Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter!

Today was a day of all kinds of randomness.  The boys found their Easter baskets with toys and candy and a Bumpershot game for the family.  They spent the morning playing with the Bakugans they got and playing Bumpershot.  In the afternoon I took Cole and Clint to the Zermatt Easter egg hunt.  It was a ton of people in a little space but it was nice that they got to go to an egg "hunt."   Kade stayed home with Darryl and as they spread a trailer load of mulch onto the flowerbeds. It really helped the yard look much nicer and manicured.  Then in the later afternoon Darryl took Kade and Clint to hike to a cave west of Midway.  They had such a great time and were excited to find a cairn at the trailhead turn and some lanterns in the cave.  Cole and I went and ran a few errands and then hit the car wash.  He couldn't remember what the car wash was like and so while we waited for the car in front of us to finish he made comments like, "Oh! I just can't wait to go in there!   This is so exciting!" While we were in the wash he was fascinated by all of the moving parts. We missed going to Notom this year but we still had a nice weekend in Heber.

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