Friday, February 8, 2013


We got to go on another cruise!  We left Feb. 8th and got home on Feb. 17th.  It was so great.  This cruise was all because Darryl got bit by the cruise bug on our first cruise.  He just couldn't get over how great it was and so he arranged for another cruise.  He invited anyone that wanted to come along to join in on the fun.  The people that joined us were: Vance and Melanie, Jason and Tracy, Paul and Wendy, and Andy and Megan, We went to the Caribbean again but we went to some of the western islands this time.  We left out of Houston and went to Belize, Roatan, and Cozumel.  It was a great time as always, but if you were to ask which cruise I like better I would say the other cruise because I really liked being in a new port every day.  On this cruise we started out with a couple sea days and so by the time we hit land I was very ready to get out and see the beach.   We really took a vacation on this one.  We didn't take any pictures and I forgot to write about it until now (it's 2.5 years later).  SO... I can't recall the details but I do remember we had a great time.  The time we spent at each of the islands was perfect!  In Belize we did a river tour on inner tubes.  It was incredibly beautiful.  At our next spot, Roatan, we went with Paul and Wendy to a little private beach resort and just paid for a day use pass to access their beach and use their amenities.  It was like something out of a dream in a movie.  There were canopy beds on the beach with thin white covers flowing in the breeze.  You could get a massage on them or just enjoy laying on them.  We really wanted to snorkel so we asked some of the people selling stuff on the beach where the best place to go would be and before long we were on a boat with a crew of 2 people, one was the boat driver who spoke English and the other was a boy, I'm guessing he was around 16, who would be our snorkel guide.  They took us to a coral reef that was amazing.  It was a trip of a lifetime!  It reminded me of the movie Nemo where beyond the reef is just dark and looks empty, but you know there are things much larger than you swimming around over there.  We were happy to see the brightly colored fish, lobsters, and plant life where we were.  Darryl and I wanted to just go off and do our own thing for the day so while we were in Cozumel we went looking for fun.  We settled on parasailing.  What an awesome experience.  We went higher than the cruise ships.  However, I wasn't expecting to be as nauseous as I was.  That put a little damper on the experience.  It was still amazing but I wasn't too sad when the ride was over.

I just copied some pictures of Paul's Facebook page.  They'll have to do.  There were much more photo worthy sights we saw but no one used their camera. :*(
This was what Salt Lake looked like when we left.  The crew was running around frantically to get us off the ground before the big expected storm hit.  We made it out just in time. Phew!
Wendy, Jason, Traci, Mel, Vance, and Megan enjoying a sea day.


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