Sunday, November 28, 2010

Taking a Little Swim

With the daily high of 14 deg. F we have found ourselves dreaming of swimming. :) The boys were pretending they were swimming and so Darryl got in on it too. Love these boys!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Heater vents

My college roommates will laugh at this-- my kids love to sit on the heater vents to get warm. I use to turn on the stove or oven in our apartments and stand by them to get warm. Well I don't think that's the greatest example to show your children so I've turned to the heater vents. I showed them how they could put their blankies on them and it makes a toasty dome over you and there is just nothing better! When we pulled in late Saturday night(we were going to stay until Sunday but there was a storm coming in Sunday morning that we didn't want to hit) from our Thanksgiving vacation the boys were super tired and the house was freezing. I hadn't heard from Kade for a while and we found him sleeping on his vent. He had a pitcher because he said he felt sick. My boys and Provo Canyon just don't mix. Clint is worse than Kade but everyone once in a while it hits Kade. Unfortunately they got that from me--poor kids.

Friday, November 26, 2010

No Germs Allowed

When we were down for Thanksgiving Kade decided he needed to make "No Germs Allowed" signs to hang all over the Grandparent's houses so the germs would know they can't come in their homes and get anyone sick. It was funny to see all the signs still up when we went down for Christmas. He had germs on the mind because we'd been sick a few days before Thanksgiving. Grandma Bosshardt said she thought they worked though because now one had been sick at their house since the signs were posted.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

This year for Thanksgiving we spent the beginning of the week at my folks and the last couple days with Darryl's family. His parents and a few of his siblings had Thanksgiving in St. George at his sister's house this year. My family got together at Buzz's house. We even loaded Dad up and let him sleep in McKylee's bed before and after dinner. Wayne's girls were all there too-- which was great! I was so 'thankful' they could come. I hadn't seen Logan for quite a while. I miss that cute girl. I miss hanging out with her-- I felt bad we didn't do much with all the getting ready and taking care of kiddos it just didn't really happen. I did get pictures of the cuties though. I really wanted to get some great video footage of everyone but the post-dinner events weren't great. Cleaning up the kitchen, watching football, bickering people, and sleeping people-- not the best things to capture. Oh well, maybe I'll get some at Christmas.
Well I had contrived this great plan for everyone to make a few things so we could prevent Mom from baking and cooking all week. Well of course there is no way to stop the woman. She still made pies so we ended up with 9 pies and for 7 adults--nice. AND she made a salad. AND she cooked the turkey. AND she made the gravy. AND she made the rolls. AND she spent way more time cooking than was in my plan. She's Mom that's just what she does. Buzz and Bobbie wanted to go to the movie Tangled that night so we joined them. Wayne had to take the girls back to Arizona so they couldn't come with :(. Jordan's family was sick so they didn't stay long either. Speaking of sick-- Cole and I were still not 100% from our family's latest bug and so I didn't spend much time with my Dad even though we were at his house most of the time I just didn't go in his room much. It really stinks to be sick. ANYWAY, the movie was great! I was worried the boys would be scared with Rapunzel living with the witch but she wasn't scary-- most of the time.
Overall it was a fabulous day-- I got to see most of my family(Lisa's family didn't come). It would be nice to live by everyone and just be able to be more involved with each other, but that's not realistic for us all to live in Aurora unfortunately.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Here's the new vacuum at our house. It's amazingly quiet for a vacuum when it picks up things, but it is extremely loud when you remove what it has picked up. But you can silence it again with the proper technique.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Celebration Penalty

If there were Celebration Penalties in Primary Kade would have certainly been hit with a 15 yd. set back. Sis. Balls our music teacher had a game called, "Sing It to Win It"-- much like "Minute to Win It." One person comes up and tries to complete a challenge while the kids are singing a song. If they don't accomplish the task during the song then the point goes to the Singers vs. the Competitors. There was a very bright older girl who had 4 apples and she needed to stack two on top of each other, so she'd have two stacks of two. She couldn't get even one stack made. Sis. Balls looked for another person to try it. Kade was all excited and confident(the only one shouting), "I can do it." I have to admit I thought there was no way he'd be able to do it if the other girl couldn't. Well he went up there and tried once, tried twice and boom! a stack! He started jumping and waving his hands in the air with his fingers making the I Love You signal--(he's confused I think with the Let's Rock signal) everyone was cheering, and finally Sis. Balls gets him to listen to her. She tells him he needs to stack the other two apples too. Well, again I thought there was no way. He tries once, he tries twice, he tries a third time and boom! Another stack. His celebration was even more excessive--much like the first but this times he's running back and forth in the front of the Primary. He was so excited (and I think surprised) that he did it. He couldn't quit reminding us that he did it. He was so proud and he should have been. Sis. Balls even tried it and she could only get one stack. The accomplishment was great but the celebration made us all laugh so hard we cried. I love him. Oh I wish there was a video or even a picture for this post!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Not as Good as Dad

Clint eating cinnamon sugar rice for breakfast, "Dad's cinnamon sugar rice is better. He can teach you how to make it. I'll just say, 'Mom is having a hard time making cinnamon sugar rice,' and he'll teach you how to make it better." I probably should have been offended but he was so sweet and concerned about me not understanding how to do it right but wanted me to know it would be okay. I love him. I tried to rectify my rice and added more milk and sugar, to which Clint responded with, "Dad's is just SO much better. He'll have to teach you how to make it so good." I gave up and just told him to eat it and Dad will make it for him next time.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Kade is loving Kindergarten. It's amazing how if I ask him to do some homework he isn't excited at all, but if I say, "Mrs. Stagg wants you do do _______," then he is all for it. Funny how that works. This is where he stands at the end of the first term. Great job buddy!!! When I picked Kade up the other day from school Mrs. Stagg put him in the car and stuck her head in and said, "Can I just tell you, I love him!" I'm so glad he's a good student. Mrs. Stagg says he's super friendly(no surprise there), and great at doing what he should. GO KADE!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

he did it!

I was reading a story to Kade and Clint on the couch, Cole was playing with toys on the floor in front of us. Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw it-- I did! I told the boys to watch and sure enough little sneaky Cole crawled over to a new toy. He's not super smooth but I'm sure he'll get there soon. I've never had a baby that properly crawled-- they just scooted on their bottome, army crawled or just walked.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Mom took Dad home today. The therapist said he just isn't making any progress and so there isn't much of a chance he'll get back any of his left side. So since the insurance company gets to decided when they will stop paying for medical care and they decided Dad's lack of progress was cause for them to stop paying, and since Dad would much rather be home than in the Care Center, and since we all know he'd get much better care at home--mainly because someone would be with him 24/7 instead of just checking him every hour Mom decided to just take him home. There just isn't any reason for him to be there if therapy isn't doing anything for him. There isn't anything they can do for the cancer and so we all agreed he'd be happier at home, and he is. Mom said he's eaten more at home than he did at the care center and he hasn't been sleeping 24/7 since he's been home! Mom's happy too.

Monday, November 8, 2010

10 months old

*2 more teeth one on top right of the front two and one on bottom left of the bottom two.
*still 16 lbs.
*loves puffs and is eating lots of baby food and our food
*getting up on hands and knees
*moves around a little somehow(I think when he is sitting he just reaches out and then sits back up--like an inch worm)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

#1 Fan

My dad has been a BYU Fan as long as I can ever remember. I got him this shirt for this birthday this year. I figured he needed to look like an official coach since he does so much coaching while he watches the games. He got to sport the shirt toady so Buzz sent me a picture saying, "Dad likes his new shirt." I thought it was a great picture of Dad-- great to see his personality shining through.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Naaa What's Up Doc?

Isn't that the biggest carrot ever? We were doing a little yard clean up at my parents this weekend and noticed this carrot was not like the others. My sister's boy Tanner and Darryl posed for me with the massive vegetable.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wild West Show

Darryl got tickets from work for the Wild West Show held in conjunction with the Cowboy Poetry Event this year. He took Kade and Clint and they had a great time. Here is the only picture to show for it-- a mighty cute one at that.

I'm so Hungry!

If no one will feed me I guess I'll just have to eat the canister.