Friday, September 27, 2013

Night of Fun

My mom let us have 2 of her BYU football tickets for tonight's game so Kade and I went on a date.  It was so fun.  The game was an exciting one.  I use to watch a lot of football but since being married I just don't find spending 4 hours of watching football productive.  Well tonight I was reminded of how much I really enjoy watching the game.  Kade was really into the game too.  He couldn't help himself  when a great play happened he had to jump, holler, and wave his arms.  What a great date night with my buddy.  Darryl, and  Cole built a marble run and played marbles all night.  It's always a hit and Dad always has a fun new design.  Clint got to go to the a movie with one of his friends for a birthday party.  What a fun night for all of us!

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