Wednesday, April 9, 2014


We were in the garage painting beehives while the boys were playing on the various wheeled toys, one of which was Clint's go-cart.  Kade came in holding his finger in his shirt and calmly said, "I hurt my finger."  Noticing all the blood we figured it was worth putting down the paintbrushes to investigate.  Hurt his finger, he did!  He was driving the go-cart and got his finger caught under the wheel.  The road chewed up his finger scraping layers of skin off and making hamburger out of the tissue.  It was pretty gross.  Kade was in shock and so he never cried.  We doctored him up by packing it in clay and then had him lie down with his feet up to treat the shock. These are the pictures of the healing process over 2 weeks, Apr. 9th-Apr. 25th.  It is amazing how quickly the body heals.  The sad part for us was that we left for Canada the day after he did it so we left Grandma and the Nances in charge of taking care of injured Kade.  They must have done a good job because when we got back Kade made the comment that he wished Uncle Ron could bandage it for him.

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