Saturday, September 7, 2013

Off Roading Indoors

We found a deal for Hollywood Connections and so we took the boys today.  We had a great time.  The boys especially loved the bumper seats, the little dragon roller-coaster, and rollerskating.  It was fun to watch Timothy the magician in a different setting.  He comes to UVU every year and the boys love watching him and they ask every year if we can go watch him where he "works."  When we were all played out we met up with Uncle Gary at a ATV shop.  He wanted to show us the little vehicle he was thinking of getting.  As you can see in the pictures the boys LOVED the store.  A room filled with power!  What male doesn't love that?  I figure as long as we take them, let them set on the toys and pretend to drive them maybe we'll never have to buy one.  ;)

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