Friday, December 28, 2007

Long, Long, Ago . . .


It blows my mind when I think about the events of 2007. I'm sure this year flew by, as they all do, but as I looked through pictures I swear some of the things happened in 2006 or even 2005. Is that a sign of loosing it? I'm going to spend some time back tracking and posting for previous months. Only having Dec. posts has bummed me. I've wished I'd done this for the whole year and now I can! There are too many pictures/stories I want to add to my blog. And I just figured out how to change the date so it will fall into the correct months-- Yea! If you get bored (who does that?) you can go back and check out my posts that will appear in Jan. - Nov. months.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I Believe

In October Kade stayed at his cousins house and they had the most fabulous game (according to Kade) Hungry Hungry Hippos! We knew he loved it but didn't consider getting it for Christmas simply because there are many other things he thinks are awesome.
* * *
The first time Kade saw Santa, it was before Thanksgiving, he was pretty confused about the whole situation. There was this guy that seemed a little scary and everyone around Kade kept telling him to tell the scary guy what he wanted for Christmas. I don't think at this point the words Christmas, Santa, or Ho Ho Ho made any sense to him. So after we calmed Kade down he told Santa he wanted a Popsicle. Santa looked at Darryl and I like, 'Wow, that is sad. All you can afford is a Popsicle.' Well as time passed Kade became educated about Christmas presents, and Santa. So the next time we saw Santa he was prepared. When Santa asked the first kid he saw what he wanted Kade yelled a Hungry Hippo, this continued and I kept trying to get Kade to understand Santa wasn't talking to him yet.
* * *
Again we figured there were many other things he loved so we figured the responses to Santa would change. He never changed. We saw Santa again and again. Kade asked for Hungry Hippo again and again. With our shopping done we were relying on Santa gifts to suffice. However our concern was growing when 5 days before Christmas Kade kept randomly informing us that Santa was bringing him a Hungry Hippo. We would also make comments like, "Six more days until you get to open the presents." To which Kade would say, "Yea, and Santa brings my Hungry Hippo!" Not wanting him to be disappointed we frantically began looking online and calling stores all over the state. "Back ordered", "Out of stock", "Gone", "None here." Yikes. Thankfully good old Santa, who always brought me gifts, informed me that he would be placing a Hungry Hungry Hippo under the tree.
* * *
Christmas day, after hours of playing Hungry Hippo Kade's enthusiasm about the game hasn't dwindled. Thank you Santa, I'll always believe.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Watching a movie

We got a portable DVD player for Christmas. (YEA! for Thanksgiving sales and Uncle Gary going for us!) Darryl and Kade were watching Polar Express on it when Kade got a great idea to watch it on Dad's back.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Night in Bethlehem

Our ward party was Friday Dec. 16th. Kade was so excited to be a shepherd. They looked so cute. Darryl and I couldn't look at them without chuckling.


I feel like I, along with all mothers with sick children, are the reason for the drought in Utah. After filling the bath tub and the washer for the millionth time, I find myself feeling guilty for all the water I'm using. Maybe if we cured the flu bug we wouldn't be in a drought. :) Yep, we're still sick. Unfortunately Kade has joined Clint.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm thankful for. . .

  • Throw up that makes it to the sink, toilet, garbage can, anywhere!-- except carpet, clothes, furniture
  • Sweet little boys

  • A great husband

  • New recipes that turn out okay

Clint woke up sick and has been all day. It never happens on a day that I have nothing to accomplish. But he was so good all day and Kade was great too; very helpful and understanding. I also had to take a quick moment to capture him being cute. Merry Christmas! Darryl always gets a flourless chocolate cake when he goes out to dinner on his business trips so I wanted to make him one for his birthday dinner tonight. I found a recipe online and it proved to be good. Especially considering I frantically put it together. Hopefully Clint is done and we won't play laundry all night.

Monday, December 17, 2007


I haven't totally figured out this blogging thing yet. I'm to blame, simply because I haven't taken the time. I keep thinking life will slow down a little more and I'll do it but that hasn't worked. This is my attempt to figure it out through trial. I love being able to catch up with many friends by checking out their blogs. Also, I haven't been very valiant in keeping a journal since I married Darryl so I'm hoping this will be my way of keeping track of the things I want to remember about our family and my boys.