Monday, March 30, 2015

Turkey on the Playground

I took Cole to the Midway park today.  He was playing at the play ground and then came running, "Mom! You've got to come see this!"  I figured he was just talking about some imprints of dinosaur bones on the underneath of the plastic rock wall on the playground set.  He said, "NO! You've really got to come see this thing!"  I begrudgingly got up and walked over, certain I knew what he wanted to show me.  Was I shocked to see the huge turkey lying on the wood chips.  It was very friendly; kids were petting it, hugging it, stepping on its tail, riding it, and touching its eye.  It stayed there through it all.  If the kids would go off and play it would eventually move closer to where they were.  It was so bizarre.  The kids loved it.  One little girl even named it Elizabeth. :)  Such a fun and cute experience for the kids.

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