Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

Well we had a great weekend with our families. This year we spent a couple days with my family and then a couple with Darryl's. Thanksgiving is always great but I wish it could be the huge family reunion that we use to have. We went from typically having around 50 people to around 10. My mom asked me what kind of pie I wanted this year. I replied, "Oh, the usual; Banana cream, coconut cream, butterscotch, jumbleberry, pumpkin, chocolate, and I guess we better have a pecan, apple, and cherry for those who like that." I'm so use to having every flavor of pie I wasn't sure what to think when it was said we could only have a few. It ended up that Buzz, Bobbie, McKylee, Barb, Jori, Danny, Mom, Dad, Darryl, Kade, Clint, and I got to split 6 pies. My dad started a new family tradition this year. He had us all say what we were thankful for. I was thankful for Darryl having a great job. With all of the problems with the economy and people loosing their jobs there isn't much that would scare me more than to have to deal with that. I feel so sick for those who are desperately trying to find work.

The week before Thanksgiving Kade randomly announced he wanted to make a gift for Grandma. I asked him what she would want and he flashed back with, "A Lightning McQueen!" We made these cars out of boxes. As soon as we finished one Kade started playing with it on the floor. He was having so much fun and I heard him say, "Come on little car, Grandpa's gonna' have so much fun playing with you!" I thought they were for Grandma but I guess he figured Grandpa would enjoy it too. He was pretty excited to give the cars to them this weekend, and of course they loved them.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Polar Express

We went to the North Pole tonight. There isn't much snow there this year. ; )

Darryl is being a reader again this year. He really enjoys helping out and seeing the families on the train. They allow all the participants families to come to "dress rehearsal night." We went with some friends. Kade was excited to sit with a buddy. It was so fun to see Kade so excited about seeing the "North Pole" and Santa. He was singing Jingle Bells before the train left the station. Clint was pretty tired but about every few minutes he would say, "Thanks, this is fun." Now Kade can't understand why Santa isn't coming tomorrow. He so worried about the fact that we don't have a Christmas tree up for Santa to leave presents. He told Santa he wants a big Nerf gun and Clint wasn't too sure of this loud funny dressed guy that burst into the train car, so he wouldn't say anything but Hi.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Silly Elmo

This is a sign that the Halloween decorations have been out too long. Clint found a fun use for his Elmo trick-or-treat bucket.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

6 Quirks of All My Guys

I thought this would be a fun one to remember for my boys too so here are their 6 quirks.

CLINT'S Quirks
1.Runs with his arms flailing in the air and swinging his legs out to the side.(It would make you laugh. He's so cute!)
2.Sings or hums a little tune often
3.Very sensitive to bright light and hot/cold. With light he reminds me of a gremlin, "Bright light, bright light, bright light!" He considers luke-warm food as, "hot hot hot!"
4.Checks to see if he has his 2 blankets, and 1 binki before he goes to bed.
5.Gags (sometimes throws up) if he gets a piece of toilet paper in is mouth while getting his nose wiped
6.Favorite thing to say: "I wanna watch a moo..vie."
KADE'S Quirks
1.Loves to dance-- but we have NO idea where he got is bizarre moves from.
2.Would be happy with a pair of scissors and a stack of paper for Christmas.--and a BIG gun
3.Checks to see if he has his 4 blankets, 1 burper, 1 pillow, 1 sippy cup, and 1 stuffed puppy before he goes to bed.
4.Usually has at least one(sometimes up to 4) race car in his little hand all day long.
5.Loves to push the memo button on our phone and leave memos on the answering machine.
6.Favorite things to say: "Who built that?" "Oh I wish we could have a four-wheeler, trampoline. . ." "Oh I wish we could go to grandma's, Kamas pool. . . "
1.Sleeps with a pillow laying on top of his chest.
2.Dips Grilled Cheese in Applesauce(It's a Bosshardt thing).
3.Gets VERY grumpy when he is hungry.
4.Loves to work-- more than the average bear.
5.Can give himself a great haircut.
6.Can knit (I can't even do that!).

Thursday, November 13, 2008

6 Quirks

I'm playing tag catch-up. Sorry for the delay to all who tagged me on this. It was definitely a fun tag and so I really wanted to do it-- better late than never.
If you haven't done this one consider yourself tagged.

1. I have to use the last little bit of everything. For example: Chapstick is still good as long as you can dig down and scrape something out.
2. I verify the recent transactions on my credit cards and checking account almost daily. This obsession stems from a time that I didn't balance my check book for a few months and ended up with an unexplainable $350 credit.
3. My imagination goes too far with scary movies, stories, and shows. There was a time in my life that I would say, "The scarier the better!." That phase is over.
4. I'm a recovering picky-eater. I'm SO much better than I use to be but there are a some things that I don't think I'll ever really LOVE: (ie. ice cream, cheesecake, chocolate, potato salad, sauerkraut, and pork(of any kind).
5. Whenever my parents call there is a part of me that always thinks they're calling to give me bad news.
6. I, unlike Wendy ; ) , have to have the doors shut to all closets and cupboards. It just eats at me until it is closed.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Enterprise Mentors

Darryl's grandpa gave us the opportunity last night to attend the Enterprise Mentors fundraising gala. Thanks so much Grandpa! This organization is one that after I heard about it I thought, 'Why didn't I think of that!?.' Their whole premise is 'giving a hand up not a hand out.' The organization is set up to give loans to people in poverty to help them start a business. The loan is an extremely low interest loan because Enterprise Mentors purpose isn't to make money it is to help those in need help themselves through their lifetime. It is the obvious solution to give the people lots of money and that would pull them out of poverty. However, it doesn't happen. The money eventually runs out and their lives of poverty haven't changed. Enterprise Mentors, in addition to the loans, mentors the people and gives them business training. It's so neat to read the stories of how a person who is struggling to find food each day can take a loan of $150 and after a short while has developed a business that is so successful they have to hire workers to help them meet the demand. It's so neat to zoom out on the effect and see how it develops an economy that helps more than just one person. It was such a great night for gaining perspective. We also got to see some family and friends which was a great bonus!
If you want to read any of their neat stories go to

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Here

Kade said looking out the window, "Wow Mom. You better come look at this."
It wasn't long before breakfast was done and we were out in the snow bundled up and playing 'snow ball fight.'
If the picture had sound you would hear Kade singing, "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to ride in a (mumble mumble....) open sleigh. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. . . . ."

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Body Worlds

I had to write about an experience we had last week. We had the opportunity to go to the Body World Exhibit in Salt Lake. It was so interesting. The displays were so different than I expected. It was not gory or gross. It was so incredible. I loved being able to see the difference in healthy organs verses those that are damaged or have tumors. I also loved seeing how the human body is constructed and all the millions of tiny parts. There is no denying there is a Divine Creator.