Thursday, March 5, 2015

Puerto Rico Dental Show

This will be our station for the next couple days.  I can't believe we didn't take a picture of our beautiful view though.  It was somewhat comical though.  We would sit in the booth all day looking out the doors to the gorgeous beach.  The first day as soon as the show ended we headed to our room, changed into our swimming suits, and headed to the beach.  As we walked out onto the beach we noticed there was only a 10 ft. sliver of beach that still had sun.  We grabbed some lounge chairs sat down and within about 3 minutes the sliver shrunk to nothing as the sun went down.  It was pretty sad.  We didn't want the same fate on the second day and we were pretty optimistic it would end the same way because the show let out about 3 hours earlier on the second day.  We again ran to the room and changed, then headed to the beach.  We pulled up our chairs and started basking in the sun.  It may be important to note that the winds were 20-30 mph the whole time we were there.  I note that because after soaking in the wonderful sun for about 10 minutes it suddenly disappeared.  Well with winds that strong it can blow in clouds pretty quickly.  We were hoping they would blow out as quickly but we looked up only to find that they weren't just puffy white clouds they were very dark stormy clouds.  We got off the beach just before the downpour began.  Like I said-- comical.  Oh well we still got to enjoy the beach with our eyes during the show.  

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