Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy Birthday to our Minion!!!

Our little Minion turned 4 today!  Cole has been obsessed with minions ever since we saw them in Despicable Me.  The funniest thing about it is he acts and talks just like them.  I think that is why he likes them so much, he just relates so well to them.  It was only fitting to make his cake a minion cake and he loved it.  All Cole wanted for his birthday was to go to Trafalga and play laser tag.  Darryl has been traveling a lot lately so we didn't get there for a few weeks.  We did go eat at the "Pizza Place," aka Cafe Galleria as per Cole's request.  We're so happy to have this little minion to entertain us and keep us laughing.  He loves to play on the computer and the play i-pod.  If he's not with an electronic he loves to play games but if he can't get anyone to play with him he's content to just play something alone.  He likes to play with the trains, marble run, his airplane that you launch, and many other random toys that he can drag out. We love you little Cole!!! He weighs about 34 lbs. and is 39 in.   

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