Wednesday, August 14, 2013


It's a day we look forward to each year-- the Redmond Minerals activity to Lagoon!!!  We always have so much fun, and it's so fun to watch the boys having so much fun.  This year we started the day with Darryl, Kad and Clint riding all the larger rides while Cole and I hung out on the little kid rides-- not a great plan.  Darryl got pretty sick from the rides and it really put a damper on the rest of his day.  It was a pretty small crowd today which meant we were able to ride all the rides multiple times and so we were okay leaving the park before closing time.  Cole was happy to ride the kiddie rides but he really can't understand why he isn't allowed to ride the other rides.  I think he thinks, 'I don't have a problem with riding it so why does anyone else?'  He loves Bombora though so we were able to appease him with about a dozen rides on that.  Kade was so proud he could go on rides without an adult so there were times we'd just let him go and we'd wait at the end for him.  He felt like he was finally not a baby anymore!  They all loved the bumper cars the most I think.  Many times there wasn't a line so they would get off and then run back through and get on again.  They laughed and laughed.  It was so fun to see Cole able to drive the car because he just seems so little.  He was able to maneuver the car and make it do what he wanted; Sometimes he would be all excited to crash into someone so you could see him eyeing them down and heading for them, other times he would just go for a "Sunday drive" and drive around the edge with a happy grin on his face.  Clint isn't quite the thrill seeker Kade is so he stayed back after he'd tried a couple of the coasters.  He just really doesn't like the rides that have sharp jerks.  This was such a fun year with the boys at the heights and ages there were at!

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