Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Posing For The First Day

It's  here. . .  SCHOOL!  It's so hard to believe we are starting school routines today.  Summer wasn't long enough.  We'll just have to play a little more after school now.  Kade and Clint had their first day at Heber Valley Elementary today.  THey were a little nervous but excited to make new friends.  They were both very excited about their new school shoes.  Kade of course got blue shoes and Clint of course chose red.  Kade's 3rd grade teacher is Mr. Johanson, and Clint's 2nd grade teacher is Mr. Ailshie.  They were both super excited when they found out they had male teachers.  The odds are not very good that they would get a male teacher so I made sure to squash all hope they had of having a male teacher so when we found out who their teachers were they were excited and shocked.

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