Saturday, April 25, 2009

Food Co-Op

I thought I'd let you all know about another one of my favorite things--The Community Food Co-op of Utah. This is their description of it on their website, "You can buy quality, healthy food for up to 50% off retail from the Community Food Co-op. Each month, we select about 15 items that you’re most likely to buy at the grocery store -- mostly fresh fruit, vegetables, staple items and frozen meat. Then through collective purchasing, we order mass quantities of these items at very low prices. Our food will come from the same wholesalers that supply your local grocery store, so you can expect the same quality. The food will NEVER be donated, out-dated, or damaged." You can order a share with meat, or without. I get the Harvest Share ($14) which this month consisted of:

1 5-lb. bag of baby red potatoes

8 oranges

1 head of broccoli

4 cucumbers

1 head red leaf lettuce

1 head cauliflower

10 bananas

6 tomatoes

2 1-lb. boxes strawberries

1 loaf Stone Ground's Artisan wheat loaf

16 oz. rice

The produce changes depending on what is in season. You won't know what the produce will be when you order-- we're produce loving people so that doesn't bother me. I figure if I get something we wouldn't use I'd just give it to a neighbor. If you live in Heber you have to go to Park City once a month, on a defined day, to pick it up. There are pick ups Nephi north (sorry all you Sevierians). You don't have to get it every month you fill out the order form each month you want it. You find out more information here: Click download the printable order form to see the ordering options you have. Like I said I got everything for a total of $14! The first time you order you have to pay a one time membership fee-- but you get to decided how much-- $5 is the minimum suggestion. This is a ONE time fee so once you pay for your membership you never have to pay that again. They also have deals on some local meats like Colosomo Bratwurst and such, just check out the order form to see all the offers.

Side note: It talks about volunteering, which is encouraged but not required.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Favorite

As I was tutoring a student commented how sad my hands looked and said she had the greatest lotion. She brought me some the next time and I couldn't believe how fast my hands changed from sandpaper to smooth! I'm completely sold. The only bad thing is it says it is fragrance free but I don't like the smell of it. I just use a little smelly lotion too and then it's perfect!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Tonight during our bedtime routine I was singing a primary song to Kade when he asked, "What is kingdom?" I finished the song, "The kingdom of Heaven." He replied, "I can't wait to go to Heaven." Me, "Someday." Kade, "But it's taking a LONG time." It was so cute how sweet he was about it.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Saturday was the annual Brown's Easterin' Reunion near Notom, UT. At times it was the coldest year I can ever recall but we all still had a good time. It was fun to watch Kade be like one of the 'grown-up' kids. He headed up and down the huge clay hills by himself-- scared me a little but I think it's just because I don't want to think he's getting bigger.
The boys were so excited for the awesome egg hunt that the Grandparents do ever year, mainly to find eggs filled with candy. (Side note: Ever since I got out the Easter decorations the boys have checked the eggs every morning hoping to find candy in them. Clint would quickly pop an egg open and then with much disappointment would say, "Nope. Not any.")
Rolling/throwing the eggs down the hill was funny too. We tried to get Kade to throw one egg at a time and watch what happened to the egg as it went down the hill before he threw another but oh no. He preferred the double shot method. He loaded both hands and chucked them as hard as he could, then he quickly reloaded and threw again. Needless to say his dozen eggs were gone in a flash.
Clint had a blast sliding down the hill on his bottom. He could have done it all day; he asked continuously.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pudding Paint!

I got this idea from a friend of mine a long time ago and today was the perfect day for the activity. (Thanks Ashlee!) I say perfect but I really do question my intelligence sometimes; I just mopped the floor yesterday and now it needs it again. Grrrrrrr.
The boys thought this was fabulous! At first Kade thought it was a chance to eat with their hands so he started scooping it up with his fingers. (Hence the pudding on the tip of his nose.) After a little modeling of correct finger painting techniques he was a master. Neither of my boys like to have messy hands, if it is dirt they're totally fine-- food is another issue. They got over that and had fun; Clint did leave one hand out of the mess. He kept holding it out to make sure it stayed clean-- funny.

Our New Window!

Do you like our new window? I had it installed today. The installers were so amazing-- in fact they did it in milliseconds! If you like their work I'd definitely recommend them, but they were so quick I didn't get their card. . .
Seriously, I was cleaning my microwave and listening to conference this morning when I heard a loud POP! followed by crackling. I admit I immediately looked at the boys to see what they'd done. They were in Clint's room and they too looked puzzled by the noise. I then looked at our french doors only to discover one of the windows completely shattered.
There is no BB hole (that was my first thought), the heater wasn't running so it couldn't be that hot air was blowing on it, there were no toys any where near the door, and the boys were playing with their blankets so how did it happen? Kade keeps saying, "Maybe you did it Mom." I think he just wants to make sure he's not the one that is going to be in trouble. So this is my lovely view out the window.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Captain Veggie!

At story time today they talked about the letter V for vegetables. Miss Sally called in Captain Veggie to help "rid the world of junk food." She had a few adults acting like they were drinking soda, and eating chips and candy. She left to go 'find' Captain Veggie and returned as Captain veggie in her bright red tights, cape, bunny mask, celery stick, and bag of mini carrots. She shared the carrots and took away the junk food. It was so cute and funny. Then for the craft the kids made their own capes out of trash bags and colored a V badge for their chest. The boys just wanted to get to the dressed up part so we didn't get their badges on. Here are a couple pictures of the boys and Abby. They stood on the air vent and it made their capes fly up. It was hilarious. Abby and Kade kept referring to each other as Captain Abby and Captain Kade. Such a cute day.