long as you take out the scary, the gory, and the spiders.  Is that asking too much?  Apparently for these two boys it's the same as taking everything Halloween out of Halloween.  {sigh}  All month they had said they wanted to be the bloody masks for Halloween but I kept trying to find other ideas for them that they might like.  Well the day before dress up day came and they needed something.  We shopped and shopped but all they really wanted were those silly masks!  I think it is just neat to them that there is a "button" to push that does something.  Every time we'd find a new costume idea I would ask them if they wanted to do that and they would put their head down and mumble, "Maybe," I could tell they were trying to convince themselves that it would be okay but I could tell they really just weren't excited about anything.  Every time they would say, "I just really want to be the mask."  Kade, being his dramatic self, even said once, "I just really want to be the mask. I've been dreaming of it my whole life."  Such a funny kid.  Well as their luck would have it we stumbled upon some masks that were really cheap and so I let them get them.  Hopefully next year we can be something a little less gruesome!   Mr. Cole wanted to be Darth Vader and I was stoked about that because Wendy Spencer had a costume in her dress ups.  This year for trick or treating the Phillips invited Clint to go with Tyler.  I was thinking they'd all just go around the neighborhood but they were planning on going to other neighborhoods.  So... we packed up Kade and Cole and tagged along.  Scott Phillips know Pres. Uchtdorf so we went trick or treating in his neighborhood, and a couple other larger neighborhoods.  I couldn't believe that people were handing out full size candy bars-- to me that is insane!  One of the neighborhoods we went to was Cobblestone, it has a reputation for handing out full size candy bars, apparently everyone has heard.  The streets were lined on both sides with cars.  People were covering the sidewalks.  I was so worried about hitting someone.  We didn't stay in that neighborhood for long.  We came back and they ended the night in our neighborhood, then it was home for Spooky Dinner-- take 2.  The boys had asked if we could do spooky dinner again since when we did it with Grandma it was still light outside so it just wasn't the same.  The Spooky Dinner tradition is from the Bosshardt family so I thought Jackie would appreciate being part of that.  Darryl didn't go trick or treating with us, he stayed home to answer the door and he got dinner all ready for us.  He's so great.  {happy face}  After dinner the kids went through their bags and sorted out the candy they wanted to keep, the rest went outside for the Great Pumpkin.  The next morning they found a 20Q game for Kade, and Clint and Cole got a Magic 8 Ball.  I love that we're not eating candy for the next week but most of all I love eavesdropping on them as they sing to the Great Pumpkin about what they hope he brings. That addition is something the boys came up with all on their own.  I don't know why but they think you have to sing to the Great Pumpkin or he won't come.  They are so stinking cute!!!

An Adorable Halloween Party

Cole has a cute little friend named Annie.  She is the second from the right in the photo.  Annie told her parents she wanted to have a Halloween party and she would plan it all by herself and she did just that.  She wanted to do it on Halloween afternoon.  Her mom sent out an email for the invites-- informal but it isn't necessary to have a formal invitation!  Saves on time, money, and paper!  Annie decided they would meet, have pizza, play games, and have a little prize booth.  Annie took charge and explained the events to everyone-- it was adorable!  Cole said it was "SO fun!"  Kudos to  her parents for aiding her in her desire of hosting a party.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dress Up @ School

There has been a ban on the kids dressing up for Halloween but this year the school decided to let the kids dress up with the stipulation that they couldn't wear masks or bring any type of weapon.  The Elementary schools did a little parade where everyone walked around the school showing off their costumes.  I was at work during the main parade where Clint walked through but they did another parade with just the afternoon kindergarten and preschool classes and so I was able to see that.  Since Kade and Clint's costumes were based solely on their masks (*see Oct. 31st post) they came up with costumes to wear to school.  Kade was crazy BYU fan, and Clint was a baby.  Cole's Darth Vader helmet detaches from his mask so he just wore the helmet.  He had the Darth Vader costume on as well but it was covered up by his jacket.  They had a great time dressing up but they were all super excited to go to school and just see how everyone else was dressed.  

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Spooky Dinner!

Darryl and I got up this morning early, way early, like 3:30 am, so we could get to the airport for our flight back to Utah.  We flew in from San Diego, drove home, hugged the boys, changed our clothes, and went to Zeth Roberts mission welcome home lunch.  My mom came with too because she use to know Zeth when he was Cole's age.  After the lunch we went to church then came home for Spooky Dinner night.  Our schedule was going to be crazy, and Darryl would be gone some of the nights so we figured it was now or possibly never.  The boys were excited to have Grandma there to participate in the tradition.  After dinner Grandma head back to Aurora and we carved our pumpkins.  Cole made up his designs and drew them on his pumpkin and then we cut them out.  Kade drew a rattle snake.  Clint found his design from one of our carving books;  he went with the grim reaper.  They all turned out great and the boys had a great time doing them.

Phew!  What a day!  Can we go to bed yet????????????

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Go Cougars!

Grandma Brown came to watch the boys this weekend while I went with Darryl to a blogger show in San Diego for Redmond.  We left Friday afternoon and came back Sunday morning so it was a quick trip but super nice to spend some time together.  Grandma traded Uncle Ross tickets so she could take all 3 of the boys and boy were they happy about that.  Clint was a little skeptical about watching a 4 hour sport event but in the end Grandma said she could hardly get him to leave.  We were worried that Cole might get bored and not enjoy it too but he didn't want to leave either.  Kade had been before and so he was stoked to get to go again.  They cheered hard because the final score was: BYU 70 - Seahawks 6.  Grandma said it was so much fun to have them there.  She said they were being so cute and funny.  She wishes she would have had a camera recording them during the game.  Thanks so much Grandma for watching them and being willing to attempt a game with 3 boys by yourself!  You're a champion!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fall Break-- Rappelling

Buzz and I took the kids rappelling a few times this trip.  They loved it!  It seemed to start to rain every time we'd get set up.  One of the rain showers was more of a down pour and so we hung out under trees and over hangs until it let up.  The first cliff they did was about 50' and then we found them one that was about 100'.  Kade and McKylee were all about rappelling.  Clint was not interested in trying.  He hiked up, put the gear on, and rappelled over a boulder we were using for practice but that was all I could get him to do.  I think if Darryl had been there he would have felt more comfortable and would have been willing to go.  Maddie tried and tried but the first couple cliffs were just too much for her to do.  We finally found a little one to do and she did it over and over!  I made her pose next to this cool rock we passed on our hike up the hill.  It was like a little arch.  They all did really well rappelling.  There was only one time Kylee's foot slipped and so I had to break her but none of them looked like your typical first-timer.  

Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall Break

Darryl went to sell pianos with his friend over Fall Break and we went camping with my mom and Buzz.  They went to a little spot out in the sticks near Fremont Indian State Park.  It was a golden camping spot.  We had a little stream running behind the camp that the boys spent hours throwing rocks in and floating leaves.  There was also a little "cave" (crevasse) that was up the hill behind the campsite where the kids hung out and pretended it was their "headquarters," (they called it HQ).    It was also very convenient to have some great little repelling cliffs in front of our campsite.  Grandma could sit in her camping chair and watch everyone descend along the wall.  Kia was the only one that didn't seem to love the spot.  We were told there had been some bear sightings in the area so I'm not sure if that was what had him acting strange but he was wound up tighter than a spring.  He was so antsy and when we took him up to HQ he was so jumpy and anxious to follow scents and sounds that he kept trying to jump off the cliffs.  Yikes!  Needless to say, we only took him up the hillside once.    

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Tricks On YOU!

Cole was trying to play a trick on Kade, Clint and I by acting like he was asleep.  It's a funny thing, if you pretend like you're asleep, before long you won't be pretending.  He was out in a matter of minutes.  Apparently he needed a little morning snooze. Such a cutie.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Spinnin' the Honey

We had a much smaller crowd this year for our honey harvest.  It was just the 5 of us until Tommy, a neighbor boy, came to see if the boys could play.  He was quick to jump in and help with the crank.  We only had our hives which was around 38 frames to spin so it took us about 6 hours to prep, spin, and clean up the honey.  Clint had a soccer game this morning so we didn't get started until after 11 and we had to be done by 6:30 because Darryl and I were headed to Hale Theater with the Goodes, so we made sure we were staying on task.  When it was all done we ended up with about 102 lbs. of honey, most of which we gave away to people who had helped throughout the year.  It was a good family time and I was proud of the boys for working as hard as they did and sticking with it until it was all done.  I sure love those three boys!  

Soccer Season for Clint

Clint had a wonderful soccer season this year.  His coach was great and both Clint and I learned a lot about soccer this year.  His teammates were all great and they all had a wonderful time.  Clint decided this season that defense is his favorite position.  

Monday, September 28, 2015

A Little Service

Darryl's tree trimming skills have brought him great enjoyment.  Not only does he receive joy for helping others but he has fun trimming the trees-- especially if he gets to take it all the way to the ground.  :-)   He'd seen on Facebook that  a single lady had some trees she needed help with so today after he returned to Heber from a business trip he loaded his truck and ran over to take out some trees before the sun went down.  Well he didn't beat the sun but he kept working anyway.  There was a little light when he dropped the last tree.  It was fun for the boys and I to help too by piling all the branches and logs.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

I Want To Ride My Bicycle

We enjoy a good bike ride and tonight the boys were begging to ride to the playground at Kade's school.  We took Kia along to get his walk in.  He was in heaven; unsniffed territory--and LOTS of it!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015


The boys were having a great time today playing downstairs. My mom came this weekend to make chili rellenos with me so we could use up the chilies from her garden.  We made exactly 100 chili rellenos! We fried 79 of them and just froze 21 of them stuffed.  To make them we had to use 10 lbs of cheese and 57 eggs-- Crazy!  Anyway, back to the boys. . .  Every so often I would spot one of them passing by the kitchen carrying items but I wasn't' paying close enough attention to know what they had; they looked like busy little ants.  I had no idea what they were up to but they seemed very happy and entertained so I was pleased.  After a while their voices rang out, "Mom! Grandma!  Come and see our fort."  They used all the chairs in the house, couches, mini trampoline, safety pins, clothespins, a roll of tape, and all the blankets we have lying around.  It was a palace.  They were so proud and super excited when I agreed to let them sleep in the fort.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Happy Birthday To Me!

Darryl is leaving for another trip tomorrow, which happens to be my birthday, so we decided to go out for sushi tonight.  His travel schedule has been super crazy since the end of August and will be until the end of October.  He goes on a trip and then comes home and leaves the next day or sometimes we get him for one full day before he leaves again.  Pretty crazy but thankfully it's not always that bad.  Needless to say it was a nice to spend some time together and the food was wonderful!

Monday, September 21, 2015

What Does Busy Look Like For You?

At Lake Powell I met Sathanuman and he asked me what I've been up to lately.  I replied, "You know just being busy."  He asked, "What does busy look like for you?"  I thought for a minute but saying that I run the boys around to their activities just didn't seem to cover the whole day, so I figured he'd ask what I did when I wasn't running them around.  The days seem to fly by and it seems there is never a moment of rest so what do I do?  It has been a while since I documented a day in the life of us so I decided to keep track so I could remember what a typical day would be like.  Every "activity" goes until the next time is stated so every moment is accounted for(I did squeeze bathroom breaks in somewhere--ha ha).  Each day is pretty much the same thing but the activities may be a little different; I may be cleaning a bathroom, weeeding flower beds, doing laundry, fixing bike tires nad such, taking kids to different types of activities, etc. but everyday(with the exception of Saturday and Sunday) are all pretty much the same. SO... Sathanuman here is what I've been up to.  I finally answered your question. :-)

6:00 Kade usually gets up and starts his reading
6:30 I get up, get dressed , and ready to workout
6:55  Start workout
8:00 Make lunches, eat breakfast, check homework, get dressed for work, put Clint's shoes in the laundry
8:30 Send boys off to school and finish getting ready for work
8:45 Drive to work
8:55 Start class
9:50 Dismiss class and answer questions
10:05 Drive to library to take back books, then go home
10:15 Drive to Redmond Minerals to do shopping at Real Foods and take salsa and Tomato juice Mom and I bottled this weekend to Ron
10:40 Get home, empty car, feed Kia, put Clint's shoes on the shoe dryer, fold laundry and put it away, play a quick, new version, of a game Cole made up
11:15 Get Coles' lunch ready, eat, and finish folding laundry and putting it away while he eats
11:50 Clean up lunch and start dishwasher
12:00 Start mowing lawns
12:10 Bike Cole to school
12:20 Finish mowing lawns
1:30 Spray off and put the lawn mower away
1:40 Take cucumbers to the Harneys
1:45 Go to post office to mail letters and a package to Gary
2:10 Bike to school to get Cole and stay for Clint's SSP(parent teacher conference)
3:00 Bike home
3:05 Help everyone with homework, cut apples and cucumbers, and warm up bran muffins for snacks
3:10 Pest control guy comes and we keep doing homework, but Kade bikes to scouts
3:20 Pest Control guy leaves and we keep doing homework
3:30 Start making dinner
4:20 Kade home from scouts, help Kade with homework and keep working on dinner
4:45 Leave to drop off Kade and Clint
5:00 Drop Clint off at violin
5:15 Drop Kade off at gym
5:20 Grab purse from home
5:25 Fuel up the van
5:35 Arrive at violin lady's house, and grade papers in the car
5:50 Clint is done
6:00 Get home finish dinner prep and setting the table
6:30 Darryl gets home and we chat while I finish in the kitchen(he's been on a business trip to Canada so we haven't chatted for a while since phone rates are a little much)
7:05 Darryl goes to get Kade from gym, Cole and Clint come and wash their hands for dinner
7:20 Everyone is home and we eat
7:45 Boys shower, I clean up the kitchen and help Cole get ready for bed
8:30 Tuck the boys in bed
8:50 Enter homework scores
9:00 Watch a show with Darryl
10:30 Get ready for bed
11:00 Go to bed

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Rollin' Easter Eggs!

So what do you think we'd be doing on September 19th??? How about rolling our Easter eggs.  Yep!  We never had time back in April so I kept those eggs in the fridge thinking I'd run the boys up a hill sometime and we'd get it done.  Well here we are in the middle of September and my fridge has stunk for about 6 months and we're finally doing something with those eggs!  Kade and Clint wanted to do the traditional shooting the eggs so we packed their BB guns and the eggs when we went to visit Grandma this weekend.  We were going down to help Grandma make salsa, V-8 juice, and pickles-- what a busy weekend.  Cole wanted to do the traditional roll the eggs so I drove him up to the hills on the west side of Aurora and he rolled his, all 12 rotten eggs!  Man was that stinky!  As they say, "Better late than never!!!" 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Kade the Co-pilot

Kade has been working as staff on the last Lake Powell trip for the past 5 days.  He said it was a ton  of work because they had about half the number of kids than they usually have.  All the hard work was forgotten when Darryl told him he could fly home in the airplane.  The day just got better though when the pilot offered the co-pilot seat to Kade.  He was thrilled.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Workin' At Powell

Kade headed down to Powell with Ron & Lisa this morning to work as staff.  He was very happy to have the opportunity to go and spend more time in paradise, and work a little while he was there.  I met Lisa and Ron in Orem and the whole way there Kade was like a caged animal and chatterbox.  He couldn't stop talking and wiggling while we were waiting for them and the rendezvous and so I told him to get out and run around the parking lot to burn off some energy.  He didn't even question it.  He immediately jumped out of the car and was running around the empty lot.  It was funny.    While at Powell they had some crazy weather.  One night they had 50-60 mph winds-- pretty scary down there.  The highlight of the trip for Kade was the day he got up on the slalom ski.  He was SO happy.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Webelo Woods

Kade just spent the entire day at scout camp, 6 am to 6 pm.  He said it was one of the best days of his life.  Everything a scouter does is everything he wants to do.  I'm so thankful programs like this exist and there are amazing people that carry them out!  He passed off many requirements and is very close now to earning his Webelo patch.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Here We Go!

Darryl just pulled the houseboat out of the dock and is headed to the shoreline where the Redmond leadership retreats will be for the next 10 days.  It's a rough job-- really it is, but the dividends are pretty great.  I know I've said it before but it is just so wonderful to me that a company has created an awesome opportunity for it's employees to bond with their coworkers; evaluate, ponder, and discuss ideas; and rejuvenate their souls.  They talk a lot about it being an investment for the company and I see how they get a great return on their investment.  Thanks Redmond Minerals!

Thursday, September 3, 2015


Cole was so excited to start kindergarten, until someone told him he'd have to math.  He didn't even know what that meant but whoever it was made it clear to him that it was awful.  Grrrrr!  Not sure who would ever say such a thing-- guarantee it wasn't me!  I think I may have successfully calmed his fears and now he's just excited again.  It's so great that he loves school so much.  I hope he always does.  This year he has Ms. Mahoney, and Maestro Valero.  Here's hoping he too has a spectacular year!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Off To School!

It's hard to believe Clint and Kade are headed off to the 4th and 5th grades this year.  Clint is still at Heber Valley Elementary which is close and it is warm enough that he can ride his bike.  His teacher this year is no stranger to us, he has Ms. VanDenbos, Kade's 4th grade teacher.  Kade has moved up to Timpanogos Intermediate School, which is all of the 5th and 6th graders in the area.  He couldn't be more excited to be at the big school.  His teacher is a lady that moved into our ward last year, Mrs. Naylor.  She's very nice and so Kade is thrilled he got  her.  Here's hoping for a spectacular year!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Domino Effect

The boys have been having such a great time seting up domino chains.  Cole loves his part too; he gets to stand at the end, posed and ready to catch the pieces that might fall off the table.  I love moments like these.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Redmond Minerals Co. Campout

Redmond held their company campout at the Soldier Hollow campsite in Heber.  It was so nice to have it so close.  They had some great activities for the kids: face painting, snow cones, movie, games, bounce houses, bounce house waterslide, and popcorn.  The food was always top notch and the entertainment was the best ever!  They had a friend of Tiu's come who does fire knife throwing.  It was so intense to watch him and be so close.  What a show!  These are not pictures of the guy that came, I just pulled them off the internet, but it looks very much like images from the show we got to see.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kids Are Going To Ski!!!

We took a trip to The Canyons today for all kind of wonderful reasons!  We got to ride the cabriolet, enjoy the beautiful day, and, oh yeah, to get the boys free Epic Schoolkids ski passes!!!  They can't wait to ski at the Canyons and Park City this winter.  I'm hoping that since it is free they'll get there more often. {crossing fingers}  A side note about the cabriolet: Kade and Clint insist on having their own cart to ride in.  It's fun to see them able to have some independence and how excited they get over it, even when it's not something big.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Quick Trip with a Hiccup

My mom just got back from Hawaii and she was feeling extremely overwhelmed with all the work she had waiting for her when she returned.  Her yard needed attention, but the biggest issue was that her garden had a lot of work to be done.  The corn was ready to be harvested as well as other veggies.  She called me with an SOS and so I headed down early Saturday morning with Kade and Clint as my helpers.  Darryl had something on Saturday that he needed to be home for so he stayed with Cole in Heber.  Darryl and Cole had some good one-on-one time without us.  They went and saw a movie and ate at 5 Guys.  They slipped in a few games of pool as well.  In Aurora we were having fun too-- of a different form. :)  We picked corn and shucked it, then we processed it while we picked and washed cucumbers and beans.  We got all the corn froze, beans bottles, and cucumbers pickled.  What a day!  I needed to be back for church so we headed back early Sunday morning.  While we were on 800 S we heard a clang in the wheel area.  I figured I must have just flipped up a rock or something and so I just kept driving.  We hadn't gone far up Provo Canyon when I heard a noise that made it obvious something wasn't right.  I was in the far left lane and there was a truck and trailer between me and the shoulder of the road.  I got over as quickly as I could and pulled off the road.  The tire was completely deflated.  I was surprised that there wasn't more of a pull on the steering wheel.  Well, so much for being home early.  Guess I'm changing a tire... I got out but the cars were coming around a blind turn and it made me nervous to be so close to the lane without someone watching out for me.  I didn't want the boys out of the car so I called Darryl to come and save us.  He and Cole jumped in the truck and zipped down the canyon.  He was so smart and brought items to set up behind the cars to draw in attention so people would move over some.  He changed the tire and we were on our way.  What a start to the day!