Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thankful Day

This is our sweet nephew Camden who is almost 2 years old.  He fell out of a shopping cart today and hit his head.  They thought he was fine until later in the day when he kept throwing up.  They had taken him in to the Dr. earlier but said he was fine.  With the continued throw up they decided to just take him to Primary Children's Medical Center.  They weren't there long before they were making plans to do surgery to relieve the pressure in his brain.  They believed it was bleeding and they needed to get in and stop it.  We found out that night at about 11 PM.  I was at Wal-Mart grabbing a few things for Sunday dinner when Darryl came running into the store.  I was at the check out so I immediately saw him.  I had left my phone at home and he wanted to let me know he was driving up to Salt Lake to be with Gary and Jasha during the surgery.  They didn't have other family close to just support them so I was glad Darryl was able to go.  He spent most of the night with them and then came home in the early morning.  Surgery was better than expected because they didn't have to fix anything.  We went to see him a couple weeks later and I kept thinking he acted like he didn't even know anything serious happened to him.  He was just so outgoing and a typical 2 year old.  Darryl had a hard time seeing him all hooked up with all the tubes.  It's just hard with there is such a little body there with so many tubes coming out of them.  It was so good for him to see him doing so well.  We love you Camden and are happy you're doing well.

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