Saturday, March 15, 2014

Final Gym Meet for 2014 Season

Kade had his final gym meet for the year today. It was the Kalon Ludvigson Invitational in Salt Lake.  Kade was so happy to have Grandma Brown, Jaxon, and Porter come to watch him.  He loves the support!  On one of his floor passes he got 10's from all the judges except one--wahoo!.  We did get his numbers but because it was such a huge event we couldn't hear the announcer and the screen that showed it was very blurry from the stands so we only have his actual scores not what rank he took.
Here were his results:
Double mini level 5 age 9-10: score 53.3 (1st pass 27.8, 2nd pass 25.5)
Tramploine level 5 age 9-10: score 16.3
Floor level 4 age 9-10: score 56.2 (1st pass 27.9, 2nd pass 28.3)

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