Tuesday, August 19, 2014

School here we come!

The boys were so cute about their first day of school today.  In years past it has been just like any other day with some excitement.  This year they stressed about what they were going to wear and if it looked nice and they wanted their hair done.  :)  I guess this is just a sign that they're growing up.  This year Kade is in Ms. Vandenbos's class and Clint is in Mr. Johansen and Ms. Rose's class.  Clint has two teachers because they are testing a new program where two teachers team teach so they can focus on two main subjects instead of all four.  I was a little nervous that because of all the switching the teachers wouldn't really be able to get a good understanding of each child and how they are learning.  (I'm writing this post after we've been in school for a while so I can report that team teaching is awesome with these teachers!  They really know the students and look to challenge each student on their own level.)  Cole had to get in the picture because  he knows he's starting school this year but couldn't understand why he wasn't starting today.  When I tried to just take the picture of Kade and Clint he said, "But I'm going to school too!"  Cutie.  Good luck on your first day boys!  You're might smart boys and very friendly so I know you'll do wonderful things!

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