Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cute toes!--Leadership retreat?

While waiting in the hotel lobby and saying goodbye Stephanie, Soon, and I had to take picture of of our sandals with our fun pedicures.   We were getting ready to leave the warm life of Las Vegas and head back to Heber where the sandals don't shine-- right now anyway.  The past few days we've been in Vegas for a Redmond leadership retreat.  It was such a great time.  Most people would focus on the fun day at the go-cart race track, the pedicures with the girls, the Titanic Exhibit, or the shopping but really it is the meetings and the people that make these retreats the BEST!  I love the time to ponder new ideas, and to really evaluate my actions and choices.  I always begrudgingly leave because I just want to have discussions daily!  On a positive note, I always leave determined to be a better mom and person! Love Redmond!

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