Friday, September 5, 2014


We had such a great Unplugged summer!  Aside from having a ton of awesome experiences we also won the drawing twice!  Kade won the first week drawing and then Cole won a few weeks later. Unfortunately because Kade won the first week they didn't have the routine down so he didn't get his picture taken with his $100 bill. Today was the finale, the big closing party, along with the $500 grand prize drawing.  The boys had a great time at the party even though we didn't walk away with the big prize.  Clint loved what he came up with at the dress up station.  Did you recognize him?
We were pretty busy having fun adventures this summer.  Here are all the activities we got tags for this summer: Play Tennis, Caught Ya County Sheriff, Thank a Veteran, Caught Ya City Police, Engineering, Shoot Hoops, Make Play Dough, Get in Shape, Finger Printing, Wash A Car, Real Foods Treasure Hunt, Water Fight, Sportin' at the Rec. Center, Outdoor Fort, Dance at Pilates Studio, Collect Coins, Wiener Roast, Make a Smoothie, Pet a Horse, Eat Pizza, Ride the Carousel, Climb the Crater, Lemonade Stand, Swim, Donate to Food Bank, Visit Work, Bird Watching, Bowling at King Pin, Car Show, Grow a Tomato, Visit Daughter Of Utah Pioneer Museum, Write About Your Dream Job, Jr Ranger, Clean Teeth, Decorate Cake, Watch Sunset, Farmers Market, Karate Fitness Class, Eat Healthy, Service, Demolition Derby, Catch a Breeze Sailing, Splash at Jordanelle, Bulls-eye at the Shooting Range, Visit Animal Shelter, Write an Adventure, Picnic, Family Picture, Play Soccer, Scenic Drive, Make S'mores, Fun with Dutch Tape, Unplugged Games at the Hospital, Chalk Sidewalk, Make Cookies, Star Gazing, Bed Maker, Fishing, Weed Garden, Go Camping, Make Candy, Watch Sunrise, Watch Sunset, Tour the Wave, Tour Midway, Feed Ducks, Hit a Bucket O' Balls, Put-A-Round the Golf Course, Eat a Shake, Go to Days Market Kids Club Event, Hunt for Bugs, Karate Class, Ice Cream from Smiths, Earn $10, Night Games, Go Green by Saving Electricity, Art Project, and ATV Ride.
Thank you Heber City Tourism and ALL the busineeses for keeping this going!!! We couldn't love it more!

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