Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Veterans Day Program

The boys' elementary school did a Veterans Day Program today.  A couple weeks prior to the program the school had e-mailed all the parents and asked for us to send any pictures of the students family members that have served in the armed forces.  The boys are pretty proud that they know someone who served so they made sure I sent in Grandpa Brown's Air-force picture.  Well the program was today.  I didn't go because the program was during the class I teach at UVU.  When Kade got home from school this afternoon I could tell he was pretty down.  I asked him how his day was and he had a complete  meltdown.  He sobbed and sobbed so I cried too.  He said he just missed Grandpa and when he saw his picture he just couldn't stop crying.  He said the school counselor took him to her office and tried to help him but he just couldn't help being sad.  He cried most of the day--such a tender heart.

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