Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kade's Primary Spotlight

It was Kade's special day today!  The three things we (his parents) said that make him special were:

  1. doesn't like people to be in trouble
  2. natural scouter
  3. likes to  help others with projects
After we read what the parents have submitted we ask the primary kids if they know something special about the child.  Many kids commented about Kade being a good friend, always smiling, has a great sense of humor, and a good goalie.  One little boys said, "Your mom said you're always willing to help people do things so I have a question. . . Would you help me build a mansion?"  Kade quickly replied, "Sure!"  :)  During the Spotlight in Primary we have never had a child comment about themselves but Kade broke that  barrier. :)  He told everyone he blocked a goal that Mason, a 13 year old soccer player, kicked while he was babysitting them last night.  I love this kid and his personality. Even though he often breaks routines by saying or doing things that aren't necessarily the best time to do them, I love to see the innocent personality that shines through when he does.

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