Monday, September 15, 2014

Memory Lane

One of my cousins posted this on Facebook today and I had to snag it.  This picture brings back SO many memories.  Memories of the green rolling pin in Grandma Brown's kitchen window.  Memories of doing dishes for her and standing at that window.  Memories of her always feeding us Spaghetti O's with bread and butter.  Memories of all the cousins fighting over who got to use the Cheerio Girl cup/bowl in the cupboard to the left of this window.  Memories of picking peas and carrots in the garden that you see behind Grandma.  Memories of an amazing woman and her legacy.  Memories of playing in the trees to the right of where Grandma is.  Memories of eating currants from the bush to the left of Grandma.  I loved my days hanging out at Grandma Brown's in Koosharem.

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