Sunday, January 26, 2014


The boys set up their own sledding hill in the backyard.  They would sled from the flowerbed that lines the back fence down in to the fire pit area, or from the top of the snow covered stairs down into the fire pit area.  There were many laughs until Kade got a little close to the brick down in the pit and his face slid along the brick wall.  OUCH!  He cried came in for a moment but then went back to sledding--  maybe a little more cautiously. ;)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kade's 1st gym meet!

Kade finally got his round-off back-handspring and so that meant he was able to compete.  Being the competitive person he is he was excited to do just that.  Well he did a great job and though he didn't always get the 1st place medal he we discovered this would be the perfect place to learn that we don't always win 1st place but we still keep working hard.  He ended up taking 1st place in floor because there were no other guys in that category.  He did do pretty good though. :)  There were a lot of boys in his trampoline and double-mini categories and so he didn't place as high on those.  He was excited to leave with 3 medals hanging around his neck.  Good job buddy!
Here were his results:
Double Mini level 5 age 9-10: score 54.9 placed 4th (1st pass 28.1 2nd pass 26.3)
Trampoline level 5 age 9-10: score 3.3 placed 3rd (Not sure where he lost his points--it looked good)
Floor level 4 age 9-10: score 55.8 placed 1st (1st pass 28.1 2nd pass 27.7)

Monday, January 13, 2014

A beautiful day on the slope

The boys love to go play on the hill near the train tracks.  This year with the warm days we've had the snow just isn't packed on the South facing hill like it typically is.  The boys didn't seem to mind.  Occasionally they would hit the muddy grass spots and crash but they still had the greatest time.  I usually dread this activity because I have to pull Cole up the slippery hill, he sleds down, and then I run down the hill to do it over and over and over and over again.  This year was monumental!  Cole could pull his sled back up the slippery hill by himself.  It was so great.  I just had fun playing and watching them enjoy themselves.  Kade and Clint were doing so great on the snowboard sleds.  The straight smooth slope wasn't challenging enough for them so they started going off the "jump."  They were able to go off, stay upright and ride to the bottom of the hill.  So fun!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fun! . . . NOT Fun!

Kade and Clint made themselves snow caves today.  They wanted me to get pictures but these were the only pictures I got before the camera was turned off.   Clint was modeling in his cave for me when the neighbor's dog came over and was all excited to play and ended up jumping on Clint's cave which then buried Clint's face in the snow--as  you can see in my second shot.  I ran over helped him get out and cleaned off.  He was hysterical and it took quite awhile to calm him down.  I figured he was so upset about being buried (I think that's what put him in the state of shock) but he was upset about the dog wrecking all the hard work he'd done. We'll have to dig another one tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy Birthday to our Minion!!!

Our little Minion turned 4 today!  Cole has been obsessed with minions ever since we saw them in Despicable Me.  The funniest thing about it is he acts and talks just like them.  I think that is why he likes them so much, he just relates so well to them.  It was only fitting to make his cake a minion cake and he loved it.  All Cole wanted for his birthday was to go to Trafalga and play laser tag.  Darryl has been traveling a lot lately so we didn't get there for a few weeks.  We did go eat at the "Pizza Place," aka Cafe Galleria as per Cole's request.  We're so happy to have this little minion to entertain us and keep us laughing.  He loves to play on the computer and the play i-pod.  If he's not with an electronic he loves to play games but if he can't get anyone to play with him he's content to just play something alone.  He likes to play with the trains, marble run, his airplane that you launch, and many other random toys that he can drag out. We love you little Cole!!! He weighs about 34 lbs. and is 39 in.