Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kade's 1st gym meet!

Kade finally got his round-off back-handspring and so that meant he was able to compete.  Being the competitive person he is he was excited to do just that.  Well he did a great job and though he didn't always get the 1st place medal he we discovered this would be the perfect place to learn that we don't always win 1st place but we still keep working hard.  He ended up taking 1st place in floor because there were no other guys in that category.  He did do pretty good though. :)  There were a lot of boys in his trampoline and double-mini categories and so he didn't place as high on those.  He was excited to leave with 3 medals hanging around his neck.  Good job buddy!
Here were his results:
Double Mini level 5 age 9-10: score 54.9 placed 4th (1st pass 28.1 2nd pass 26.3)
Trampoline level 5 age 9-10: score 3.3 placed 3rd (Not sure where he lost his points--it looked good)
Floor level 4 age 9-10: score 55.8 placed 1st (1st pass 28.1 2nd pass 27.7)

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