Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Darryl is famous!

They use to say if your face was on the front of a Wheaties box then you were famous. Well Darryl's face is on A cereal box, not Wheaties, and it is on the back, not the front. :) A totally awesome company called One Degree Organics uses Real Salt in their products and they share their ingredients "stories" on their cereal boxes like the one below. We don't really think Darryl is famous but it is fun to see someone you know on your cereal box. This is the very reason I created this post. An old neighbor of ours called Darryl today and said he just saw his picture on the back of his cereal box. It was fun to reconnect with him all from a cereal box.

Unrefined Salt

Salt web ing cat l
Heber City, UT
In Utah, Darryl Bosshardt mines nature's own seasoning: ancient salt that long ago was sealed in the earth, protected from pollution and other contaminants. Never processed, over 60 natural minerals remain.

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