Sunday, April 26, 2015

Making Potions

Kade and Clint pulled out the science kits today and started mixing acids and bases to make a tube overflowing with bubbles.  They started to complain about the smell.  Then I started to notice it too.  After some questioning I discovered they were adding the baking soda and citric acid to previous potions they had made that were left in the tubes for months.  And what was the smelly ingredient in the tubes?  Milk!  YUM!  That explained the chunky lumps going over the sides of the tubes with the bubbles. Well they learned about what happens to milk as it ages.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spring Song

Kade's voice teacher does these mini-recitals at the local rest homes and living centers.  It is a great venue and the audience loves the entertainment.  Today Kade sang Counting Stars, a popular pop song.  Darryl got in on the action as well.  We thought the program was at 6:30 so he showed up and all the residence were waiting for a show so Darryl sat down to the piano and played a few tunes while they waited for the recital to begin.  It's a pretty great talent to be able to produce music on the spot.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Derby 2015

Kade, Clint and Darryl have had a lot of fun over the last month working together to make their derby cars.  They both chose the same design but picked different colors of monocoat.  Kade went with blue and Clint chose silver.  Clint added a black skull and bones decal as well but Kade chose to not have a decal.  The moment of truth came today and though we speculated that the Butterfields would have the fastest car we were surprised when Kade's car came in as the fastest.  Butterfields came in 2nd followed by one of the Judds.  Clint's car took 4th.  It was Kade's last derby and Clint's first.  Clint was a great sport about it and Kade was a little sad to know that was his last derby.  At the end they let the boys just race and race and race.  They would have loved to stay all night.  I think they could have taken the awards away and just let them race and I think they would have been just as happy.  The end is what made me love the derby. It's so great to see them all being competitive but cheering each other on and just enjoying it.  Clint came home and immediately designed his car for next year.  Maybe we'll start building right now.  :)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Funny Cole Comments

Cole was eating lunch and saw a butterfly through the window in the backyard.  With extreme excitement in his voice he said, "There's a butterfly!"  He took another bite of his sandwich.  With even more excitement, "There's another butterfly!" Almost immediately he said, "It is a beautiful day out there!"  

I love that he recognizes beauty.

Cole came into our room this morning and said he wanted to get in our bed and find a "warm cozy spot."  Here is the dialogue that followed.
Cole: Why do you have warm cozy spots in your bed?
Me:   It is because I just stay under the covers and it gets nice and warm.  
Cole: No.  It's because you're heavy.

I laughed, and scooted over closer to Darryl so Cole could climb in.  He settled in.

Cole: It isn't warm.
Me: That's because I'm not heavy.  :)  Dad's side is nice and cozy.
Cole:  That's because he is SUPER heavy!

Kids perspectives are hilarious.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Flowers for You

My days have been filled with flowers lately.  The giver: Cole.  He's been such a cutie.  He can't walk by a "flower" of any type without picking and giving it to me or his teacher.  When I dropped him off at school today he jumped out of the car started running to the school door and immediately stopped, turned back, bent over, and started plucking yellow flowers from the grass.  With a fist full of the treasures he ran to the classroom and gave them to his teacher, "These are for you."  As you can imagine he melted her heart.  He's done this to me numerous times but it melts my heart every time.  I'm loving this phase he's in!  
The doorbell just rang and I opened the door to find no one but there was a pile of flowers on the porch.  I went back inside and Cole came running through the door, "Did you find the flowers?!"  I replied, "Yes.  I wonder who could have given those to me?"  The photo was his response, "Me!!!"

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Heber Handsprings Team 2015

The mighty tumblers posed for some photos today to show off their awards and their smiles.  It has been so fun to watch each of them improve over the year.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dunkin' Time

The boys were having a cookie tonight and so we sent a text to Darryl letting him know we missed him dunking with us.  It's hard to not have him home all the time but I'm sure it's super hard for him to miss out on all that we do too.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

State Trampoline & Tumbling 2015

Kade wrapped up a great competitive season today.  He finished with 2nd on Trampoline and Tumbling, and 3rd on Double Mini.  He was disappointed because he felt like he wasn't doing as well as he could because he wanted 1st place so badly.  His scores were really close to those who placed higher than him.  They had a team walk in that they did during the middle of the competition where all the teams were announced as they walked in.  Bev and Missy, his coaches, gave each of the team members sun glasses for the walk in.  Kade played "Joe Cool" with his glasses.  Kade learned today that when there is someone that is earning higher scores than you then you just have to train harder and come back next time prepared to do better.  He was a upset that the same kid took 1st in all of his events but at the end of the day harnessed that emotion to realize he wanted to train harder.  So proud of him and the work he puts in at the gym.  Part of his frustration too was that his scores on his second double mini pass was significantly docked and he didn't know why.  We eventually found out that it was because he was doing a straight brani instead of a pike brani. He felt bad he didn't even know he wasn't doing it right, but now he's ready. :)  Way to go buddy!
His scores were:
Tumbling, Level 5: 26.9,26.1 = 53.0 
Trampoline, Level 6: 22.3
Double Mini, Level 6:  28.1, 19.5 = 47.6

Really? Trafalga again???

Yep we went to Trafalga one more time during Spring Break!  I found out they had the stunt jump set up for their Spring Event and I knew the boys would LOVE it so we stopped in for a short bit of fun on our way home from the State Tumbling Meet.  McKylee and my mom came up to watch Kade at his meet so they tagged along with us to Trafalga.  Kade did in fact LOVE the the stunt jump.  Clint did not.  I think he really did like it but he got scared trying to crawl off the big pillow you jump onto. It would just keep collapsing and so he felt like he wasn't going to be able to get out so it scared him.  Cole was too short but he really wanted to try it.  McKylee backed out before she was suppose to go.  They all had some fun on the roller-coaster, laser tag, climbing wall, and the squirting bumper boats.  I loved Kylee and Clint's strategy on the boats; Stay down, squirt, and hopefully you hit someone.

Friday, April 10, 2015

"Fresh Cookies!"

Clint thought it would be so great to have a "lemonade" stand during Spring Break.  Kade and Cole agreed.  Since everyone loved the brownies from their last stand they decided to do cookies this time.  We made some chocolate chip, and oatmeal rasin cookies and the boys went to work selling them.   They were so cute when I went to pick them up.  They told me they wanted to give the money to me since I spent so much time making the cookies and  to help pay for the new ipod. :)   The ipod quit working today and so the boys were pretty concerned about us having to buy a new one.  I don't see that we will be buying a new one soon but I thought the gesture was adorable.