Saturday, August 2, 2014

Clint's Baptism

Clint's baptism was today.  He and Zach Carl got to share their special day which was fun because they're good friends.  Aunt Wendy gave the talk on baptism and Zach's grandma gave the talk on the Holy Ghost.  Wendy brought her usual impressiveness with her talk that involved Kit Kats and a mouse trap.  Grandma and Grandpa Bosshardt, Grandma Brown, and the Nance boys all came to share the special day with Clint.  He asked Darryl to confirm him and Neal to baptize him.  He said he wanted to have his grandpa do it because, "We don't know how long he'll be alive."  Neal isn't sick.  I think it was just a result of my dad's passing that has made him realize that everyone will go sometime.  Unfortunately something happened to all the pictures from that day.  I couldn't be sadder. :-(  After the baptism we went back to the house and had lunch and the '8' cake that the boys made.

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