Monday, September 16, 2013

Opportunity of a Lifetime

Darryl has always loved the quote, "Take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime during the lifetime of the opportunity."  Well Kade is doing just that.  They didn't have enough kids to fill the staff spots on the Lake Powell trips and so they asked Kade if he would like to go and help.  They typically don't ask kids that are 8 but they were desperate.  It turned out to be a great experience for Kade and all of those who were on that trip.  At Redmond events I run into people who were on the same trip as Kade and they just can't say enough good about him.  They said he was just so fun to talk to and he was just such a nice kid.  They also said he was a great helper and a good worker.  I am so proud of him.  He loved being a part of the trip, getting to go hiking, seeing these beautiful sights, playing in the water, and meeting the people.  One of the most surprising moments for me was when Darryl texted me this, "Kade just gave the lady staff foot massages.  He was pretty fun about it.  I think trying to secure his spot for next year. :-)"
I had no idea he knew anything about foot massages.  He gave me one when he got home--it was the best!

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