Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Unplugged 2013 and The Thinker

We went out the the UVU Wasatch campus today to the Brag Tag finale.  Unfortunately they didn't get drawn out for the $500 grand prize but they did get some squishy balls, and a couple of matchbox cars.  Kade's name was drawn out for a UVU loot bag which had a water bottle, candy, a pen, and such in it and then again for some passes to the Olympic Park.  We're feel so lucky to have been able to do this program this summer.  We're excited more areas in the state will be implementing it next year.  Here are all the tags we did this summer:
Take a Picture, S'Mores, Visit Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum, Plug Into Nature, Answer Be Safe Questions, Tour the Wave, Paddle Boarding, 10 Day V-tox(10 day without any electronic device), Carnival, Read, Jr Ranger, Soda Free for 2 weeks, Bike Race, Fly a Kite, Hike Dutch Hollow, Wash a Car, Host a BBQ, Earn $10, Chalk the Sidewalk, Bake Cookies, Water Balloon Fight, Pet a Horse, Scenic Drive, Go Camping, Picnic at the Park, Climb the Crater, Carousel Ride, Root Beer Float, Fish Provo River, Watch Fireworks, Feed Ducks, GeoCaching, Swim, Bridal Veil Falls, Skate Park, Fishing, Mini Golf, Learn to Cook, Game Slayer(permanately delete or destroy an electronic game, Write an Adventure, JOgging, Power Saver, Memorial Breakfast, Bed Maker, Huber Grove, Family Picture, Watch Sunset, S'mores, Star Gazing, Pizza in the Park, ATV Ride, Wiener ROast, Grow a Tomato, Hike Nobletts, Play Soccer, Write a Food Log, Hunt For Bugs, Walk a Dog, Help a Senior, Farmers, Market, Block Party, Service, Visit the Air Museum, Frisbee, Bird Watch, Caught Ya By The Police, Tour Midway, Make Ice Cream, and Go Ice Blocking.  What fun!  Speaking of fun . . .  on our way back to the car Clint spotted these large rocks and said, "Take a picture of me being that statue."  I didn't know what statue he was talking about until he posed.  Then it became obvious.   After that all of the boys needed to take their turn being a statue.  I wish I would have taken a picture of them all on their own rock being statues.  Come to think of it-- I should have taken a picture of the faces of those walking by.  I'm sure they got a laugh out of it.  Love these boys!!!

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