Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Headstone

I haven't been to Aurora since they placed the headstone so when while we were in town this weekend I had to go out to the cemetary to take a picture of the headstone.  I think it turned out nice.  It will have a vase on each side but they weren't ready yet.  I was mostly glad that it was finalized.  My mom has been so stressed about how it should/would look.  She wanted it just right and every little detail was a major decision.  I think she's pleased with it and happy to finally have it there.


Anonymous said...

It is bitter sweet seeing this :( It really turned out beautiful and I am so thankful for eternal families!
I took out my blessing dress the other day and thought of my uncle dahl. He was the one that blessed me :)
LOVE HIM soooo much
Thanks for sharing I have wanted to see it all done and its beautiful!

LIfeisbeautiful said...

Wow, Julie I had no idea he blessed you. So fun to find out little things from the past. I am shocked you read this. I haven't been updating it regularly and have just recently begun backtracking and doing old posts, so I was shocked to hear from you-- but pleased :)